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Baby Clothes make a great inspirational theme to use at a baby shower - here's some ideas.

Ideas for a Baby Clothes Shower:

Modern colors and a traditional flair accent the Baby Clothes Baby Shower collection. The multicolor theme is an excellent choice when the baby’s sex has not yet been revealed. However, if the sex of the baby is known, select coordinating accessories in blue & green for boys or pink & orange for girls. Bright colors offer high-energy excitement to a shower’s mood! Adorable baby outfits clothes-pinned to a line remind guests of every mother’s excitement to dress her newborn cutie in tiny overalls, onesies or dresses!

Set the tone for the Baby Clothes themed event with our colorful striped invitations with a tiny onesie on the front. Carry the theme into the shower with our coordinated tableware, balloons, streamers and overall décor. A Baby Clothes Shower allows the new mother to display her clothing gifts for the guests, adding to the décor as the party progresses! Later, the new mother can remind guests of the fun they had, when she sends matching Baby Clothes “Thank You” cards that repeat the theme a final time!

Our professional designers have come up with some great ideas to help you create the perfect celebration:

  • Create baby themed favors using tiny baby booties filled with our pink and white heart candies and tied with ribbons. Use a very large-eyed needle threaded with 1/8” inch fabric ribbon to ‘thread’ the ribbon around the top of each bootie. Do not tie a knot at either end. Pull both loose ends together to cinch the bootie closed and tie ribbon in a bow.
  • Order (or bake) a cake in the shape of overalls, a shirt or a dress.
  • Order (or bake) sugar cookies in the shape of overalls, a dress, etc. Sprinkle with blue or pink sprinkles or colored sugar if the baby’s sex is known.
  • Repeat the Baby Clothes theme by using our coordinated tableware. Use ‘shirt’ or ‘overalls’ shaped pans as serving dishes for salads, finger sandwiches, etc.
  • Create centerpieces or table décor by filling clear vases or cylinders with pink and/or blue glass marbles. Use our Baby Clothes Baby Shower confetti along the outer edges. Create a helium-filled balloon bouquet atop each centerpiece by using our pink and/or blue balloons. Or, tie one of our ‘It’s a Boy!’ or ‘It’s a Girl!’ balloons atop each centerpiece. Use lots of curling ribbons hanging from the balloons.
  • Get guests involved and create lasting memories of the Baby Clothing inspired shower! Buy inexpensive plain cloth bibs. Provide guests with colorful fabric markers and ask each decorate a bib for the new baby.
  • Create a special keepsake for the new mother with a large picture frame. Select an 18x20 or collage-style frame that has a plain matte border inside. Have guests write a short, signed message on the plain border. At the end of the shower, replace the border in its frame and present it to the new mother.
  • Purchase a large shadow box from a crafts store. Purchase a tiny onesie, dress, or bonnet and booties. Mount the clothing items inside the shadow box. Cut out pictures or colorful parts of our Baby Clothes Baby Shower invitations and tableware and mount randomly inside the shadow box. On the day of the shower, provide guests with a small, colored note card, asking each to write a special note to Mom and baby. Mount each note in the shadow box. At the end of the shower, the new mother will have a final, priceless gift to remind her of her Baby Clothes Baby Shower for years to come!

A perfect solution for a Clothesline Baby Shower Theme

  • Play the Clothesline Game. Have two guests hold either end of a ‘clothesline’ standing about 12-feet apart. Have guests hang as many baby clothes on the line as possible, while also holding a doll on her hip and a cell phone to her ear! Use an egg timer or kitchen timer. The guest who ‘hangs the most garments’ on the clothesline wins!
  • In addition to colorful balloons and streamers, add to the theme’s décor by creating a ‘clothesline’ on a wall where new baby clothes can be hung as the mother opens each gift during her Baby Clothes Baby Shower. Highlight each end of the clothesline with colorful balloons to ‘frame’ the display area. Have the mother sit beneath the clothesline as she open her gifts, creating a nice photo opportunity as the shower progresses!

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