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Planning Tips
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Bridal & Baby Shower Planning

Planning a baby shower, bridal shower, or birthday party doesn't need to be stressful. If you keep a few basic planning tips in mind, you’ll create an event to remember for the guest of honor.

Tip # 1: Develop A Plan.

Understanding your budget constraints, planning out the timeline for your event, and having a checklist to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything will greatly ease the stress of hosting a party or shower. PartyPail has developed a series of worksheets you can use to plan your event.

Start with your budget planning. The biggest variables in the budget for any party or shower are the number of attendees, the type of decorations, what food and drinks you are serving, and what you spend on favors. The link below will open a PDF file with a budget worksheet you can use for budget planning.

Budget Planning Worksheet

Planning out your decorations, including invitations and favors, will help you make sure you’ve got everything under control. The party professionals at PartyPail have come up with a quick worksheet you can use to plan out all the party supply decorations you need. The link below is for a PDF file that contains a worksheet for your party supplies:

Party Supply Worksheet

Understanding what needs to be done when , and having a calendar view into your planning can eliminate the worry associated with the “did I forget something” thoughts we all can have! One of our professional party planners developed a worksheet that you can use to stage-up the important items that need to be done to make your shower or party a success. Click on this link to see the worksheet:

Budget Planning Worksheet

Tip # 2: Recruit Help Early.

Bridal showers, birthday parties, and baby showers are opportunities to "shower" the guest of honor with love, affection, and joy. People love to be involved in the planning of an event like this, and if you are the host of this event, get people involved to help bring the details together.

Tip # 3: Pick A Theme!

Take a look on the PartyPail website and find a theme that matches the style and flair of your guest of honor. These themes can become the foundation for your decorations, and create a polished, professional style to your event. You won’t be the only one benefitting; the guests who attend a well designed event fall into the festive atmosphere quickly!

To see how these themes can really help you put together a great set of decoration, check out a few of our most popular options for a baby shower:

Tip # 4: Call A Professional!

If you need any help at all – call one of our professional party planners here at PartyPail! Our toll free number is 866-969-7245
Call 866-969-7245 For Assistance!

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