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Animal Baby Shower Supplies & Decorations
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Animal Baby Shower Themes

Host an Animal Themed Baby Shower !

Aww! All the animals have gathered to welcome the new baby who is soon to arrive. The playful animal theme is featured on colorful plates, napkins, cups, and tablecovers for a coordinated look. Your baby shower, featuring an animal theme, will give your party space a wild look that guests are sure to love. Set your tables with themed plates and cups and add coordinating solid colored cutlery to finish off the table décor. Themed tablecovers for the main gift table and buffet table really add to the celebratory feel of the baby shower. Serve snacks that highlight your animal theme like a bowl of animal crackers. Party animals will really enjoy this clever animal baby shower.
Party planning tips and suggestions using Animal Baby Shower Themes party supplies

Delight the Mother-To-Be with Animal Baby Shower Party Supplies and Decorations

Beloved little creatures are so cute and make an ideal starting point for choosing party decorations. This broad category includes so many different ways to plan an adorable baby shower. It may be helpful to consider the following when deciding on your theme.
  • Does the mother-to-be love the outdoors or dream of living in the country? If so, select a shower pattern that incorporates farm or woodland animals. Once you’ve selected a pattern, build on it by adding outdoor theme supplies, like branches tied with bright ribbons in a vase or a hay bale covered with colorful bandanas where guests can sit to take pictures.
  • If the gender of the baby is a surprise, playful animal baby shower party supplies work well for boy or girl shower decorations. Zoo, forest, and jungle animals all make cute themes that can be accessorized with colorful balloons and party supplies in gender neutral colors for a festive baby shower.
  • Maybe the gender of the baby is known and you’d like to select a shower theme with animals that are usually associated with a girl or boy. You can even use items that you’ve already received for the baby to design your decorations. For example, stuffed toy puppies could be used as centerpieces and mixed with solid color plates, crepe streamers, and tablecovers in shades of blue for a little boy’s shower.
  • If the baby’s nursery has already been designed, this may be a starting point for selecting a pattern. Perhaps the baby’s bedding or wall decorations feature a group of animals. It's fun to tie the room decor into the shower planning. Choose plates, cups, and banners with little creatures inspired by the baby’s room.

Feature Wild Animal Print Decorations at Your Animal Baby Shower

The mother-to-be may be a wild child herself and enjoy bold animal prints. A themed baby shower does not have to feature a specific little creature, it can feature a specific print like Zebra or Giraffe. Party supplies can include plates, balloons, and banners all styled in the bold print selected. Fabric designed with animal prints could be used as a runner layered over a solid plastic tablecover on buffet or gift tables.

Prints are inspired by the wild, so incorporate accents like live greenery and tan and earth-toned details like streamers or tissue fans to give the feel of bringing the outdoors in at your shower venue. Foil and latex balloons make fun party decorations and help fill the room with visual interest.

Decorating the Room for an Animal Themed Shower

You’ve selected your baby shower theme, now it’s time for the adorable decorations! Adorn the room with theme party banners, balloons, streamers, and hanging cutouts to let everyone know this is place for celebrating.
  • The buffet table and gift tables offer a great opportunity to let your decorating creativity shine. Using theme plates and centerpieces, add to the decor by including your own special accents. Fill a glass jar with colorful gumballs, cut one of the images from the patterned plates and attach to the jar with a ribbon coordinating with the theme’s colors. Set out stuffed toys on raised platforms for a cute touch.
  • Create or purchase an adorable diaper cake that coordinates with your Animal Print Baby Shower theme. Diaper cakes are made entirely from diapers and decorated with ribbon and baby items like stuffed toys, socks, and lotions. Diaper cakes make a lovely focal point on the table and are a beautiful and useful gift for the mother after the shower ends.
  • Cookies are always a hit and animal shaped cookies are easily made using cookie cutouts. Rollout premade or homemade sugar cookie dough and cut with cookie cutters. When cooled, frost with tinted frosting and use black icing to add the facial features. Or simplify the process, by frosting the cookies all one color and adding colored sprinkles or sugar.
  • Fill clear bags with animal crackers and tie shut with bold print ribbons for a cute snack for guests to enjoy during the shower or take home later.

Playful Games to Coordinate with Animal Baby Shower Supplies

Create an Animal Bingo board. Print up Bingo game boards with each square representing an animal like stork, elephant, monkey, and duck. Write all the creature’s names on papers and have a caller call out the animals picked from a hat until someone yells Bingo! Animal themed party favors like little candles make a great prize at your shower.

Play a matching game where guests match the critter with their correct baby name. For example a frog would be a tadpole, a kangaroo would be a joey, and a swan would be a cygnet. Print out sheets with the adult name on one column next to a blank line. Beneath list the baby names randomly for guests to choose from. If you want to really challenge your guests, don’t include the answers and let them work in pairs to solve the quiz.

Animal baby showers are adorable, versatile, and work for a boy, girl, or gender neutral party. This darling baby shower is sure to be just a preview of the cuteness to come when baby arrives!

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