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85th Birthday Party Decorations

Celebrate an Amazing 85th Birthday!

An 85th birthday is a landmark event and you are never too old to celebrate in style. Gather friends and family to recognize this milestone occasion and create more cherished memories. Our birthday party decorations offer a selection of birthday supplies to make turning eighty-five a spectacular event. Look for specialized party napkins and customizable banners and centerpieces, to add a personalized touch. Coordinate the birthday party supplies with other party items and favors, or mix and match theme ensembles with solid colored tableware, decorations and accessories. The guest of honor will love reaching the ripe old age of 85!

Party planning tips incorporating 85th Birthday Party Supplies

Fantastic 85th Birthday Supplies and Decorations

A party for that special someone who has reached eighty-five should be about honor and respect. They have experienced a full life and hopefully enjoyed many cherished memories. This birthday party should be a fun and humorous celebration sure to create more happy memories.

Share Memories Of Your Birthday Guest Of Honor

  • Create a memory board or a memory book for the guest of honor. Blow up photos of the birthday guest and fasten to a large board or poster. Cover the board with felt and attach colored lights or garland around the edge. Have each guest write or dictate a memory they have of the birthday guest. Collect the memories and read to the birthday guest during the party.
  • Go back in time and revisit history during the birthday guest’s childhood. For a person turning eighty-five you must look to the 1920’s or 1930’s for inspiration. Peruse books or go on the internet for significant events and figures from that time period: Roaring Twenties, Jazz Age, Prohibition, Women’s Suffrage, Stock Market Crash, The Great Depression, The Dust Bowl, building the Golden Gate Bridge or the Empire State Building, writing The Grapes of Wrath or The Hobbit, Swing music, radio, the beginning of World War II, famous actors or sports figures—the ideas are endless. Talk with the birthday honoree and see what he or she remembers.

Delightful Activities For An Eighty-fifth Birthday

  • Consider playing songs from the birthday guest’s childhood—get ready to have people sing along! Make up a CD of favorites oldies. Have someone play the piano—there might even be some dancing!
  • Create a slide show of family photos. This is always a pleasure for the entire family, not just the birthday honoree. Watch out, there may be happy tears!
  • Anything pertaining to trivia is great. Find a trivia game from the time the birthday guest was growing up. There are books or internet sites that will research pertinent trivia for you. Have fun reminiscing together.
  • Fulfill a birthday wish of the special guest. Perhaps a trip they have been thinking of, a meal at a special restaurant, a visit from an old friend—enlist help from family and friends to surprise the 85 year old with something personal and special.

85th Birthday Party Foods and Gifts Ideas

  • Consider guests’ dietary restrictions but serve up a memorable meal. Decorate a sheet cake with a large 85 or with candles shaped like an 8 and a 5. There are even cake pans shaped like numerals!
  • Break out the fancy china and serve up delicate finger sandwiches, cookies and tea cakes. Use tea cups for beverages and a fancy silver tea service set for pouring.
  • Personalize a gift. Some ideas might include a drawing of the family tree, a special lap blanket embroidered with family members’ names, a family quilt or a framed photo for the guest of honor are just some of the great ideas. Someone who is 85 may need less but they will appreciate any gift that makes them remember and smile.

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