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Baby Shower Banners & Yard Signs

Baby shower banners are the perfect way to welcome your new little one in style! Available in several different themes and styles, choose from Giant Party Banners, Circle Banners, Flag Banners, and more! At Party Pail we carry all the latest Baby Shower Banners that match all our great decorating themes.
Mod Mom Banner
Mod Mom Flag Banner
Mod Mom Name Tags
Mod Mom Yard Sign
Baby Clothes Hanging Cutouts
Wild Safari Pink Hanging Cutouts
Wild Safari Blue Hanging Cutouts
Bumble Bee Shower Hanging Cutouts
Little Princess Personalized Giant Banner
Little Princess Crepe Streamer
Little Prince Personalized Giant Banner
Little Prince Crepe Streamer
Little Prince Decorating Kit
Nursery Toile Boy Banner
Little Princess Decorating Kit
Queen of the Jungle Letter Banner
Little Angel Yard Sign
Sweet Prince Yard Sign
Sweet Prince Banner
Sweet Prince Giant Party Banner
Sweet Prince Flag Banner
Sweet Prince Hanging Cutout
Baby Me Flag Banner
Nighty Night Bazooples Giant Banner
Nighty Night Bazooples Jumbo Cutout
Love Bug Banner
Love Bug Giant Party Banner
Stroller Fun Giant Party Banner
Stroller Fun Hanging Cutout
Stroller Fun Banner
Sweet Pea Yard Sign
Parenthood Ribbon Circle Banner
Parenthood Giant Party Banner
Parenthood Letter Garland
Parenthood Yard Sign
Parenthood Hanging Cutouts
Parenthood Name Tags
Tiny Toes Blue Hanging Cutouts
Tiny Toes Blue Name Tags
Tiny Toes Pink Ribbon Circle Banner
Tiny Toes Pink Letter Garland
Tiny Toes Pink Name Tags
Baby Clothes Giant Party Banner with Cutouts
Baby Clothes Shaped Banner
Her Highness Hanging Cutouts
Big Top Felt Flag Banner
Big Top Winner Button Favors
Mod Butterfly Garland
Tie Dye Fun Deluxe Danglers
Tie Dye Fun Hanging Cutouts
Tie Dye Fun String Decoration
Tie Dye Fun Flag Banner
Fisher Price Baby Giant Sign Banner
Fisher Price Baby Letter Banner
Fisher Price Baby Decorating Lanterns
Fisher Price Baby Lantern Garland
Fisher Price Baby Paper Fan Decorations
Fisher Price Baby Paper Garland
Fisher Price Baby Decorating Kit
Fisher Price Baby Cutout
Fisher Price Baby Swirl Decorations
Fisher Price Baby Lawn Sign Kit
Wild Safari Blue Yard Sign
Wild Safari Blue Giant Party Banner
Wild Safari Pink Yard Sign
Wild Safari Pink Giant Party Banner
It's A Boy Banner
It's A Girl Banner
Bahama Breeze Banner
Surf's Up Banner
Black and White Polka Dot Streamer
Ladybug Fancy Customizable Giant Party Banner
Ladybug Fancy Customizable Hanging Cutouts
Ladybug Fancy Customizable Ribbon Circle Banner
Ladybug Fancy Party Decorative Yard Sign
Happi Tree Owl Baby Shower Giant Party Banner
Happi Tree Owl Baby Shower Hanging Cutouts
Happi Tree Owl Baby Shower Ribbon Circle Banner
Happi Tree Owl Baby Shower Decorative Yard Sign
Ocean Preppy Boy Decorative Giant Party Banner
Ocean Preppy Boy Customizable Hanging Cutouts
Ocean Preppy Boy Party Decorative Yard Sign
Ocean Preppy Girl Decorative Giant Party Banner
Ocean Preppy Girl Customizable Circle Banner
Ocean Preppy Girl Party Decorative Yard Sign
Mr Turtle Customizable Hanging Cutouts
Mr Turtle Customizable Ribbon Circle Banner
Mr Turtle Party Decorative Yard Sign
B is for Baby Shower Garden Friend Whirls
B is for Baby Shower Flower Whirls
B is for Baby Shower Banner 2-pack
B is for Baby Shower Cutouts
B is for Baby Shower Clings
B is for Baby Shower Yard Sign
Sweet Safari Girl Printed Letter Banner Combo Pack
Sweet Safari Girl Value Pack of Decorative Cutouts
Sweet Safari Girl Printed Paper Garland
Sweet Safari Girl 10-piece Room Decorating Kit
Sweet Safari Girl 6-piece Paper Fan Decorations
Sweet Safari Girl Foil Swirl Decorations Value Pack
Sweet Safari Boy Printed Letter Banner Combo Pack
Sweet Safari Boy Value Pack of Decorative Cutouts
Sweet Safari Boy Printed Paper Garland
Sweet Safari Boy 10-piece Room Decorating Kit
Sweet Safari Boy 6-piece Paper Fan Decorations
Sweet Safari Boy Foil Swirl Decorations Value Pack
Lil' Quack Baby Shower Cake Banner & Candles Kit
Lil' Quack Baby Shower Decorative Hanging Cutouts
Lil' Quack Baby Shower "Sweet Baby" Felt Banner
Monkey Love Swirl Decorations Value Pack
Zebra Animal Print Round 12" Paper Lantern
Zebra Party Customizable Giant Party Banner
Zebra Party Customizable Printed Letter Banner
Zebra Party Customizable Door Decorating Kit
Zebra Party Hanging Sign-In Scroll
Lion King Baby Banner
Pooh Little Hunny Illustrated Letter Banner Combo Pack
Pooh Little Hunny Printed Paper Garland
Pooh Little Hunny Decorating Kit
Pooh Little Hunny Round Paper Lanterns
Pooh Little Hunny Paper Fan Decorations
Lion King Baby Customizable Letter Banner
Lion King Baby Decorating Kit
Lion King Baby Round Paper Lanterns
Lion King Baby Paper Fan Decorations
Lion King Baby Baby Printed Paper Garland
Tweet Baby Girl Illustrated Letter Banner Combo Pack
Tweet Baby Girl Value Pack Cutouts
Tweet Baby Girl Printed Paper Garland
Tweet Baby Girl Decorating Kit
Tweet Baby Girl Paper Fan Decorations
Tweet Baby Girl Swirl Value Pack Decorations
Ahoy Baby Boy Illustrated Letter Banner Combo Pack
Ahoy Baby Boy Value Pack Cutouts
Ahoy Baby Boy Printed Paper Garland
Ahoy Baby Boy Decorating Kit
Ahoy Baby Boy Paper Fan Decorations
Ahoy Baby Boy Swirl Value Pack Decorations
Ba Ba Baby Circle Ribbon Banner
Ba Ba Baby Giant Party Banner
Ba Ba Baby Hanging Cutouts
Ba Ba Baby Lantern
Ba Ba Baby Tissue Fans
Ba Ba Baby Yard Sign
Bow or Bowtie? Giant Party Banner
Bow or Bowtie? Circle Ribbon Banner
Mod Baby Shower Giant Party Banner
Umbrellaphants Pink Foil Banner
Umbrellaphants Pink Banner
Umbrellaphants Pink Swirl Decorations
Umbrellaphants Pink Mini Decorations
Umbrellaphants Pink Cutout
Umbrellaphants Pink Mini Cutouts
Umbrellaphants Blue Foil Banner
Umbrellaphants Blue Banner
Umbrellaphants Blue Swirl Decorations
Umbrellaphants Blue Mini Decorations
Umbrellaphants Blue Cutout
Umbrellaphants Blue Mini Cutouts
Baby Boy Stork Mini Decorations
Baby Boy Stork Foil Banner
Baby Boy Stork Swirl Decorations
Baby Girl Stork Mini Decorations
Baby Girl Stork Foil Banner
Baby Girl Stork Swirl Decorations

