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Chevron Party Supplies

Host a Beautiful Gathering with Bold Chevron Party Decorations!

The wonderful zig-zag design evident in our Chevron supplies is sure to add an element of pizazz to any special occasion you may be celebrating! The funky v-shaped pattern has stood the test of time throughout the years and is now featured in spunky colors and classic black and white shades on the popular Chevron party supplies featuring plates, cups, napkins and more. Rev up your celebration with bold Chevron party supplies and decorations to create a beautiful gathering rich in artistic tradition at a baby shower, bridal shower, or birthday party!

Party planning tips incorporating Chevron Party Supplies

Give your Celebration a Zippy Look with Chevron Party Supplies!

The Chevron pattern dates back as early as 1800 BC, appearing first in artistic designs found in pottery and rock carvings. Since then, the bold zig-zag pattern has infiltrated our lives through designs in the clothing we wear, the materials used in our homes, and distinctive insignia in the world that appears around us. This is one of those unforgettable patterns that remind us of a favorite sweater in the closet, a brandís insignia, and even the shirt that Charles M. Schultz created for Charlie Brown! This bold v-shaped pattern never goes out of style and, when used properly, can have an extremely dramatic effect as the main design element in decorating any type of event.

If you use the Chevron party supplies sparingly and combine them with coordinating solid color selections, the effect is downright stunning.

Set the Table to Bring out the Best in Colorful Chevron Tableware

A Chevron themed event can easily overstimulate if everything on the table features the bold patterned ensemble. We suggest choosing one solid color to mix into the busy design to really show off those beautiful zigzag lines! Consider combining solid pink or solid blue with black and white chevron for a sweet scene at a baby boy or girl shower or yellow is a nice choice to use at a gender neutral celebration.

Party supplies in black velvet would make a dynamic statement when combined with black and white Chevron decorations at a wedding. Or, brighten up the sophisticated two-tone pattern with a sunny yellow or lime green shade for a zesty summertime barbecue or pool party!

Layer the solid colors with the Chevron tableware to create a multi-dimensional look on the table. Begin with a tablecover in a solid color. For a formal look, layer it with a coordinating placemat then begin adding your Chevron party supplies including plates, cups and napkins. Present the party supplies either by alternating solid colors with theme supplies at every other place setting or by layering a dinner plate with a solid color then a dessert plate in the Chevron pattern.

Embellish the Room with Chevron Party Decorations!

Accent the party venue with party decorations that enhance the zippy design featured on the ensembles party supplies. Check out some of these creative ways to add pizazz to your Chevron celebration through the use of color coordinating party decorations:
  • Create a crisscross pattern down the center of the table with placemats or colored paper that is turned accordingly.
  • Purchase rickrack from the craft store and attach it to table edges for a decorative touch. Use rickrack to fashion bows that embellish party centerpieces like flower vases or to accent theme favor bags and favor boxes.
  • Highlight the colors at your Chevron event with string banners made from curling ribbon in coordinating colors. To make the banners cut all the ribbons the same length and tie them to the string in an alternating pattern that coincides with the Chevron supplies. The string decorations can be made to any length desired. Display them on a wall behind a banquet table or attached to a mantel, porch rail, or staircase for a unique accent to the bold Chevron party supplies.
  • Fill a vase with a bouquet of pinwheels in coordinating colors for a fun party centerpiece.
  • Fold crepe paper streamers into a zig zag pattern to complement your chosen Chevron supplies. Show off the v-shaped pattern by setting it on a table or attaching the creased streamers to walls, windows, ceilings and floors.
  • Pipe the sides of a layered round cake and tops of cupcakes or cookies with the v-shaped design.
  • Place old fashioned candy sticks in jars for decorations on the table or hand them out as a delicious party favor treat!

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