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Shapes of Stars highlight the A Star Is Born baby shower theme.
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A Star Is Born Baby Shower Supplies & Decorations

If you’d like to add a little Hollywood glamour to your baby shower, our “Star is Born” theme is the perfect choice! What better way to celebrate the birth of a little superstar then to fill the room with reminders of how special your guest of honor’s baby will be?

When the little one is destined to be an Academy Award winner, the special touches at the baby shower are a ton of fun, and will make wonderful memories. One of the best special touches is a red carpet to roll out adn welcome your guests with! Offset the themed décor with a few solid-color items, like balloons, small plates and tableware. Whether you're expecting a little girl or boy, bring the glitz of Hollywood to your home with silver and gold coordinating accessories. Or you can lean toward the dramatic with black and red accessories mixed in!
Ideas and tips for creating a perfect A Star Is Born baby shower.

Celebrate a Superstar with the “A Star is Born” Baby Shower Theme

If you’ve ever thrown a baby shower, you probably know how much work it is to come up with a fun, creative theme, and then coordinate all your baby shower decorations around it. Not every store carries the shower décor that will perfectly complement your ideas. If you do find something that works, it can be a challenge to find all the matching components you need, such as invitations, napkins, tableware, banners and party favors. This A Star is Born baby shower theme takes the pressure off by doing most of this for you!

Start by sending out popcorn or movie ticket themed A Star is Born baby shower invitations to let your guests know they’re invited to the big event. Then it’s time to start planning out the layout and décor for the big day. Using Hollywood themed plates, napkins, banners, centerpieces, getting everything set up is super simple, but the end result will look like an Oscar-worthy task to your guests!

Using solids throughout the decorations really help the A Star is Born themed items to “pop,” so mix in some silver and gold plates, napkins, balloons, and more. Or if you’re feeling less glitzy and more dramatic, use black and red solid colored decorations for a stunning contrast. Either way, your party will have all of the glamour of the Academy Awards or a Hollywood after-party.

Even Movie Stars Have to Eat

Coordinating the food around this Hollywood superstar theme could not be easier. You can use the A Star is Born cookie cutters to make star-shaped tea sandwiches and cookies fit for the elite celebrity crowd. If you’re making the cake yourself, use a round cake pan and a rectangular one to make a star-shaped cake worthy of the Oscars. All you have to do is cut the rectangular cake into triangles, arrange them around the circular cake and frost with icing.

Games and Activities Fit for a Hollywood Star

“A Star is Born” is also the name of an easy party game: ask your guests to bring their first paparazzi photo (a baby picture of themselves) and arrange them on a piece of poster board. For an extra-special touch cut out stars from aluminum foil and tack each picture in the center of a star. Make sure nobody sees the other guests placing their photos, and when they’re all up there have everyone try to guess who is who!

Another fun game is “You Ought to Be in Pictures.” To play this game, have the mom-to-be secretly write down her answers to a bunch of movie-related questions, such as “What movie star would you want to play you in a movie version of your life?” and “What’s your favorite motion picture of all time?” Have each of the guests write down what they think the mom-to-be’s answers are going to be, and the guest who gets the most answers correct gets a special prize (movie-related, of course)!

It may seem obvious, but you’ll probably want to screen a movie or two during the baby shower. Silent films are great, because they don’t interfere with people having conversations, and they harken back to the glamorous Hollywood of yesteryear.

Don’t Forget to Thank Your Fans!

It may not be an award acceptance speech, but let your guests know how much you appreciate their support with a nice favor. With the A Star Is Born theme, you’ll have lots of options for coordinated party favors to send home with your Oscar-worthy guests; the A Star is Born theme includes movie clapboard themed placecard holders, keychains, and more, plus plenty of star themed favors. Instead of offering the same favors for all your guests, consider ordering several different kids of favors so that your guests can select the ones that most appeal to them.

As one final touch that your guests are sure to appreciate and remember for a long time, pick out a characteristic of each guest that you really appreciate, write them up on slips of paper like the papers they use to announce the winners at the Oscars. These should be something like “Winner of the ‘Best Listener’ Academy Award” or “Winner of the ‘Most Adventurous’ Academy Award” and should be personalized with their names. Slip the pieces of paper into a sealed Academy Awards style envelope and include the envelope in your guests’ favors for them to take home and reveal after the baby shower!

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