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Fresh Daisies Party Supplies featuring daisy blooms in pastel colors of pink, purple, blue and yellow.
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Fresh Daisies Party Decorations

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Celebrate with This Fresh Daisies Party Theme!

Beautiful daisy blooms in lovely pastel colors make the Fresh Daisies party supplies perfect for welcoming the spring season and its holidays. Evoking the look and feeling of a day filled with warm sunshine, the Fresh Daisies theme features wonderful clusters of glorious daisies in beautiful pastel shades of pink, lavender, blue, green and yellow. This design includes a special napkin for a Fresh Daisies Mother’s Day bash or a Fresh Daisies Easter celebration.

Brighten any baby shower, bridal shower, Easter get together or special Mother’s Day party with the Fresh Daisies party theme. Check our party tips below for inspirational ideas using our Fresh Daisies party decorations.

Fresh Daisies 9 oz Cups
Fresh Daisies Dessert Plates
Fresh Daisies Banquet Plates
Fresh Daisies Beverage Napkins
Fresh Daisies Mother's Day Luncheon Napkins
Fresh Daisies Luncheon Napkins
Fresh Daisies Happy Easter Luncheon Napkins
Fresh Daisies Guest Napkins
Fresh Daisies Tablecover
Daisy "Showering" Can
Daisy Seed Favors
Daisy Candles
Daisy Guest Soaps
Daisy Soaps
Bella Bath Confetti Tubes
Belle Bath Salts
Pastel Pink 2" Square Box & Ribbon
Textured Ivory 2" Square Box & Ribbon
Jordan Almonds - White - 9 oz
White Round 12 Inch Paper Lantern
Buttermints Yellow
Mimosa Yellow Dessert Plates - 24 ct
Mimosa Yellow Dinner Plates - 24 ct
Mimosa Yellow Beverage Napkins - 50 ct
Mimosa Yellow Luncheon Napkins - 50 ct
Mimosa Yellow 9 oz Cups - 24 ct
Mimosa Yellow Decorative Tablecover
Light Yellow Curl Ribbon - 75 ft
Mimosa Yellow Assorted Cutlery - 24 pcs
Mimosa Yellow Crepe Streamer - 81 ft
Favor Boxes Yellow
Pearl Yellow Balloons - 8 ct
Yellow Party Favor Pail
Yellow 8" Honeycomb Tissue Ball
Yellow 10" Honeycomb Tissue Fan
Classic Pink 7" Plates - 24 ct
Classic Pink 9" Plates - 24 ct
Classic Pink Drink Napkins - 50 ct
Classic Pink Lunch Napkins - 50 ct
Classic Pink 9 oz Cups - 24 ct
Classic Pink Cutlery - 24 pcs
Classic Pink Decorative Tablecover
Classic Pink Crepe Streamer - 81 ft
Real Pink Balloons - 10 ct
Silk Pink Latex Balloons - 10 ct
Pink Heart 18" Foil Balloon
Classic Pink Curl Ribbon - 75 ft
Classic Pink 8" Honeycomb Tissue Ball
Classic Pink 10" Honeycomb Tissue Fan
Classic Pink Polka Dot Flag Banner
Favor Boxes Pink
Pastel Pink Party Favor Pail
Lavender 7" Plates - 24 ct
Lavender 9" Plates - 24 ct
Lavender 9 oz Cups - 24 ct
Lavender Curl Ribbon - 75 ft
Lavender Cutlery - 24 pcs
Lavender Drink Napkins - 50 ct
Lavender Lunch Napkins - 50 ct
Lavender 18" Star Foil Balloon
Lavender Crepe Streamer - 81 ft
Lavender Decorative Tablecover
Silk Lilac Balloons - 10 ct
Party planning tips incorporating the Fresh Daisies Theme

Welcome Warmer Weather with A Fresh Daisies Party in Glorious Pastels!

