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Floral & Spring Party Themes

Tickle Your Fancy With Our Fabulous Spring Garden Party Themes!

Our all-occasion floral ensembles include the basic party supplies that you will need for a complete table setting, including dessert and dinner sized plates, beverage and lunch size napkins, paper beverage cups and tablecovers. In addition, some floral themes include supplementary party supplies, such as banquet sized plates, guest towels, and invitations. Incorporate our solid colored party decorations and other supplies that coordinate with your chosen springtime theme to create a complementary mix of patterns and solids for an eye-catching table display!
Party planning tips incorporating Floral Party Supplies

Our flower party themes come in an array of patterns to suit your needs. There are flower designs with the soft springtime colors of lavender, periwinkle blue, pink, soft blue and light yellow; bold summer color combinations of of bright orange and red or magenta and lime green; fabulous fall colors of brick red, ivory and moss green; and the all occasion colors of black and white. We are confident you will find a flower party theme that tickles your fancy!

Spring & Floral Party Theme Ideas & Tips To Make Party Planning Easy!

There are so many spring flower and garden patterns to choose from! Do you like understated and delicate, or bold and colorful? Or maybe a springtime pattern that falls somewhere in between? Regardless of the theme you choose, our party planning tips and ideas can be utilized with any of our floral party themes!

Incorporate Solid Colored Party Supplies and Decorations That Compliment Your Flowery Party Theme:

Anchor your floral party supplies with solid colored party decorations. By adding a solid layer of color to spring-themed decorations, you can avoid having your party supplies being too busy to the eye.
  • Select solid colored cutlery that complements the flowers in your spring garden party theme. Using a flower patterned luncheon napkin, roll the napkin (pattern side out) around a set of cutlery and then tie the napkin with a colorful tulle or satin ribbon that complements the floral pattern.
  • Hang solid colored paper lanterns at varying heights at a focal point in the room, such as over the buffet table. Select one of our solid crepe streamers, either in the same color as the paper lanterns, or a contrasting color that matches your floral theme. Starting at the area above where the paper lanterns are hung, twist and hang individual strands of streamers so they radiate out from above the paper lanterns to the outside edges of the room. Attach them at the point where the wall and ceiling meet.
  • A fun garden party decoration that is easy to make and can be made in any color you wish, are tissue paper pom poms! They are perfect puffs of color that add a touch of whimsy to your spring party! For each pom pom you will need eight 20x30 inch sheets of tissue paper. To make:
    1. Stack the tissue paper in a stack with the edges aligned.
    2. Make 1.5 inch accordion folds, creasing with each fold.
    3. Fold an 18 inch piece of floral wire in half and slip over center of the folded tissue paper; twist. With scissors, trim ends of tissue into pointy or rounded shapes.
    4. Separate layers, pulling away from center one at a time.
    5. Hang with a length of clear plastic thread or ribbon of your choice.

A Spring Floral Theme Party Can Be A Delight To The Senses!

Think of ways unique ways you can incorporate floral elements into to your springtime party decorations. Here are some suggestions:
  • Select the same flowers from your garden that are in your floral themed party supplies and create springtime bouquets to use as centerpieces or as décor throughout your party. The arrangements need not be big; small arrangements staged in various locations at the party venue can create just as much impact!
  • Light scented candles in fragrances that imitate or complement the flowers in your floral party theme.
  • Hang pomanders made with either fresh, silk or dried flowers that match your floral party decorations. Instructions on how to make a pomander can be found on the internet and by making them yourself, you can make them in any style and size that fits your needs. Tie each pomander with a colorful length of tulle or silk ribbon and hang them down over your party tables.
  • Use fresh, dried or edible fondant or sugar paste flowers to decorate your cake or other baked treats, such as cupcakes!
  • Mix up delicious punches and cocktails in colors that coordinate with your flower party theme! Serve your punch in clear glass containers so guests can see the beautiful color! Rim the edges of your cocktail glasses with colored sugar or float berries in the cocktails in colors that compliment the flowers!

Don't Forget The Springtime Flower Party Favors!

Thank your guests for attending your spring party with a fragrant gift! It is easy to incorporate a floral element into your party favors! Ideas include a bag of scented potpourri, sachets, drawer liners, floral scented bars of soap, lotions, candles or room spray.

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