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1st Birthday Party Themes

Celebrate a First Birthday with 1st Birthday Supplies and Decorations!

It's their very 1st birthday and you've had a memorable year full of "firsts" to celebrate! If this is the first birthday party you've ever planned, don't fret; we have a huge selection of over 50 first birthday themes that feature everything you need to celebrate your little one's milestone birthday! Our abundant line of 1st birthday supplies and decorations features themes from cuddly characters and adventure scenes to things that move, perfect for a special little boy celebrating the big number 1. For the sweet little girl, we have themes that feature girly girl designs, sweet creatures and of course plenty of pretty princesses!

After selecting the perfect 1st birthday theme for your little one, be sure to check out our party tips at the bottom of this page to help you plan a successful 1st birthday party complete with decorations and supplies for your sweet baby turning one!

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First Things First to Consider Before Choosing Baby's 1st Birthday Theme!

Your camera has had a workout this year recording all those "firsts" and a 1st birthday event is no time to give it a rest! Your baby's first birthday is definitely a special milestone that should be an occasion for family and friends to celebrate but it doesn't have to be a chore! With some strategic planning and festive first birthday supplies and decorations we're sure you'll capture a memorable day for the record books!

Before you pick the perfect first birthday party supplies and decorations, consider how many people you will be inviting to your celebration and where you will be holding the event. If your own home is not large enough to easily accommodate your guest list for the joyous 1st birthday celebration, you may want to ask another family member to host the event in their home while you provide all the party supplies and decorations. Once you’ve established the venue, consider these tips for a successful and stress free first birthday!
  • Pick a time of day for the 1st birthday festivities that won't interfere with baby's naptime. You will want a well-rested guest of honor to avoid any melt downs!
  • Try to limit the 1st birthday party to a 2 hour time block and stick to the schedule so that the gathering isn't too long for baby to endure.
  • Don't be shy in asking for helping hands! You will be very busy attending to the needs of the baby so we suggest asking a trustworthy guest to take pictures, record gifts and serve the first birthday cake when its time!
  • If there are multiple aged kids attending the 1st birthday party, you may want to consider hiring a babysitter to conduct some age appropriate activities to keep the children occupied.
  • Plan a menu that fits your budget! There is nothing wrong with keeping the party menu simple by just serving cake and ice cream after the guest of honor blows out their very first candle. If you do decide to serve food, choose menu items that are age appropriate, especially if there will be both adults and small children in attendance.
  • Plan a cute party outfit for this celebration of firsts which will enhance all those photos that will land in his or her memory book!
  • Lastly, be sure that all camera batteries have been tested and charged the day before the first birthday party!

Choose Theme with Matching Party Decorations to Build your 1st Birthday Party!

We suggest choosing a 1st birthday party theme that fits your baby's personality and build décor around that theme. If your baby has a special toy or stuffed animal, focus the theme around what he or she likes. Once you select the perfect 1st birthday theme, the coordinating party decorations are easy to choose because we've matched all the essential party supplies with each theme right here on our Party Pail website! Most 1st birthday themes feature all the matching supplies like birthday hats, blowouts, balloons, banners and centerpieces to make the party fun. Keepsake items, like 1st birthday bibs, buttons and specialty favors, can really set the scene for a first class birthday celebration. An easy way to shop for party supplies and party decorations by gender is to check out the two links that divide our birthday party themes for girls from birthday party themes for boys. Here, you will find birthday themes ranging from Mickey Mouse to monkeys, Pooh Bear to polka dots, and everything in between!

Consider a First Birthday Party Smash Cake!

One of the most important parts of celebrating a 1st birthday milestone is to watch baby experience their very first birthday cake! A recent trend in first birthdays is to provide baby with their own miniature birthday cake, called a "smash cake." The idea is to have two cakes made for the event, one that can be enjoyed by guests and a smaller special cake for baby to smash, smear, poke and eat all on his or her terms! Most people save the best for last, and the smash cake will provide plenty of entertainment to wrap up your first birthday party so be sure to have the cameras ready to roll!

If your little one is a bit older, we have a wide variety of girls' birthday party supplies and boys birthday party supplies as well.

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