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Red, blue, green, black and yellow Xtreme Action Birthday Party Supplies featuring extreme sports BMX, skateboard, and motorcross riders.
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Xtreme Action Birthday Decorations

Dirt Bikes, Skateboards and BMX! This is an Xtreme Action Birthday!

Capture the excitement of the extreme sports that boys love! Dirt bikes, skateboards, BMX and motocross all represent on the Xtreme Action birthday party theme! The color scheme of sage green, slate blue, red, yellow and black combined with cool graphics including a cityscape background and paint splatters decorate the party supplies and decorations in the Xtreme Action design.

Featured items include invitations and thank you notes, as well as basic table supplies such as dinner and dessert plates, three styles of napkins, beverage cups, and tablecovers. Add to the mix decorations like banners, hanging cutouts, metallic balloons, and centerpieces, plus favors including loot bags, blow outs and cone hats for a complete party package! This is THE birthday party pattern for boys that love dirt bikes, skateboards, BMX and motocross!
Party planning tips incorporating the Xtreme Action Birthday Theme

Dirt Bikes, Skateboards, BMX and Motocross All Represent on the Xtreme Action Birthday Party Supplies!

Go to the extreme with the Xtreme Action birthday party theme! An extreme sports party is popular with boys of all ages! Whether it is skateboards or BMX, riding dirt bikes or ATV's, the Xtreme Action birthday theme captures the excitement of it all! Get the action started with the Xtreme Action invites. Depending on what type of party theme you are planning, dirt bikes, skateboards, BMX, or motocross, ask guests to come wearing their favorite dirt bike, skateboard or BMX attire, whether it be jerseys, hats, or full riding gear! If you will be planning to have activities involving dirt bikes, BMX bikes or skateboards, also ask them to bring their equipment and protective gear like helmets and knee and elbow pads.

At the party, be prepared to make necessary changes to accommodate the group so that the theme remains age appropriate and safe. For example, a group of younger boys (age 5-6) could ride their bikes on an obstacle course set up on the grass in the backyard, while teenage boys would be able to ride a more advanced course. The party could also take place at a skateboard park or safe area where they can ride their dirt bikes on a trail. Make it clear to your guests' parents if riding or skating will be involved and be sure to obtain their permission before the child participates in any Xtreme activities. Close supervision is required at all times!

Dirt Bike, Skateboard, BMX and Motocross Decorations:

Decorate the party venue as if you are hosting a dirt bike or motocross race, or a BMX or skateboard competition!
  • Line the walkway to the party with black and white checkered flag banners. You can purchase them in lengths of 12 feet.
  • Hang a balloon arch at the "starting line" and checkered flags at the "finish line".
  • Create "pit passes" for each guest to wear at the party.
  • Display the Xtreme Action party supplies' Happy Birthday jointed banner at the party's entrance. Anchor each end of the banner with a balloon bouquet made with a mixture of the Xtreme Action metallic balloons and our solid colored latex balloons.

Xtreme Action Party Supplies and Decorations:

Use our Xtreme Action birthday party supplies and decorate party tables to the extreme!
  • Cover your party table with the Xtreme Action tablecover. The tablecover features a border print of the Xtreme Action design; the top of the tablecover is white to better display theme party supplies and decorations.
  • The Xtreme Action square dinner plates depict all three extreme sports; skateboarding, BMX racing and dirt biking! They are sized to hold larger portions of food, including sandwiches or pizza,chips and dip and coordinate perfectly with Xtreme Action decorations.
  • Pair the dinner plates up with the Xtreme Action dessert plates, which are printed with phrases like, "Speed," "Over the Edge," "Freestyle" and "Fly to the Sky".
  • The extreme sports enthusiasts are bound to get thirsty, so have a batch of energizing punch ready to serve up in our Xtreme Action beverage cups!
  • Depending on which type of extreme action sports themed party you are having, select one of the three napkins featured in the party supplies, each representing a different sport; motocross, skateboarding or BMX racing.
  • For cutlery, choose a solid color, such as black, which will accent the black graphics in other Xtreme Action party decorations.

