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60th Birthday Decorations

Plan A 60th Birthday Party To Remember!

With nearly 20 different 60th birthday party themes, plus over a dozen age-generic themes, we are sure that you will find a pattern that suits your fancy! Each of our sixtieth themes include coordinating invitations, tableware, such as plates, napkins, cups and tablecovers, and decorating accessories like banners, garlands, hanging cutouts, centerpieces and balloons! Add to the mix our solid colored party supplies, such as streamers, confetti, paper lanterns, fans and latex balloons to create a blowout 60th birthday bash!
Party planning tips incorporating 60th Birthday Party Supplies

Budget Basics for your 60th Birthday Blowout Bash

There are certain things to consider when you start planning for the sixtieth birthday party. Will you be handling the expenses alone, or will other family members and friends help pay the costs? Take into account all the expenses you will incur for the party including invitations and postage, decorations and flowers, food and beverage, party favors, any rental charges (such as for a venue, tables and chairs, linens, etc.), special costs, like for a DJ or any entertainers you may hire. Once you determine your budget, you can take the next steps in planning your sixtieth birthday bash!

Create the Sixtieth Birthday Party Guest List

After you have calculated what your budget for the sixtieth birthday party is, create your guest list. Enlist the help of family members and friends to compile a list of invitees that might include former neighbors, coworkers, old college friends, childhood friends, and other special people in the guest of honor’s life. Take into account what the sixtieth birthday guest of honor would want; would they be overwhelmed and uncomfortable by a large party with a lot of people? Would a small, more intimate gathering be more appropriate? Keep in mind that the longer the guest list is, the more your expenses increase.

Devise The Theme for the 60th Birthday Celebration

Create a theme for the party. The key is to plan a celebration that the sixtieth birthday honoree will like, regardless of your preferences. The list of themes is endless. It can be as simple as a potluck BBQ, a midday luncheon or nighttime cocktail party. Would the guest of honor like a simple yet elegant dinner party with close family and friends or a festive backyard luau with a large crowd? Are they a big sports fan? Do they reminisce about the 1950’s, the decade of their childhood, and would appreciate an energetic sock hop? Or play ode to the 60’s and dress like the characters of the popular show, Mad Men, with suits for the men and form fitting dresses and classic pearls for the women? Once you have selected a theme of party supplies and decorations, you can then create a menu and beverage selection for the sixtieth birthday party celebration.

Create a 60th Birthday Party Menu to Coordinate With Your Decor

Once you have selected your birthday party supplies, create your menu with appetizers, main courses, desserts and drinks that will compliment it. Planning a 1950’s sock hop, what about a Milkshake Station for guests to order up their favorite flavor? For a luau, what about a roasted pig and Mai Tais? For a 60’s vibe, have the bartender serve up classic 1960’s cocktails in elegant glasses. At a lunchtime affair, display elegant tea sandwiches, delicious fruit and scones with cream and jam. For a casual backyard summertime BBQ, what about good ol’ American food like barbecued hamburgers, potato salad and apple pie?

Sixtieth Birthday Party Decorations

Choose from our large selection of party supplies for a 60th birthday celebration! We offer birthday decorations that range from feminine and floral to bright and bold. Add to the mix a variety of solid colored party decorations, such as streamers, latex balloons, paper lanterns, tissue balls and fans, and confetti. Some decorating ideas to get you started:
  • Inflate solid colored latex balloons. Using thumb tacks or double-stick tape, tape the balloons to the wall so that they form a giant “6-0”. Use this as a backdrop to the presents, cake or buffet table.
  • Using a length of butcher paper, make a giant “Happy 60th Birthday” banner for guests to sign.
  • Create a balloon arch at the party’s entrance using our solid colored balloons.
  • Twist together a few colors of our solid colored streamers and drape them across ceilings, around posts and doorways and along the table’s edges.
  • Sprinkle color-coordinating confetti on your party tables.
  • If using flowers as centerpieces, chose flowers in colors that match your party supplies. Centerpieces can be as simple as a single bud in a vase, or as elaborate as your budget allows.
  • For ambient lighting, select solid colored candles in colors that match your birthday decorations.

Special Touches At The 60th Birthday Party

With a little bit of forethought and planning, you can create a unique and memorable party for the sixtieth birthday honoree that they are sure to remember for years to come. Here are some ideas:
  • In the RSVP section of your invitations, ask guests to consider writing a personal note to the 60th birthday honoree if they are not able to attend the party which would be read at the party. Ask that the note be texted, emailed or mailed before the day of the party. You can gather the information and arrange to have someone read these notes aloud at the birthday party.
  • Sixty treasured memories of the 60th birthday honoree. If they have an old picture they like, have them contribute that, too. Gather the information before the party and create either a scrapbook or poster board
  • Create a slide presentation of personal photos of the sixtieth birthday honoree set to their favorite music. Arrange to have the necessary video equipment at the party to play the presentation during the 60th birthday celebration.

Sixtieth Birthday Party Games

Two fun party games to incorporate into your sixtieth birthday party, no matter what the party theme:
  • 60th Birthday Trivia Quiz
    Make copies of a questionnaire featuring 60 questions about the 60th birthday guest of honor's childhood, school years, career, hobbies and activities, and favorite things. Have each guest complete the questionnaire with their best guesses. Tally the correct answers for each guest and award a prize to the guest who answers the most questions correctly!
  • Who’s Older Than Me?
    Make a poster board with pictures of various items that were invented around the time of the sixtieth birthday honoree’s date of birth. To get ideas, do a Google search using the term, “what was invented in the 1950’s” and you’ll find a host of ideas. Number each picture and then, on a separate piece of paper, list the numbers in order. Make copies and have the guests try and guess if the item in the picture was invented BEFORE or AFTER the sixtieth birthday honoree! Tally the correct answers and the guest who makes the most correct guesses wins a prize! When handing out the prize, you can go over each item and tell when it was invented so people can see which ones they got right.
  • 1960’s Trivia
    Prepare a trivia contest about the '60s, but give the guests just 60 seconds to answer the questions. You can break the guests into teams to answer, or have guests answer individually, game show style! Whoever can answer the most questions about 1960’s trivia wins!
  • Dance Off!
    Two of the most popular dances of the 1950’s, the Twist and the Watusi, can make an appearance at your sixtieth birthday bash! See who’s still got the moves!

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