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Baby Shower Themes - Over 80 Designs Available

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You can browse them all, or pick a theme category to narrow your search. Themes for Boys, Girls, Moms, Couples, and more. We are proud to offer the best selection available anywhere. Our professional party planners have carefully matched each theme with coordinating accessories, favors, wall decor, and much more. Each of our themes has a planning ideas section at the bottom of its page, giving you theme specific recommendations, tips, and advice on how to create a truly one of a kind event.

PartyPail Tip: Selecting The Best Baby Shower Theme

Baby Shower Themes make planning a baby shower easier, less stressful, and will create a more memorable event. With so many baby shower themes, selecting a theme can be the most important decision for your event. There are a number of factors to consider when you select a theme for your baby shower including such things as:

  • Do you go co-ed? More baby showers are including the Dads these days.
  • Are you looking for a traditionally themed event?
  • Are you holding it at home, at a restaurant, at a spa? What baby shower theme works best in your setting?
  • Are you trying to match a decorating theme for the nursery?
  • If you are holding this at work, is this theme appropriate for the workplace?
The choices available are way beyond what your mother or aunt probably had to encounter. All the new possibilities create an opportunity to find a baby shower theme that perfectly fit the style and needs of mom-to-be (and possibly the dad-to-be also.)

More Baby Shower Ideas

When your expecting mother deserves something just a little out of the ordinary, think about using one of these funny, unusual, or unique baby shower themes. Each of these create a unique opportunity for favors, games, and gifts - with over 80 design choices, its very likely most of your guests will never have been to a shower with one of these decorating themes! To make your decision easier, PartyPail recommends that you begin by giving some thought to the style of the mom-to-be. Match the theme and decorations to her personality. OK, that isn't always as easy as it sounds. But it's very likely she'll fit generally into one of a few categories, and you can narrow it down from there: And one more thing. Be aware of your own style — especially if it's not the same as the mom-to-be's. As the host, you need to be comfortable with the theme. The more you love the shower, the more it will show and the more the guest of honor will see your sincerity. Enjoy your shower!

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