PartyPail Tip: Baby Shower Banners & Signs

Baby shower banners and signs come in a wide variety of styles, shapes, and sizes. Here's a summary of the different types of baby shower signs and banners available:
  • Jointed Banners. Also called Letter Banners These banners are generally 4' - 7' long, made from card stock, and have a "joint" or connection between each letter or image. Best used indoors where there is no risk of rain, or wind.
  • Flag Banners. These are normally made from poly plastic, and are 6' - 11' long. The flags hang from a plastic ribbon or cord, and work well indoors or outdoors where they are not as likely to be damaged by wind or rain.
  • Giant Banners. These large banners are rectangular in size, and generally are 2' tall by 5' wide. Normally made of plastic, they work well indoors or out.
  • Hanging Cutouts, Danglers & Mobiles. Designed to be hung from the ceiling, or other high spots, these decorations have baubles or small pictures that hang on ribbon or string. They tend to be 18" - 30" tall.
  • Yard Signs. Designed to be placed outside the place of your shower or party, the sign comes attached to a plastic stake that can be pushed into the ground. The sign is generally 16" wide, by 14" tall, and the stake is generally 26" tall.
  • Name Tags. Generally 2" tall by 4" wide printed to match the theme.
  • Garland and Streamers. Normally made from crepe paper, or tissue. Streamers range from 30' to 75', and garland ranges from 8' - 15' long. Streamers are flat, and may be printed with the design, while garland generally is shaped, and may have honeycomb, ribbon, or other designs.
  • Wall Decorating Kits. These kits contain small carefully designed signs that match a theme or pattern, and are designed to be hung from a wall surface. Normally printed on card stock, some times printed on plastic.
Are you looking to coordinate these decorations with some Baby Shower Party Favors and create a truly coordinated event? Almost all of our decorating themes include coordinates favors, invitations, and tableware to go with the traditional decorations like those you see on this page.

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