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Baby Shower Plates

Baby Shower Paper Plates are Oh, So Sweet!

Are you preparing to welcome a little one into the world? Equip a baby shower buffet with this tableware necessity! Our extensive lineup of disposable paper plates comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and patterns that are dressed in darling pinks for precious girls, handsome blues for beautiful boys or decked in neutrals for the no reveals. Choose from Baby Shower Plates designed in all things soft and sweet, creatures that buzz, swim or tweet, tiny toes and feet, or, get wild and set the table with adorable jungle animals that simply can’t be beat! These baby shower plates are poised to make any celebration look oh, so sweet!
Happi Tree Boy Owl Baby Shower Dessert Plates
Happi Tree Girl Owl Baby Shower Dessert Plates
Happi Tree Owl Baby Shower Dinner Plates
Bow or Bowtie? Dessert Plates
Bow or Bowtie? Dinner Plates
Mod Baby Shower Dessert Plates
Mod Baby Shower Dinner Plates
Bumble Bee Dessert Plates
Bumble Bee Dinner Plates
Ahoy Matey! Dessert Plates
Ahoy Matey! Dinner Plates
Ahoy Baby Boy 7 Inch Dessert Plates
Ahoy Baby Boy 10 Inch Dinner Plates
Ba Ba Baby Dessert Plates
Ba Ba Baby Dinner Plates
Ladybug Fancy 10" Banquet Plates
Ladybug Fancy 7" Dessert Plates
Ladybug Fancy Shaped 9" Dinner Plates
Lil Ladybug Dessert Plate
King of the Jungle Dessert Plate
King of the Jungle Dinner Plate
Baby Clothes 7" Plates
Baby Clothes 9" Plates
Baby Me 7" Plate
Bahama Dessert Plates
Big Top 7" Plate
Big Top 9" Plate
B is for Baby Shower Square Garden Dessert Plates
B is for Baby Shower Square Garden Dinner Plates
Blessed Day 10" Plate
Blessed Day 7" Plate
Fisher Price ABC Bulk Package 7" Dessert Plates
Fisher Price ABC Bulk Package 10" Dinner Plates
Fisher Price Baby Dessert Plates
Fisher Price Baby Dinner Plates
Her Highness 7" Plate
Her Highness 9" Plate
Little Angel 9" Plate
Little Prince 10" Plate
Little Prince 7" Plate
Little Princess 10" Plate
Little Princess 7" Plate
Mod Butterfly Square Dinner Plate
Mod Mom 7" Plate
Mod Mom 9" Plate
Monkeyin' Around Dessert Plates
Monkeyin' Around Dinner Plates
Monkeyin' Around Shaped Dinner Plate
Monkey Love 7" Dessert Plates
Monkey Love 9" Dinner Plates
Mr Turtle 10" Banquet Plates
Nesting Birds Dinner Plate
Ocean Preppy Boy 7" Dessert Plates
Ocean Preppy Boy 9" Dinner Plates
Ocean Preppy Girl 7" Dessert Plates
Ocean Preppy Girl 9" Dinner Plates
Parenthood 7" Plate
Parenthood 9" Plate
Plaid Baby Boy Dessert Plates
Plaid Baby Boy Dinner Plates
Plaid Baby Girl Dessert Plates
Plaid Baby Girl Dinner Plates
Pooh Little Hunny Dessert Plates
Pooh Little Hunny Dinner Plates
Stroller Fun 7" Plate
Stroller Fun 9" Plate
Lion King Baby Dessert Plates
Lion King Baby Dinner Plates
Sweet Safari Boy 7 Inch Dessert Plates
Sweet Safari Boy 10.5 Inch Dinner Plates
Sweet Safari Girl 7 Inch Dessert Plates
Sweet Safari Girl 10.5 Inch Dinner Plates
Tickled Pink Dinner Plate
Tie Dye Fun 7" Plate
Tie Dye Fun 9" Plate
Tiny Toes Blue 7" Plate
Tiny Toes Blue 9" Plate
Tiny Toes Pink 7" Plate
Tiny Toes Pink 9" Plate
Tweet Baby Girl 7 Inch Dessert Plates
Tweet Baby Girl 10 Inch Dinner Plates
Jungle Animals Dessert Plate
Jungle Animals Dinner Plate
Wild Safari Blue Dessert Plates
Wild Safari Blue Dinner Plates
Wild Safari Pink Dessert Plates
Wild Safari Pink Dinner Plates
Zebra Party 7" Dessert Plates
Zebra Party 10.25" Dinner Plates
Zebra Animal Print Square 10" Banquet Plates
Zebra Animal Print Square 7" Dessert Plates
Zebra Animal Print Square 8.75" Dinner Plates
A Star Is Born Prismatic 7" Plates
Umbrellaphants Pink Dessert Plates
Umbrellaphants Pink Dinner Plates
Umbrellaphants Blue Dessert Plates
Umbrellaphants Blue Dinner Plates
Baby Boy Stork Dessert Plates
Baby Boy Stork Dinner Plates
Baby Girl Stork Dessert Plates
Baby Girl Stork Dinner Plates
Bastin Peonies Dessert Plates

PartyPail Tip: Paper Plates

Our baby shower paper plates generally come in 2, or 3 sizes, depending on the pattern, manufacturer, and style. The smaller sized plates, sometimes referred to Luncheon Plates are 7" - 8" in size, and are perfect for serving cake or smaller appetizers. The mid-size baby shower plates, referred to as Dinner Plates, are 9" - 10" in size, and are perfect for buffets or larger appetizers. Some baby shower patterns also offer a Banquet Plate, which are generally 10.5" - 11", and are appropriate for a more sit-down type application.

Some of the paper plate patterns come in themes that work for both boy or girl themed showers. An example is our Tickled Blue and our Tickled Pink patterns. The designer of this pattern essentially reused the theme and design in different color pallets to meet the gender specific needs of these showers.

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