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This table-scape features the Carters Baby Girl baby shower party ensemble.
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Carter's Baby Girl Shower Decorations

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As light and fragile as a butterfly – our baby girl shower theme captures your heart. “Carter’s Baby Girl” baby shower design features a feminine pink motif with butterflies, hearts, a colorful striped border and a sweet pale green ribbon and bow. Even the drinking cups are decorated with ribbon and bows! Polka dots, hearts, and cutout flowers add to the baby girl theme. Our Carter’s Girl partyware and party decorations coordinate with a wide range of fun colors—like deep pink, lavender, white, and green. Adorable party favors and table accessories include Caterpillar Salt and Pepper Shakers, Little Turtle Diaper Cake, coordinating candy hearts and a fun selection of Carter’s Baby Girl banners and decorating kits.

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Carter's Meadowlark Photo Brag Book Keepsake
Carter's Meadowlark Baby Memory Book Keepsake
Little Princess Personalized Giant Banner
Carter's Blossom Elephant Memory Book Keepsake
Carter's New Blossom Elephant Brag Book Keepsake
Carter's New Blossom Elephant Embellished Gift Bag
"Special Delivery" Pink Mailbox Favor Boxes (Set of 24)
Pink and White Cupid Hearts
White Cupid Hearts
Buttermints Fingers and Toes Pink
Adorable Baby Pink Carriage Candles
Little Turtle Diaper Cake
Candy Pink 7" Plates - 24 ct
Candy Pink 9" Plates - 24 ct
Candy Pink 9 oz Cups - 24 ct
Candy Pink Curl Ribbon - 75 ft
Candy Pink Cutlery - 24 pcs
Candy Pink Drink Napkins - 50 ct
Candy Pink Lunch Napkins - 50 ct
Candy Pink Crepe Streamer - 81 ft
Candy Pink Decorative Tablecover
Silk Pink Latex Balloons - 10 ct
Candy Pink Heart 18" Foil Balloon
Candy Pink Party Favor Pail
Candy Pink 10" Honeycomb Tissue Fan
Celery 7" Plates - 20 ct
Celery 9" Plates - 20 ct
Celery 9 oz Cups - 20 ct
Celery Drink Napkins - 50 ct
Celery Lunch Napkins - 50 ct
Celery Decorative Tablecover
Celery Curl Ribbon - 75 ft
Citrus Green Crepe Streamer - 81 ft
Celery Cutlery - 24 pcs
Lavender 7" Plates - 24 ct
Lavender 9 oz Cups - 24 ct
Lavender 9" Plates - 24 ct
Lavender Curl Ribbon - 75 ft
Lavender Cutlery - 24 pcs
Lavender Drink Napkins - 50 ct
Lavender Lunch Napkins - 50 ct
Lavender 18" Star Foil Balloon
Lavender Crepe Streamer - 81 ft
Lavender Decorative Tablecover
Silk Lilac Balloons - 10 ct
White 7" Plates - 24 ct
White 9" Plates - 24 ct
White Drink Napkins - 50 ct
White Lunch Napkins - 50 ct
White 9 oz Cups - 24 ct
White Cutlery - 24 pcs
White Decorative Tablecover
Silk White Latex Balloon
White Crepe Streamer - 81 ft
White 8" Honeycomb Tissue Ball
White 10" Honeycomb Tissue Fan
White Curl Ribbon - 75 ft
Favor Boxes White
White Party Favor Pail
Plan a butterfly themed Carters Baby Girl Shower – here’s some tips.

Carter’s Baby Girl Shower Tips & Ideas

Our Carter’s Baby Girl Shower line of party supplies is sweet as can be, with its pastel colors, floral design and cute butterfly motif. Try some of our tips and suggestions to help make your little girl baby shower a memorable event for the new mom-to-be!

The first thing your guests will notice as they enter the room is the color palette and theme, so spend some time thinking about how you’re going to adorn your buffet table and how you’d like to decorate the room. We have all the decorations you’ll need to create a colorful, cheerful room for your guests to enjoy. Our Carter’s Baby Girl Hanging Glitter Decorations can be hung from the ceiling any place you want to highlight, like an entry way, the buffet, or the gift table. Our Carter’s Baby Girl Honeycomb Trimmer Banner can be hung across the front of windows, on mantels, or across doorways, and our Carter’s Baby Girl Decorative Cutouts can be placed on the walls, windows or doors. Instant color and all it took was a little bit of effort on your part to get everything hung!

