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Bridal Shower Centerpieces

Adorn your tables with these wedding shower centerpieces.

Eye Catching Wedding Shower Centerpieces!

The bridal shower centerpiece is sure to be the focal point of a buffet, cake, or gift table at your wedding shower celebration. We feature a variety of centerpieces for the wedding shower that will coordinate perfectly with other party supplies and decorations. Whether the event is traditional, floral, modern, elegant or a little on the wild side, you are sure to find the perfect centerpiece to fit your decorating needs. Choose from ensembles with centerpiece designs that include honeycomb style, free standing cutouts in the shape of a bride and groom or bridal gown, or even tri-fold designs with hanging cutouts included. The centerpiece is a must have to make this special event perfection!
Bridal shower centerpieces liven up your table and help to tie the theme of the celebration together!

Create a Lovely Tablescape with Wedding Shower Centerpieces

Our bridal shower centerpiece selection features patterns sure to please any bride including; traditional, trendy, floral, retro and sophisticated options. The centerpiece will undeniably be the focal point of the gift, cake, or buffet table and even adds a decorative touch situated beside a guest book on an end table. Your chosen bridal shower party supplies and decorations will often include a coordinating centerpiece that can be used on its own or creatively combined with other enhancing elements for a stand out display.

Bridal Shower Centerpiece Ideas

The centerpiece for the bridal shower can be simple and clean or can be as creative and stand out as inspiration will allow. Our bridal shower centerpieces complement the party supplies and decorations of specific themes but can often be coordinated with a variety of styles if necessary. For example the elegant wedding shower centerpiece, from the I Do theme, features a silhouette of a bride and groom in tuxedo and wedding dress. This particular centerpiece perfectly coordinates with the party supplies of the I Do theme but can also be used alongside many ensembles or as a standalone item next to a guest book or on a gift table. Here are a few simple ways to creatively set off the centerpieces included in the party decorations of your favorite theme.
  • Centerpieces for the bridal shower can be surrounded by confetti that coordinates with the theme of party supplies chosen. Select colors of curl ribbon that complement your shower decorations and make colorful curlicues to scatter on the tabletop alongside the theme centerpiece and confetti.
  • A longer buffet table can easily display several theme wedding shower centerpieces alternated with a simple white box brimming with flowers. Inexpensive white boxes, in a variety of sizes, can be located on line. Simply cut a brick of floral foam to fit within the box size chosen. Select fresh flowers in colors that complement your party supplies or that the bride may be using at her wedding. Cut the stems to lengths appropriate for your box and push individual blooms into the foam. Keep adding until the box looks as if a pillow of blooms is overflowing from the top.
  • Incorporate simple wineglass centerpieces into the tablescape. Again, you will want to select flowers that tie in to the color palette of the party decorations and locate wine glasses in a variety of sizes. Cut the stems off of the flowers leaving only the blooms. Place several blooms or individual blooms (depending on the size of flower being used) under upside down wine glasses. For a more elegant affair, place a votive candle atop the wine stem, light, and enjoy!
  • Compliment the floral wedding shower centerpiece with these stem less wine glass decorations. Stack lemon slices around the inside edge of the wine glass fill the center with water and include decorative blooms from gerbera daisies, tulips, or flowers that will have special meaning for the bride-to-be.

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