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70th Birthday Decorations

Give their 70th Birthday a Special Touch with Age Specific Party Supplies!

Celebrating a 70th birthday is a significant milestone for the birthday guest of honor and should include a fabulous birthday party celebration with friends and family! Seventy deserves special attention and we have party themes that feature age specific 70th birthday motivational messages, 70th birthday phrases and 70th birthday humor. Whether it's a guy or gal turning seventy, our selection of party themes featuring 70th birthday party supplies and decorations is perfect for either gender and features all of the necessary party supply items like birthday party plates, party cups and party napkins that coordinate with the theme's tablecover, party centerpieces, party invitations and more!

Mix and match a 70th birthday party theme with some of our suggested solid colored party supplies like matching cutlery, balloons and streamers to make your 70th birthday theme really resonate with your 70th birthday party crowd. Need tips and suggestions on hosting a memorable 70th for your special someone? We have those too! Check out our fabulous ideas for adding a personal touch to his or her seventy party!
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A 70th Birthday Party is a Big Deal!

Throwing any seventy year olds birthday party can be a touchy subject and the personality of the guest of honor turning 70 must be taken into careful consideration while planning the party. If the honoree has a sense of humor, then by all means, plan a party that will provide lots of laughs for everyone! A party that pokes fun of a personís milestone 70th birthday can incorporate old geezer themed birthday party decorations to accompany your 70th birthday party supplies. Otherwise, if your birthday guy or gal turning seventy is a more reserved type, we suggest sticking to a plan that is respectful of their personality by planning a family and friends gathering that focus on them as a person rather than the fact he or she is turning 70.

Personalize 70th Birthday Party Decorations with a Favorite Hobby!

No matter what milestone birthday party you are celebrating, choosing a birthday theme that fits the birthday guy or gal's personality will make all your 70th party decorations planning easier. We suggest choosing a birthday party theme that suits your seventy year old guest of honor's style. Do they have a certain hobby you can incorporate into your 70th birthday party decorations? Maybe he still likes to golf at seventy? Or, maybe she loves to crochet or quilt at seventy? These themes will personalize your guy or gal's 70th birthday party and can be merged into the party decorations with all your 70th birthday party supplies with a little imagination. Here are a few inspirational ideas:
  • Make 70th birthday centerpieces that include their hobby. For instance, fill clear glass apothecary jars with golf balls, fishing lures, knitting needles and yarn or quilt supplies, etc.
  • Set up a laptop that displays a slideshow of the 70th birthday guy or gal along with images of their hobby. Maybe the 70th birthday gal has pictures of all the quilts she ever made? Insert those pictures in between her family pictures during the slideshow. If personal pictures canít be obtained, search the internet for generic pictures (such as golf course greens) every so often during the photo slideshow that pays tribute to his or hers 70 years.
  • Play tracks from the birthday honoree's favorite music collection during the 70th birthday party to add a festive element to the party scene. You might even get your seventy year old on the dance floor!
  • Print black and white pictures of the 70th birthday guest of honor participating in their hobby through the years, punch 2 holes in the top of each picture and string them on a bright colored ribbon that matches your 70th birthday supplies and party decorations. The homemade picture garland is perfect for a 70th birthday party decoration to hang across a fireplace mantle or adorn a wall.

Consider the Time of Day when Planning the Party Menu and 70th Birthday Party Supplies!

At the age of seventy, most likely you won't be hosting a bunch of party games, but instead the birthday party will be more like a family reunion of sorts that centers on the menu. Consider the time of day you host the seventieth party to help determine birthday party menu choices and party supplies like the size of party plate needed to accommodate the menu items you will serve.
  • Budget restraints? No problem! Ask each party guest to bring a potluck dish to the seventieth birthday party. Potluck parties are great for attracting a potpourri of menu items at a birthday party and can be hosted with an Italian, Mexican or even a brunch theme. The hostess would provide the beverages and all the birthday party supplies like 70th birthday plates and 70th birthday cups and party napkins.
  • If you're not comfortable asking guests to bring a menu item, plan the party around 2pm, after everyone has had lunch and you can get away with serving light appetizers and a 70th birthday party cake.
  • If your 70th birthday party guest list is a smaller, more intimate affair, perhaps a simple luncheon, an afternoon tea or a small dinner party is the ticket for your guy or gal turning 70.

Stick with a "70" Theme when Planning 70th Birthday Party Gifts!

What do you get someone who has lived for 70 years and probably has collected a lot of things? Check out some of these fun ways to celebrate a guy or gal turning seventy:
  • 70 red roses (or a favorite flower)
  • 70 lottery tickets
  • 70 $1 bills
  • 70 dollars on a gift card to his/her favorite store

70th Birthday Party Favors for all Ages!

Birthday favors aren't just for kids! Guests of all ages love receiving some token of thanks for attending a special event like a 70th birthday party. A gender neutral birthday favor is to choose a birthday favor box that coordinates with the 70th birthday party supplies. Fill the little box with a few wrapped chocolates to create an appropriate birthday party favor that will be enjoyed by all ages attending the 70th birthday party. Tie a pretty ribbon around each birthday party favor box with a "Thank You" tag and youíll have your guests beaming with appreciation when they depart your 70th birthday party!

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