For your buffet table (and cake and beverage tables, if using), select a coordinating solid color table cover to use as the main table cover. Using double-stick tape, wrap the edge of the table with our Carter’s Baby Girl Table Cover so that it forms a skirt around the table. (Be sure to order enough table covers to fit around your table!) If desired, you can also place a coordinating ribbon border around the edge of the table with double-stick tape. Our Carter’s Baby Girl Shower Decorating Kit provides 3 center pieces, ready for display, and also includes 12 foil hearts that you could combine with our Carter’s Baby Girl Confetti, to scatter over the table(s). Add our Carter Baby Girl Dinner and Dessert Plates, Napkins and Cups, and select solid colored coordinating utensils and you’ve got everything you need!

With candy colored shades of pink, purples and greens, our Carter’s Baby Girl Shower decorations are perfectly yummy, so try and incorporate those colors when deciding which food and/or beverages to serve. Some ideas include:
  • A fruit plate with red strawberries, sliced watermelon, purple and/or green grapes and sliced kiwi and honeydew melon.
  • Sherbet punch: fill a punch bowl with 1 bottle cranberry juice and 1 bottle of lemon-lime soda (both well-chilled) and top it with scoops of either lime or raspberry-flavored sherbet.
  • Take in a napkin or plate to your local bakery (so they have something to refer to when designing your cake and mixing frosting colors) and see if they can create a butterfly or flower shaped cake for you. If not, a sheet cake will work just fine – ask them to decorate it in frosting that matches the colors of your tableware and explain how you would like it designed. Or, create a cupcake display yourself. Check your local arts & crafts store, or search online for butterfly or flower themed cupcake wrappers and toppers. You can also purchase an inexpensive cupcake stand for under $25 and it can be re-used many times over. Local arts & crafts stores will carry them, as will any big-box retailer, like Target or Walmart.
  • You can easily find flower and butterfly shaped cookie cutters, either at a local store or you can order online. Consider using them to cut out tea sandwiches in these shapes. Select your choice of fillings(s); cream cheese and cucumber, or tuna, chicken, or egg salad, work well. Place the filling between two slices of bread (soft white bread is best), and then use your cookie cutters to cut out shapes that match your décor! You could also make sugar cookie cutouts or bake brownies and, once cooled, use your cookie cutters on your brownies!
  • Set out small bowls filled with our Jordan almonds, party mints, buttermints, or Amorini chocolate hearts for guests to enjoy. All come in color-coordinating shades that compliment your decorations.

You can either buy a baby shower game kit or find some fun free games online. One of our favorites is our version of the Memory Game! We think this game is especially nice, because in addition to being a fun, interactive game, it provides the new mom with all the basic supplies she will need when baby is born. Take a large cookie sheet, tray or serving platter and cover it with a baby blanket, receiving blanket or crib sheet. Alternately, choose an appropriately sized box, cut the sides evenly so they stand no more than a few inches tall from the base of the box, and wrap the cardboard in cute baby wrapping paper. You’ll need to plan a shopping trip ahead of time and purchase items that you will be placing on the tray. Suggestions include: baby shampoo, baby wash, baby powder, diaper cream, baby wipes, pacifier, baby Tylenol or Motrin, baby Anbesol, teething ring, rattle, Q-Tips, nasal aspirator, baby nail clippers, brush and comb, washcloth, rubber ducky, photo brag book, small baby board book(s), socks, onesies, bottle, sippy cup, jars of baby food, or a small stuffed animal.

The goal is to creatively arrange as many items on your tray or in your box as possible. At game time, provide each guest with a piece of paper (baby-themed 8.5 x 11” scrapbook paper is a nice choice), a pen and a magazine or some other firm item to place the paper on while they write. Ask them not to write anything down until every guest has had a chance to see what’s on the tray. Take your tray/box loaded with baby items and slowly parade it around in front of everyone, giving each guest a minute to view what’s on the tray. Once everyone has seen the tray, give guests a few minutes to write down everything they can remember that was on the tray (the more items on the tray, the harder the game!). Once time is up, bring the tray back out and have the mom-to-be announce each item on the tray. Award the guest who remembers the most items with a cute little prize, like: bath soaps, a notebook and pen, box of candy, or a candle. Then present the mom-to-be with all her new gifts!

Check out one of our client's baby showers using the Carters Baby Girl decorations:

Below is a picture of Mia's baby shower in September of 2011. The shower was an elegant affair, featuring the Carter's Baby Girl theme. They set-up small, intimate tables for guests to eat at. Notice how the floral arrangements and table sprinkles highlight the colors of the plates and napkins.


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