Dirt Bike, Motocross, Skateboard and BMX Party Activities:

There are many activities that can enhance your extreme sports themed birthday party, whether it be a dirt bike or motocross, skateboard or BMX theme. Here are some ideas:
  • Create an Xtreme Action birthday party photo op! For a dirt bike or motocross themed party, display a real dirt bike at the party venue! Place the dirt bike in a safe place up against a wall. Allow the guests to sit on the bike to pose for pictures. If the partygoers are too small to safely sit on the bike, have a parent stand with them in the photo. If hosting a skateboard party, set up an area for kids to get their picture as they 'maneuver' the skateboard! You can print out the pictures during the party, or send a copy in the thank you note. Another cool idea is to hand out disposable cameras at the door (personalized with a name) and encourage the kids to take their own pictures. The kids can keep the camera and develop the prints as a keepsake.
  • Host your own skateboard competition, complete with a judging system and medals. You can organize both team and individual events, including relay races, team speed events and solo races. You can also have competitions for tricks and special moves on the skateboard! Ask three parents of the guests to serve as the judges, and give the judges their own scorecards. For tricks and other events, let the judges award a score and name the winners, based on those with the highest score. For races, run brackets. For instance, pair two individuals against each other, with one person going on and one person eliminated. The last three people who made it through each event receive a medal.
  • For a dirt bike or BMX themed party, set up a BMX or dirt bike course. Map out the course with wooden stakes pushed into the ground and connect them with colorful streamers. Have guests bring their bikes and helmets or have a bike available for kids to take turns on if they do not have their own. Like the skateboard competition, you can do the same with a dirt bike or BMX race, awarding medals or prizes to the winners.
  • As the competitors are competing, elect one volunteer to videotape the events. After the party, you can copy to a CD or email the video to each guest.
  • If a television or projection screen is available, run clips of dirt bike races or stunts and skateboard competitions throughout the party.

Refuel The Extreme Action Sports Fans with Xtreme Action Food!

Those extreme sports fans are bound to use up all their energy at the Xtreme Action party, so at your "Pit Stop" have plenty of snack foods on hand for them to reenergize! Implement a dirt bike or skateboard theme into the food being served at the party!
  • Use BMX helmets as candy and chip serving dishes! Before filling with snacks, be sure to line the inside of the helmets with waxed paper or foil.
  • Use a skateboard as serving trays for sub sandwiches. Place a protective layer of waxed or parchment paper on top of the skateboard before placing food on it.
  • Use a dirt bike or BMX wheel as a creative serving tray for pizza! Cut out a large circle from cardboard or cardstock to cover the spokes of the wheel (with the center of the circle cut out to fit over the middle of the wheel). Lay the pizza slices on the circle for the kids to select from.

Dirt Bike, Skateboard, BMX and Motocross Birthday Treats!

There are several options to incorporate a dirt bike, BMX or skateboard theme into your birthday treats.
  • Bake and decorate or custom order a dirt bike or BMX wheel-shaped birthday cake and serve the 'spokes' to the guests.
  • Create a motocross track birthday cake! Frost a rectangular sheet cake with chocolate brown icing. Create the motocross track with crushed graham crackers or chocolate wafer cookies. Make the track by lining the borders of it with Kit Kat candy bars. Add a few die cast toy dirt bikes, a finishing line banner and a few flags around the track!
  • For a less elaborately decorated birthday cake, display a toy dirt bike or mini skateboard as a cake topper.
  • Serving cupcakes? Top each cupcake with a finger skateboard! Display the cupcakes on an actual skateboard!

Dirt Bike, Skateboard, BMX and Motocross Birthday Party Favors:

Send each extreme action sports fan home with an Xtreme Action loot bag filled with cool surprises! Ideas include BMX or dirt bike stickers and decals, temporary tattoos, Tech Deck finger boards, die-cast dirt bike toys, Hot Wheels, a DVD of extreme action sports, and rolled up posters of celebrity motocross riders or skateboarders.

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