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Bundle of Joy Stork Baby Shower Theme

Our “Bundle of Joy” party theme is a sunny choice for baby showers! A sweet, fuzzy stork delivers a bundle of love on a pale yellow background, with a patchwork pattern of blue, rose and green stars, dots and stripes . . . and some escaping butterflies, “Bundle of Joy” is a festive, summery, happy theme with a lot of things going on! Combine it with plain color table covers for impact, or mix and match with striped and polka dot fabrics for a patchwork theme! If you don’t know the baby’s gender, this is a great choice as it works for both boys and girls. Surprise mama with a flowery Light Yellow Orchids Diaper Cake or Yellow Gerbera Daisies Diaper Cake.

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Our stork inspired Bundle of Joy theme is perfect for your baby shower - here's a great idea for a matching cake.

Make Your Own Bundle of Joy Stork Baby Shower Theme Cake

Baby shower cakes seem to come in three varieties: inexpensive and boring or interesting and expensive, and then the tasty but ordinary bake-at-home cakes. If you want something really special for the shower you’re giving, it’s time to get creative!

If you’re a fan of one of the famous TV chefs, perhaps you can make one of their frosted ganache cakes with the matte icing, but if you’re just an average Jane, you don’t usually venture beyond Betty Crocker frosting and perhaps a few sugared roses. But custom cakes are actually not that difficult to make, and they don’t have to cost more than you’d spend for a store-bought sheet cake. If time is an issue, making your own theme cake will take less hands-on time than special ordering a cake and driving to the store.

The easiest homemade baby shower “cake” is a round, three-tiered tray filled with cupcakes. Make a few dozen cupcakes, frost them with the appropriate color icing, and arrange them around the tray and its base, and voila—instant baby shower cake!

Another simple cake is a variation on the store-decorated sheet cake. Make a cake either from scratch or from a cake mix, baking it in a rectangular pan. When the cake has cooled, ice it with white frosting. Place miniature marshmallows around the edge of the cake, and add the tops of a few fresh flowers, like daisies or carnations, to one corner. Spell out a congratulations message in the center of the cake in icing or candy.

If you’d like to experiment a little more, try an easy stork cake. Here’s how to do it:
  • Make two cakes according to the cake package directions. Use a round pan for one cake and a square cake for the other. Bake according to directions.
  • When the cakes have cooled, transfer the round cake to a large, flat platter. The round cake is the stork’s head.
  • Cut the square cake diagonally across the middle, forming two triangles. One of the triangles is the stork’s beak.
  • Place the beak against the circle, forming a bird’s head.
  • Use the leftover cake triangle as the neck. Trim the cake until it’s the shape you’d like it to be, square, triangular or round, and place it beneath the head.
  • Frost the cake with white icing.
  • Sprinkle shredded coconut over the cake until it’s completely covered.
  • For the eyes, make a circle of your favorite candy: gumdrops, cinnamon candy, even candy corn!
  • If you’d like, you can add coconut only to the head and neck and frost the beak with orange icing.
The great thing about the stork cake is that it’s easy to tie into a theme. Our “Bundle of Joy” baby shower decorations feature an adorable stork in coordinated baby shower invitations, thank-you notes, plates, banners, centerpieces and party favor bags. Offset the Bundle of Joy theme items with solid-color cutlery, napkins, plates, cups and party balloons.

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