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Bridal Shower Signs & Banners

Bridal Shower & Wedding Shower Banners

Celebrate the Bride to Be with a Beautiful Wedding Shower Banner!

Bridal shower banners are unique decorating accessories to complement your bridal shower decorations. They can be as big as 5 feet long or tiny enough to decorate a cake! We have a large selection to fit your needs; giant plastic banners that can be used either indoors or out, circle ribbon banners, jointed banners and even cake banners for the celebratory cake! Combine these with other decorating accessories like paper lanterns, crèpe streamers, latex balloons, and hanging cutouts (all sold separately) in your chosen theme for coordinated wedding shower decorations!
Wedding shower banners announce important information, and are a great highlight for over the dessert table, gift table, or other main focal point.

Bridal Shower Banner Ideas:

We have a large selection of banners for wedding showers in a variety of sizes and themes, but if you are the crafty sort (and even if you aren't) you can easily custom make your own banners for bridal showers with just a few materials, time and imagination!
  • Simple Wedding Shower Banner: Decide on a color palette for your wedding shower banner. You will need cardstock, chipboard letters (purchased at a craft store, or die cut your own) and ribbon. Choose the wording for the bridal shower banner. It is best to keep the phrase to four words or less. Common phrases include: "Bride To Be", "Congratulations", "Happily Ever After", "From Miss To Mrs.", and simply "Bridal Shower." Cut your cardstock into the desired shape; circles, triangle flags or squares are nice choices. Center one letter on each piece of cardstock and glue into place. Next hole punch small holes in the top corners of each cardstock piece. Cut a length of ribbon long enough to string together all of your letters. Leave it a little longer if you want your banner to hang lower, or cut it shorter if you want the banner to be pulled tight. Weave the ribbon in and out through each hole, attaching the cardstock pieces together to form the banner. Leave a length of ribbon at each end of the banner for hanging.

Other Unique Bridal Shower Banners:

Create a unique wedding shower banner to welcome the bride and her guests to the bridal shower. Here are four ideas to consider:
  • Lingerie Bridal Shower Banner: Oh la la! Make her gift part of the bridal shower decorations with a banner constructed of lingerie! Select a length of satin ribbon for the banner and choose which lingerie you would like to display. Using shorter lengths of the same ribbon, tie each piece of lingerie to the long length of ribbon, or you can use small clothespins. Embellish the clothes pins with mini bows in a coordinating colored ribbon. Continue until you have constructed your Lingerie Bridal Shower Banner is the desired length.
  • Time Line Bridal Shower Banner: Select photos of the bride-to-be starting as a young baby, progressing through the teen years up until the current time of her engagement. Die cut cardstock picture frames in a variety of sizes to fit the photos you have selected and display one picture in each frame. Hang a length of ribbon where you would like to display the banner. Using mini-clothespins, attach each frame to create your Time Line Bridal Shower Banner.
  • Best Advice Bridal Shower Banner: Have guests fill out an advice card for the bride-to-be when they arrive at the bridal shower. As the cards are completed, display them on a pre-hung length of garland. You can hole punch each card in the upper left corner of each card and tie it to the garland, or simply use a clothespin or binder clip to attach the advice card to the garland. Guests will enjoy reading what others wrote! The bride-to-be can keep her Best Advice Bridal Shower Banner as a keepsake from her bridal shower.
  • Personalized Wedding Shower Banner: There are many retailers that provide printing services to create a customized wedding shower banner. Select a design from the hundreds of templates they offer and customize your wedding shower banner with details including the bride and groom’s name, her soon-to-be monogram, or the date and location of the upcoming nuptials.

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