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Co-ed & Couples Baby Shower Themes

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More and more Dads, Uncles, Grandpas, and Brothers are getting involved. Here are some ideas for your perfect event!
Our professional party planners have come up with some great ideas for you to use when planning a couple baby shower, or a Coed baby shower.

Fun Ideas for a Couples Baby Showers:

So many new dads are attending baby showers designed for both parents to include all their family and friends, even the guys! Believe it or not, lots of guys would love to be included in a shower to welcome their new son or daughter. So often all the focus is on the new mom and of course the new baby and Dad can tend to feel a little left out. When planning a co-ed baby shower make sure to incorporate some of dads favorite things. Does he have a favorite food that you can include on the menu? Or maybe his favorite treats are brownies or cookies. Package some up and present them as baby shower favors tucked inside one of our wonderful baby shower treat bags or boxes. Make sure to serve a heartier fare at the party and to have drinks that will appeal to the all the guys that attend. Perhaps you could incorporate his favorite color, and of course you’ll want to congratulate both parents on the cake.

Coed baby shower activities:

Of course you want all the guys at the couples baby shower to feel included, so be sure to plan games and activities that they’ll enjoy. A great way to break the ice is to have all your guests write their parenting advice on cards that can be read by both the new mom and dad. These can be as serious or silly as you like, and make for great conversation. Be sure to have both parents take turns opening the shower gifts so that dad will really get into the spirit of the event. A great baby shower game to play for all you guests is a game to test their diapering skills. All you need is a cloth diaper, several safety pins, a blindfold, and a large doll or teddy bear. Make sure the cloth diaper fits on the doll or bear. Blindfold each guest, one by one, and instruct them that they will be timed to see how long it takes them to put the diaper on the "baby", but they will also be judged on how well their baby's diaper looks after they are through. As each guest starts, time them with a stop watch and have someone write down the times to keep track. Have the expectant mother be the judge of who did the best and neatest diaper job, and the fastest time. Make sure to have some fun prizes for the winners, things like movie tickets or coupons for a free night of babysitting are great ideas for young couples.

Check out all of the rest of our baby shower decorations to find the perfect theme, whether you're throwing a couples shower or not!

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