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First Birthday Bibs

Celebrate Baby's 1st Birthday With a 1st Birthday Bib!

Baby's first birthday is a very special day of celebration! It is an occasion for family and friends to gather together and delight in all of baby's first year accomplishments and celebrate their first year of life! Capture the magic of the day and accessorize the little guest of honor with their very own fun and festive first birthday bib! If you're doing a smash cake, a bib that coordinates with the cake will help you take adorable photos that will remind you of this moment for your baby's entire life. At PartyPail, we carry a selection of 1st birthday keepsake bibs for both girls and boys. Choose from a variety of designs, including many favorite characters, and first birthday bibs to match your baby's first birthday party theme!
Party planning tips incorporating 1st Birthday Bibs

Make The First Birthday Even More Special With A 1st Birthday Bib!

Parents look forward to celebrating their child’s very first birthday, carefully planning and preparing all the details, right down to the child’s special outfit for the celebration! Accessorize the outfit with a first birthday bib! There are many first birthday bibs in a wide range of colors, patterns and styles. Choose a 1st birthday bib that matches your party supplies and decorations; many of our first birthday themes include a 1st birthday bib, either available individually, or as part of a high chair decorating kit.

An Adorable First Birthday Bib For The Smash Cake Photo Op!

One of the most enjoyable moments at a 1st birthday celebration is watching baby experience their very first birthday cake, a "smash cake." Turn this memorable moment into a picture perfect photo opportunity with an adorable 1st birthday bib and a frosted smash cake! There are several important tips to keep in mind when setting up your 1st birthday bib smash cake photo op:
  • Have your child decked out in their first birthday bib and any accessories before you set them down in front of the cake. For girls, add a colorful ribbon in their hair that matches the colors in their first birthday bib. For boys, what about colorful suspenders under their 1st birthday bib, or a cute baseball hat that matches?
  • Make sure you have everything ready to go before you set your child in front of the smash cake. Is the camera fully charged and ready? Is the camcorder fully charged and ready, too? Do you have adults ready to handle both pieces of equipment so that you can focus on your child? Is the area cleared of distracting elements to your pictures and to baby? Is the lightening good for pictures and video?
  • Remember that your child does not have to remain in their highchair when you present their smash cake. Set the child, decked out in their 1st birthday bib, on the floor (provided it isn’t carpeted!) with the smash cake in front of them. Maybe you want balloons in the background or other party decorations or a solid color backdrop using a piece of canvas or butcher paper?
  • There are a few options for your 1st birthday bib and cake photo op. One is setting the baby on the floor with the cake right in front, an out-stretched hand just inches away from a fist-full of icing! If your child is more independent and can be on their own two feet, try putting the cake on a small pedestal or stand and let them pick at it while they walk around it.
  • Do not be discouraged if your child is not smiling during the session. They may be too curious or intent on exploring to pay much attention to you. Give your child a chance to discover the cake, focusing on taking more detail photos, such as capturing the hand just as they grab a handful of frosting! To get your child to look at you, try singing their favorite song. Still not getting that favorite shot? Try helping them out; put a smudge of frosting on their nose and help place their little hands in the frosting!
  • Lastly, do not start the 1st birthday bib cake smash photo opportunity without having your cleanup plan ready! Have the bath ready to go and have another adult help out with cleaning the cake up.

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