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Bridal Shower Balloons

A variety of wedding shower balloons that you can inflate locally to add color and fun to your event.

Say "I Do" when you Decorate with Bridal Shower Balloons!

Balloons are a quick and economical way to add instant color to your wedding shower decorations! We have a vast selection of balloons constructed of metallic foil in round, square, and heart shapes all featuring beautiful designs in pretty shades that are perfectly suited for the blushing bride-to-be. Along with our metallic foil options, we also carry helium quality latex bridal shower balloons. Group them together to create a beautiful bouquet, an archway or a floating balloon cloud to delight your shower guests!

All of our balloons for wedding showers are carefully packaged to arrive flat so that you can either purchase a helium tank to fill the balloons yourself or take them to your local party supply store or florist shop to add helium just before the event! Read our inspirational ideas and tips for wedding shower balloons at the bottom of this page to help get you started. And, don’t forget to check out our coordinating curling ribbon selection to tie down all those beautiful balloons for bridal shower events!
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Beautiful Bridal Shower Balloons for a Blushing Bride-to-Be!

You don't have to be a skilled decorator to construct colorful displays of balloons at any event! Our party planners have outlined some simple ways to help get you started in decorating a wedding shower with our selection of latex and foil balloons! After you've selected a theme, with party supplies that suit the bride-to-be, and secured the shower's venue, you can start planning your bridal shower decorations.

Helpful Tips for Handling your Balloons:

  • Purchase extra bridal shower balloons with your party supplies so you can test the inflation period under your environment conditions and to ensure you have enough balloons in case of accidental breakage the day of the event.
  • The inflation time of your wedding shower balloons is dependent on the temperature and humidity. A 12 inch latex balloon filled with helium can last up to 18 hours, but if it’s filled with air it may last for days.
  • Inflation time for metallic style balloons can last 2-3 weeks.
  • If you're inflating your balloons at home, make a sizing template from a piece of cardboard by cutting the correct size hole and inflating each of the wedding shower balloons inside the hole to achieve a consistent size.
  • Carry only one bouquet at a time, trust us…you don't want to be under stress trying to untangle all those balloons just before your event begins!
  • A typical mid-size sedan car usually holds up to 30 inflated balloons while an SUV style car can hold up to 60 with the seats flat.
  • Remember that many florist shops are closed on Sunday, so plan accordingly to have your balloons for wedding shower filled! The party wouldn't be the same without these festive party decorations.

Create a Simple Wedding Shower Balloon Bouquet with Words of Wisdom!

Every new bride will appreciate a colorful bouquet of balloons for the wedding shower tied to bundles of envelopes featuring words of wisdom from her friends and family! Send each guest a self-addressed, stamped envelope with a small blank card and instructions to write a personal note featuring words of wisdom to be mailed back to you. When you receive the envelopes back, tie each one to the end of the curling ribbon that is attached to balloons. The more words of wisdom you collect, the bigger the bouquet will become!

Construct a Grand Entrance with a DIY Archway!

A wedding shower balloons archway will make an enchanting grand entrance at your bridal shower and it's easier to construct than you may think. Follow our steps listed here and search the internet for images of wedding shower balloons archways to get inspiration be sure the archway coordinates perfectly with other bridal shower supplies and decorations!
  1. First, estimate how large you want your archway to be and purchase thin walled PVC pipe or other bendable material from a home improvement store.
  2. Bend the material and fasten the ends to something that is heavy like a brick.
  3. Inflate balloons and tape or tie them to your archway. Wrap color coordinated ribbon around the taped or tied ends to give the archway a finished look.
  4. Place the bridal shower balloon archway's brick ends inside flower pots filled pretty flowers!

Float Balloons for wedding Showers in a Cloud Without Using Helium!

Balloon clouds are popular decorating elements often seen at bridal showers and weddings. They are simple to make and are a lovely complement to other party supplies and decorations. The shower balloon cloud requires no helium so it is economical and you won’t have to worry about your wedding shower balloons falling during the event!

Things you'll need:
    Latex bridal shower balloons
    Clear string
    Air pump (or good lungs!)
    Ribbons that coordinate with balloons and party supplies
  1. Blow up four bridal shower balloons to measure 7 inches in diameter (use a template).
  2. Tie balloons together in pairs of two.
  3. Attach clear string to the ceiling where you want your balloon cloud to hang.
  4. Secure your top layer of balloons by twisting the two 7 inch pairs together around the string.
  5. Blow up eight 10 inch diameter bridal shower balloons and tie them together in pairs of two.
  6. Twist together two pairs of your 10 inch bridal shower balloons under the 7 inch size bridal shower balloons and repeat with the remaining two sets.
  7. Make sure each layer of balloons are pushed up tight to the layer above.
  8. The last balloon cloud should measure 12 inches in diameter. Tie it to the bottom of the cluster.
  9. Attach streamers to the interior cluster of balloons for a raining effect.

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