  • Coordinate your Fresh Daisies Party Decorations with tableware in pastel colors. Display pastel pink cutlery in the Fresh Daisies paper cup or wrap cutlery in the napkin and tie with pretty pale pink grosgrain ribbon. Place lavender dessert sized plates inside the Fresh Daisies dinner plate for contrast. Mix the Fresh Daisies party supplies with solid colored cups or tablecovers in light yellow. These decorating ideas are great for bridal or baby showers, too!
  • Accent with delicate items like doilies placed under plates or bouquets. Use fancy ribbons to tie around favors or pretty treat bags. Add tantalizing greenery to displays of daisies or other bouquets—use lacy fern fronds, asparagus leaves, baby’s breath, cosmos—check with a florist.
  • Be sure to hang decorations for visual balance. Look for tissue lanterns or fans that can be hung from the center of numerous twisted strands of streamers. Hang fringe banners around the room, attach photos of the guest of honor and use Fresh Daisies Mother’s Day party supplies to put mom on center stage. Hang pictures and add Fresh Daisies Easter decorations to celebrate the special day. Blow up shiny pastel colored balloons, that coordinatet with party supplies, and display in bunches of 3 to 5 balloons for dramatic appeal.

Fresh Daisies Party Decorations and Scrumptious Pastel Colored Foods

  • Create delicious confections that are low fat, light and airy all at the same time! Meringue recipes use a few basic ingredients: egg white, sugar and cream of tartar. The fun and excitement comes from adding different flavorings or food colors to customize the treats for your special occasion. Look through recipe books or on the internet and find your favorite meringue cookie recipe. To pick up the pastel colors and coordinate with a Fresh Daisies Mother’s Day party, add food coloring to create beautiful pale pinks, greens, blues, yellow or purples. Try to match the pastel colors from the Fresh Daisies Easter party supplies for meringues or other icings. Add flavor with drops of vanilla, almond or peppermint extracts to wake up the palette. For fancy presentation, spoon the meringue mixture into a pastry bag and pipe out pretty shapes or textures. Be sure to follow the directions carefully for mixing the batter and baking. Remember, don’t open the oven too soon!
  • Here are some ideas for popular pastel colored candies and treats—perfect for bridal showers, baby showers or other celebrations: Jordan Almonds, buttermints, pastel foil covered chocolates, taffy, malted milk eggs, jelly beans, gumdrops, and candied hearts. Set the goodies out in pretty baskets among the Fresh Daisies party supplies as added decorations. Line the basket with a pale colored square of cloth edged with pinking shears for an attractive accent.
  • Serve food items with pastel shades that mimic the colors from the Fresh Daisies party decorations. Delicate tea sandwiches with cucumbers, cream cheese, ham slices or egg salad. Wrap sandwich meats and vegetables in tortillas made with tomatoes (pink) or spinach (green) and slice into rounds. Decorate hors d’oeuvres like deviled eggs with delicate snips of parsley, chives or fennel greens. Even cream cheeses mixed with pineapple or berries make nice pastel spreads.

Inspirational Art Projects for Younger Guests at Your Fresh Daisies Mother’s Day Party or Fresh Daisies Easter Celebration!

Baggies of pastel colored cotton balls, found at your local drug store, can be used as a wonderful medium to create beautiful springtime pictures to hang at the party or to present to moms at your Fresh Daisies Mother’s Day celebration. Glue downy cotton balls to cardstock cutouts of seasonal images: chicks, bouquets, lambs, butterflies, etc. Recreate the daisy shape from the Fresh Daisies party supplies to adorn with fluffy cotton balls. For a Fresh Daisies Easter bash decorate cutouts of symbolic items like eggs, baskets, crosses or bunnies. This is a wonderful project for kids but the artwork will make everyone smile!

Make daisies and bouquets out of tissue paper. For a sweet scent on the beautiful bouquets spritz just a little perfume on your finished creations.
  1. Cut squares of pastel colored tissue paper (start with an 8 inch square) and stack about 10 pieces together.
  2. Accordion fold the stack of tissue paper in about 1 inch folds.
  3. Wrap the end of a green pipe cleaner securely at the center of the folds.
  4. Gently pull up and crinkle individual pieces of the tissue paper from both sides of the stem (pipe cleaner), layer by layer, until you have a ball of petals.
  5. Shape the tissue to resemble a “daisy”. Put the blossoms together in a bouquet. These look stunning placed on the table with your Fresh Daisies party decorations.

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