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Baby Shower Themes For Boys

These baby shower themes for boys are sure to please the mother expecting a baby boy. Featuring a wide variety of options in palettes ranging from pastel to vibrant blue, green, brown, yellow and even red –all the inspiration you need plan a perfect baby shower for that new baby boy!

Designs Perfect For Celebrating A New Little Boy!

This year's newest designs give you a great assortment to decorate your room with the most stylish themes, in the latest colors and patterns. Many of the designs traditional for boys have been reinterpreted to give them a fresh, fun feel. Animal inspirations, often the foundation of nursery decorations, have been used for many of these themes, so you'll find critters of all types featured in these decorations.

Not ONLY the same old blue, but there is blue galore!

Some of our newest designs give you a fun, fresh, and different color pallet to plate with. Greens, yellows, and more, augment the traditional blue!
To celebrate the arrival of your new baby boy, check out our selection of adorable baby shower themes for boys!

Its A boy! Keys to a Perfect Baby Shower for that new Baby Boy

When it comes to choosing a baby shower theme for a boy baby shower:
  • Check with the mommy-to-be to see whether she’s chosen a theme for the nursery or accessories (such as a stroller, high chair or car seat) for the new baby boy and coordinate invitations, decorations, cake (or other decorated desserts) and tableware to match.
  • Ask the new mom to help choose the theme or ask what colors she would choose to use to welcome her new baby boy into the world.
  • Use the colors and décor of the room where your event will be held to help choose a theme perfect for a baby boy to anchor your color palette.

Once you have a theme for your boy baby shower, here are some ways to be sure that you get the most bang out of your decorating budget:

  • Use fabric or ribbon in colors that accent the shower theme to wrap around the backs of chairs and tie in a bow. This will disguise any unattractive folding chairs or tie mismatched chairs together; both of which are common aspects of planning a baby shower with a larger guest list.
  • Place centerpieces directly under hanging decorations to make them more impactful.
  • For a boy baby shower, add blue, brown, green or yellow stripes or polka dots to any solid to give it a whimsical, youthful touch. In addition to using this technique to create decorations or focal areas, it can be a simple and easy way to decorate a cake, cupcakes or cookies.
  • Flowers aren’t just for girls! Visit a local florist to find out what flowers come in the colors of your boy baby shower theme and order bouquets or loose flowers to place throughout your food and gift display areas. Green, yellow and red flowers could make great accents without taking away from your new baby boy theme. Afterward, you can also send bouquets home with the mother or grandmothers-to-be as a thoughtful gesture.

Play off your theme when it comes to food and drink, too.

  • Some items that come in nearly every color you can imagine – including those used in our boy baby shower themes - include Buttermint Creams, Jordan Almonds, M & M candies, gelatin, jelly beans and taffy. Placing these out in bowls creates pops of bold individual color or mix-and-match for a softer look.
  • Choose a punch mix in a color that accents your theme or serve water or clear soda with food-colored ice cubes or ice cubes made of frozen punch. This is another opportunity to mix and match or create a fun punch of color.

Planning will help ensure that your guests feel comfortable, welcome and entertained:

  • Send a ‘Save the Date’ postcard out 4-6 weeks before the baby shower on a blank note card in your baby shower theme or on a coordinating postcard to ensure better attendance and identify any potential conflicts among the guests the mommy-to-be most wants to attend.
  • Send invitations out about 2 weeks in advance. Make it as easy as possible for guests to RSVP by providing a stamped, self-addressed post card with a simple check box and additional RSVP options like an e-mail address or Facebook page.
  • Have a plan for where and how guests will enter and be greeted to where coats and purses will be held, where gifts will be placed and what will occur during the baby shower.
  • Set aside a place of honor for the mother-to-be and for her mother or mother-in-law, if they will be in attendance that is central to activities.
  • Have a plan and assign a person to distribute favors to guests when it’s time for the shower to end and consider it part of your responsibility to help the new mom or mommy-to-be to write and send thank you notes after the shower.

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