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Lavendar, pink and yellow Castle Party Supplies
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Castle Fun Party Decorations

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Make The Day A Royal Occasion With Castle Party Supplies!

These castle decorations will make all of your guests feel like royalty! Featuring a quirky castle set in shades of lavender, pink, and yellow along with several items whose designs characterize all things royal such as crowns, wands, glass slippers and jewels, these castle party supplies have everything you need from start to finish and all things in between!

Castle Fun decorations and tableware include invitations, thank you cards, plates, cups, napkins, banners, balloons, and a fun variety of small favors the little royal guests will love to receive. Finally, don’t forget the all time party favorite with our Castle Fun Piñata!
Castle Fun Pop-Up Invitation
Castle Fun Foldover Thank You
Castle Fun 9 oz cups
Castle Fun Dessert Plates
Castle Fun Dinner Plates
Castle Fun Beverage Napkins
Castle Fun Luncheon Napkins
Castle Fun Tablecover
Castle Fun Favorbox Centerpiece
Castle Fun Confetti
Castle Fun Giant Party Banner
Castle Fun Princess Circle Ribbon Banner
Castle Fun Hanging Cutouts
Castle Fun Happy Birthday Metallic Balloon
Castle Fun Cupcake Picks with Wrappers
Castle Fun Princess Pick Letter Candles
Castle Fun Castle Pinata
Castle Fun Child Size Party Hats
Castle Fun Princess Finger Puppets
Castle Fun Princess Wand Favors
Castle Fun Tiara
Castle Fun Loot Bag
Castle Fun Blowouts
Castle Fun Stickers
Nail Art Stickers
Castle Fun Tattoo Sheets
Princess Body Paint Kit
Pink and Purple Birthday Letter Banner
Pink and Purple Birthday Swirl Decorations Value Pack
Pink and Purple Birthday Decoration Kit
Pink and Purple Birthday Table Decorations Kit
Pink and Purple Birthday Tooth Pick Candles
Pink and Purple Birthday Confetti
Pink and Purple Birthday Crepe
Pink and Purple Birthday Blowouts
Pink and Purple Birthday Award Ribbon
Pink and Purple Birthday Hat
Birthday Foil Centerpiece
Princess Collection Glass Shoe Favors
Book Lovers Collection Castle Bookmarks
Cinderella Themed Curio Box
Jordan Almonds - Pink - 9 oz
Mimosa Yellow Dessert Plates - 24 ct
Mimosa Yellow Dinner Plates - 24 ct
Mimosa Yellow Beverage Napkins - 50 ct
Mimosa Yellow Luncheon Napkins - 50 ct
Mimosa Yellow 9 oz Cups - 24 ct
Mimosa Yellow Decorative Tablecover
Light Yellow Curl Ribbon - 75 ft
Mimosa Yellow Assorted Cutlery - 24 pcs
Mimosa Yellow Crepe Streamer - 81 ft
Favor Boxes Yellow
Pearl Yellow Balloons - 8 ct
Yellow Party Favor Pail
Yellow 8" Honeycomb Tissue Ball
Yellow 10" Honeycomb Tissue Fan
Lavender 7" Plates - 24 ct
Lavender 9" Plates - 24 ct
Lavender 9 oz Cups - 24 ct
Lavender Curl Ribbon - 75 ft
Lavender Cutlery - 24 pcs
Lavender Drink Napkins - 50 ct
Lavender Lunch Napkins - 50 ct
Lavender 18" Star Foil Balloon
Lavender Crepe Streamer - 81 ft
Lavender Decorative Tablecover
Silk Lilac Balloons - 10 ct
Candy Pink 7" Plates - 24 ct
Candy Pink 9" Plates - 24 ct
Candy Pink Drink Napkins - 50 ct
Candy Pink Lunch Napkins - 50 ct
Candy Pink 9 oz Cups - 24 ct
Candy Pink Cutlery - 24 pcs
Candy Pink Decorative Tablecover
Candy Pink Crepe Streamer - 81 ft
Silk Pink Latex Balloons - 10 ct
Candy Pink Heart 18" Foil Balloon
Candy Pink Curl Ribbon - 75 ft
Candy Pink 10" Honeycomb Tissue Fan
Candy Pink Party Favor Pail
Party planning tips incorporating the Castle Fun Theme

Regal ideas for your Castle Birthday Party

Create your very own castle your little royal guests will love!
  • Collect a variety of sized boxes from your local home improvement store (just need to ask and usually they are willing to provide!)
  • If you wish, you can paint the boxes in order to match the party décor from the Castle Fun theme.
  • Get creative and cut out windows, create a drawbridge with cardboard and string, cut out additional pieces of cardboard and stick to the outside of your walls to look like medieval stones.
  • Stack your boxes in order to create the castle walls. You can use zip ties to help connect sections of the castle together.
  • If your castle is large enough and your party guests small enough, set up activity stations inside such as coloring and dress up areas.

Easy Ginger Bread Inspired Graham Cracker Castle

Things you’ll need:
  • Graham Crackers
  • Vanilla Wafers
  • Cake Ice Cream Cones
  • Waffle Ice Cream Cones
  • Frosting
  1. Break graham cracker in half at the dotted line in order to make the base of your tower.
  2. Using vanilla wafers and icing ‘glue’, create the towers by gluing the first one to the middle of your graham cracker base and continuing up to the desired height. 9 or 10 stacked wafers will make a nice sturdy tower. Keep adjusting with your hands so that the towers are sturdy and don’t lean.
  3. Glue the cylindrical bottom of a cake ice cream cone to the top of your vanilla wafer tower using about a ½ tsp of icing.
  4. Use the icing to adhere the waffle cone, open end down, onto the top of the cake cone. You may need to break small pieces off of the waffle cone opening to make it slightly smaller for a perfect fit to your tower.
  5. Once your towers are completed, fill in with graham cracker walls to finish off the castle.
The little queen of your castle is sure to love this royal birthday party and all of the Castle Fun themed party decorations, supplies, and entertaining favor items. Don’t forget to send her royal subjects home with blowouts, tiaras, wands, finger puppets, tattoos and stickers all coordinating perfectly with this fun ensemble. Your birthday girl will definitely feel like she was Queen for the day!

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