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Bridal Shower Games

It's All Fun and Games until Somebody Gets... Married?

There are many activities that occur during a wedding shower, including socializing, eating, opening gifts, and traditionally playing games. Games help break the ice and lighten the mood and generally result in lots of laughter! There are countless games you can play during the bridal shower, some traditional, some very creative. Our selection includes Bingo games, game books that include a variety of different games for up to 8 players, game kits that include 5 different games , and Make A Bouquet kit for a traditional bridal shower game activity.
Games and activities are sure to liven up your event!

Wedding Shower Games For Your Celebration

Bridal shower games can be traditional, such as creating a rehearsal bridal bouquet, or comical, such as playing the Newlywed Game, which reveals new things about the bride and groom guests might not have known! Wedding shower games can be surprisingly fun! Decide which games to play depending on how many guests are attending and what would be most appropriate for those guests in attendance. Here are 6 bridal shower games we found that you might like to use at your event:
  • Rehearsal Bouquet Wedding Shower Game:
    A traditional bridal shower game is to create a rehearsal bouquet for the bride-to-be to use at her rehearsal dinner. During the bridal shower, a guest or a member of the bridal party creates a bouquet on a paper plate using the ribbon and bows from each gift. After all the ribbons and bows are attached to the plate, it transforms into a bridal bouquet for the bride-to-be to use at the rehearsal dinner. After the bouquet is created, take a photo of the bride-to-be holding her bouquet!
  • The Newlywed Bridal Shower Game:
    In order to play this game, the groom must be interviewed prior to the bridal shower. Ask the groom a range of questions, which can include:
    1. How many children they want to have?
    2. What did they do on their first date?
    3. Where was the first kiss?
    4. What is one thing she cannot live without?
    5. What is his most annoying habit?
    6. Where does she want to vacation?
    7. When did she know she was in love with you?
    8. What is her favorite restaurant?
    Write each question on an index card with the answer written on the back. Each guest receives one index card containing one question and takes turns asking the bride-to-be questions. For a fun twist, record video footage of the groom's answers and reactions and play back his responses to each question for everyone to see and hear! (Allow a pause between questions). Prior to the game beginning, record each guest's guess of what percentage of questions she believes the bride will answer correctly. The guest who guesses the closest percentage wins a prize.
  • Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Bridal Shower Game:
    The object of this game is to have guests create their best wedding dress design using nothing more than a roll of toilet paper! Divide guests up into groups of 3-4 people. Give each group 1 roll of toilet paper. Set a timer for a certain amount of time. When the timer goes off, the game is over and guests judge each other and decide which group designed the best wedding dress. Offer prizes to the winners.
  • Who Knows the Bride the Best Wedding Shower Game:
    See which guest knows the bride best! Create a list of questions about the bride-to-be. The answers can be fill-in style questions or multiple choice, depending on how imaginative you want the answers to be. Have the bride play along and she can read her answers aloud once all the guests have had a chance to complete the questionnaire. Award prizes to the guest(s) who answer the most questions correctly. Sample questions can include:
    1. What city and state was she born?
    2. What is her favorite place to eat lunch?
    3. Is she an early bird or a night owl?
    4. What is her favorite movie?
    5. If she could meet anyone in the world, who would it be?
    6. What is currently her favorite TV show?
  • Who Knows the Couple the Best Bridal Shower Game:
    This game is played exactly as described above, except that instead of focusing questions on the bride-to-be, these questions pertain to the bride and groom as a couple. This game can be played at a co-ed shower, or if the guests in attendance know both the bride and groom very well. Questions can include:
    1. Where and when did the couple meet?
    2. Where was their first date?
    3. Where were the bride and groom born?
    4. What is their favorite thing to do on a date?
    5. How did the groom-to-be propose?
    6. Where are they going for their honeymoon?
  • Guess Whose Lingerie Bridal Shower Game:
    And, lastly, one of our favorite wedding shower games. This wedding shower game would be appropriate for a group of guests who would be comfortable with more risqué wedding shower gifts! When sending out your bridal shower invitations, ask each guest to bring a pair of underwear or a lingerie gift that matches their personality and style (in the bride-to-be’s size). As each guest arrives to the shower, have them hang their piece of lingerie on the clothesline that has been hung. The bride-to-be then has to guess who each lingerie gift is from. If the bride-to-be guesses correctly, that guest wins a prize! At the end of the shower, the bride to be goes home with a new lingerie wardrobe!

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