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Wedding and Bridal Shower Invitations and Thank You Notes

Bridal Shower Invitations & Thank Yous For Any Style Event

Bridal shower themes can be traditional, elegant, trendy, or a little on the wild side. PartyPail features numerous beautiful bridal shower invites and thank you notes perfect for complementing the style that suits the bride-to-be. Our wedding shower invites and thank you cards come in a variety of styles including simple fill-in the blank fold over cards, die-cut and even some imprintable versions. Choose from bridal shower invitation and thank you designs with classic and vintage images and colors to trendy styles with bold and bright patterns and tones. Our wedding stationery products match perfectly with the rest of the coordinating theme’s party supplies so you can host the perfect event!
Wedding shower invitations set the scene for the bride-to-be's big day!

Set the Tone for Your Special Event with Unique Wedding Shower Invitations!

Bridal shower invites set the mood for your anticipated wedding shower celebration and are indicative of the bride’s, or couples, personality. Selecting the perfect theme the bride will love and having the invitations for the wedding shower reflect this theme, will allow invitees to better understand the type of event they will be attending. The design on the invites will help guests determine appropriate gift ideas for this particular bride’s celebration.

PartyPail features over 20 styles of wedding shower invitations which include patterns sure to please any bride. Bridal shower invitations range from traditional and sophisticated to trendy and wild. Designs include traditional, modern, floral, animal print, retro and sophisticated options. Brides may also choose to have more than one celebration (to accommodate coworkers, friends, and family) and may decide on a few different bridal shower invitation options. Our wedding shower invitations complement the party supplies and decorations of specific themes but can often be coordinated with a variety of styles if desired.

Invitations should include pertinent party information as well as letting guests know the tone of the event you are hosting. Fill-in invitations generally contain space for you to provide “For / Date / Time/ Place / RSVP”. The bridal shower invite should include the bride’s full name as well as the groom’s in the event a co-ed gathering is being planned. Invitations for the wedding shower, which are personalized on your home computer, are also an option included in a variety of the event themes.

In addition to the basic party details, it can be helpful to provide guests with some additional useful information in the wedding shower invites. You may choose to include the following:
  • Where the bride is registered.
  • The theme of the celebration or gifts (garden, lingerie, cooking)
  • Date of the wedding.
  • Host’s name(s) with email or phone information.
  • Inform guests if the bridal shower is a surprise party and when the guest of honor is expected to arrive.
  • Whether or not it is appropriate to bring children or is this a ladies only affair!

Bridal Shower Etiquette

  • The wedding shower is generally thrown by the matron of honor or bridesmaids. This has expanded over the years to include family, friends, and co-workers.
  • The event should take place 4-6 weeks prior to the wedding. Wedding shower Invitations should be mailed 3 to 4 weeks in advance of the celebration.
  • Only guests who received a wedding invite should receive a subsequent bridal shower invitation.
  • Bridesmaids, family, and friends may host more than one shower for the lucky bride-to-be. Invites for wedding showers should differ based on the style of the event.
  • Bridal shower games are a must!
  • Gifts are mandatory. This is why only those who are on the wedding guest list should receive an invitation for the bridal shower.
  • Before the gifts are opened, it is traditional for the groom to arrive with flowers for his bride-to-be. This is a way for party guests who have not yet met the groom to do so before the wedding.
Shower the bride-to-be with love beginning by way of the perfect bridal shower invitation!

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