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Gender Reveal or Gender Neutral Baby Shower

Decorations Perfect for a "Gender Reveal" Baby Shower

If you are looking to throw a gender neutral baby shower or even a gender reveal party, any one of our neutral baby shower themes will fit your needs perfectly! With trendy gender reveal parties becoming more popular we have put together a complete collection of party supplies fitting the gender neutral category. Each theme offers stationary, decorating, and tableware options such as plates, napkins, cups and tablecovers. So, whether it is a girl or boy, you can be sure that our gender neutral baby shower themes will fit all of your party needs.
party planning tips and ideas using gender reveal or gender neutral baby shower supplies

Host A Surprise Event with Fun Gender Reveal Baby Shower Supplies

Sharing the highly anticipated news of a baby’s sex with family and friends is becoming an increasingly popular practice. The people closest always seem to have their predictions as to what the bundle of joy is going to be so why not let them participate in the exciting news. There are so many options to consider when planning the event and plenty of gender reveal baby shower supplies to help pull off the surprise. You could go with traditional green or yellow party decorations or mix pink and blue for a theme to keep everyone guessing!

We have comprised a collection of gender neutral baby shower decorations to set the scene for the party as well as a list of tips from our professionals to take some of the stress out of planning the event.

Set The Tone With Our Gender Reveal Party Decorations

Keep everyone guessing whether the little one will be wearing a bow or a bowtie with these gender neutral baby shower supplies! Green and yellow hues are a popular route to go and can easily be accented with warm brown and ivory or, for a more modern addition, soft gray. Another playful option is to mix bright pinks and blues for an updated interpretation of the traditional shower colors. Here are a few ideas to get your room transformation started with our gender reveal party decorations:
  • Create homemade gender reveal baby shower decorations! Flag banners are becoming an increasingly popular addition to any celebration and are a simple DIY idea and also easy on the budget while still making a huge impact. All you need are some paper lunch napkins and curl ribbon in colors that coordinate with your gender reveal party supplies. Simply turn your napkins so that the fold is toward the top and trim two corners off to create an upside down triangle. Place each side of the napkin over the curl ribbon and tape them together on the inside or staple to the ribbon. Hang your homemade bunting around any space, on the front of special tables, or in doorways and windows for sweet neutral baby shower decorations.
  • Create a crepe paper cascade wall behind the head table or gift area as a beautiful backdrop for pictures. Simply purchase 2-3 colors of crepe streamers to coordinate with your baby shower theme and cut into strips that are the height of the wall. Tape each strip to the top of the wall so that they hang next to each other vertically. Gently twist each piece to create a spiral and tape at the bottom of the wall. Do this for all of the strips and you're done! Hang some gender reveal party decorations in front of the wall like tissue fans or paper lanterns for added interest.
  • Make sure to add fun sayings around the room to build anticipation for the big announcement. Easily customize your gender reveal party supplies with wording like “Boy or Girl?”, “Bow or Tie?”, or “He or She?”. This is sure to get friends and family ready for the big surprise!

Unique Ideas for the Big Surprise at a Gender Reveal Baby Shower

The most important moment of this event is when everyone finds out the sex of the little one! Whether you choose to be surprised with guests or keep that moment private and announce the news later, here are a few ideas for spreading the word using our gender reveal party supplies.
  • Say it with food! Ask your local bakery to make a cake or cupcakes to coordinate with your gender reveal party theme and have them fill with either pink or blue frosting. Guests can all experience the surprise together when they bite into their cupcakes!
  • Purchase some 12 inch solid colored latex balloons in either pink or blue and have a surprise balloon release! You can fill the balloons by simply blowing them up and use a tablecover matching your gender neutral party supplies to create a net on the ceiling to hold them in. Attach a sturdy string to two corners of the tablecover for both mom and dad to pull and all of the colored balloons will rain down. Balloons can also be filled with helium and placed in a large cardboard box so when the parents open it, they will float into the room announcing the child’s sex!
  • Another fun idea would be to fill a latex balloon matching your gender neutral baby shower decorations with pink or blue confetti! Let mom and dad pop it as a big surprise!
  • Enlist the help of a trusted friend or family member to go shopping for an outfit that would be appropriate for the baby’s gender and have them wrap it in a neutral paper, sticking with the gender reveal baby shower theme. Open the gift as a couple in front of guests and you can all be surprised together!

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