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Great Expectations Baby Shower Decorations

We stock the entire line of Great Expectations Baby Shower Party Supplies at a great discount off MSRP. Please Note: This pattern is designed to coordinate with the Tiny Bundle Baby Shower theme, and you will see those accessories listed in this section. You'll love the fresh, modern design which celebrates the Mom-to-be with the iconic Umbrella design. Featuring greens, lavender, and brown, there are also touches of blue and pink so this pattern works great for a mom expecting a little boy, a little girl, or a "surprise us" baby.
Great Expectations 9oz Cups
Great Expectations Luncheon Napkins
Tiny Bundle Baby Rattle SuperShape Balloon
Tiny Bundle Invitations
Tiny Bundle Thank You Cards
Tiny Bundle Latex Balloons - 15 ct.
Tiny Bundle Favor Bags
Tiny Bundle Confetti
Tiny Bundle Keepsake Book
Tiny Bundle Baby Shower Game Book
Tiny Bundle Printed Garland
Tiny Bundle Hanging Garland
Tiny Bundle Paper Lantern Garland
Tiny Bundle Decorating Kit
Great Baby Shower Music CD
Oh Baby! Pacifier Candies - Pink
Oh Baby Pacifier Candies - Blue
Oh Baby Pacifier Candies - Assorted
Baby Bear Diaper Cake - Pink
Brown & Pink Gift Box Candle Favor
"Time for Baby" Egg Timer
Alluring Elephant Bookmark Favor
Candy Pink 7" Plates - 24 ct
Candy Pink 9" Plates - 24 ct
Candy Pink 9 oz Cups - 24 ct
Candy Pink Curl Ribbon - 75 ft
Candy Pink Cutlery - 24 pcs
Candy Pink Drink Napkins - 50 ct
Candy Pink Lunch Napkins - 50 ct
Candy Pink Crepe Streamer - 81 ft
Candy Pink Decorative Tablecover
Silk Pink Latex Balloons - 10 ct
Candy Pink Heart 18" Foil Balloon
Candy Pink Party Favor Pail
Candy Pink 10" Honeycomb Tissue Fan
Lavender 7" Plates - 24 ct
Lavender 9 oz Cups - 24 ct
Lavender 9" Plates - 24 ct
Lavender Curl Ribbon - 75 ft
Lavender Cutlery - 24 pcs
Lavender Drink Napkins - 50 ct
Lavender Lunch Napkins - 50 ct
Lavender 18" Star Foil Balloon
Lavender Crepe Streamer - 81 ft
Lavender Decorative Tablecover
Silk Lilac Balloons - 10 ct
Citrus Green Dessert Plates - 24 ct
Citrus Green Dinner Plates - 24 ct
Citrus Green Beverage Napkins - 50 ct
Citrus Green Luncheon Napkins - 50 ct
Citrus Green 9 oz Cups - 24 ct
Citrus Green Cutlery - 24 pcs
Citrus Green Decorative Tablecover
Lime Foil Dots Confetti
Kiwi Latex Balloon - 15 ct
Lime 18" Star Foil Balloon
Citrus Green Crepe Streamer - 81 ft
Lime Curl Ribbon - 75 ft
Lime Loot Bags
Lime Party Blowouts
Brown 7" Plates - 24 ct
Brown 9" Plates - 24 ct
Brown 9 oz Cups - 24 ct
Brown Curl Ribbon - 75 ft
Brown Cutlery - 24 pcs
Brown Drink Napkins - 50 ct
Brown Lunch Napkins - 50 ct
Brown Crepe Streamer - 81 ft
Brown Decorative Tablecover
Chestnut Brown Latex Balloons - 15 ct
Brown 10" Honeycomb Tissue Fan
Check out the tips & ideas our designers have come up with for the Great Expectations baby shower theme.

Plan a perfect umbrella themed Great Expectations baby shower

Your guests will get the message that the party will be playful, fun and trendy when they receive our modern Great Expectations Baby Shower invitations! The whole point of a baby shower is to ‘shower’ the new mother with love, advice, (and gifts), and you’ll enjoy decorating around this awesome theme! Here's some great ideas from our party planning team:

  • Meet the guests’ expectations as soon as they arrive by placing a large, open umbrella in a heavy flowerpot beside the front door. (Note: Decorate the umbrella in pink and brown ribbons.)
  • For an immediate ‘pop’ of fun, hang umbrellas ‘upside-down’ from the ceiling and fill with balloons. For more drama, hot-glue light green & blue circles or pink silk flowers around the outside of the umbrellas and even along the handle! (Hint: Wrap the metal umbrella handle with satin ribbon for a more polished look.)
  • Match your table décor to our invitations by using brown baskets filled with various types of pink flowers. (To replicate the umbrellas on our Great Expectations invitations, siply hot-glue fabric circles in light green & light blue onto umbrellas, then outline in fabric paint.)
  • While we have wonderful pre-made ones, if our commercially packaged centerpieces don't meet your expectations, you can create unique ones by placing child-sized umbrellas into baskets of flowers. (To replicate the umbrellas on our Great Expectations invitations, hot-glue fabric circles in light green & light blue onto umbrellas, then outline in fabric paint.) Hang thin, satin ribbons from the umbrella and hot-glue small, pink flowers and hearts to some of the ribbons. (Hint: To make the umbrella ‘stand’ in your centerpiece, hot-glue a thick piece of floral foam to ANYthing heavy (even a can of peas!), and hide it inside the centerpiece, arranging flowers over it. Then, stick the umbrella handle into the foam and hot glue in place. Umbrellas look nice ‘at an angle’ in these arrangements!)
  • Use our coordinating tableware, place umbrella centerpiece in the middle of table, and scatter our Tiny Bundle shower (ducks & umbrellas) confetti all around it. Use serving dishes in solid colors, like light green, light blue and pink, to match our theme.
  • For unique napkin rings, use baby pacifiers and hot glue tiny umbrellas (found at craft stores) to the handles.
  • Serve ‘pink’ drinks and top with little umbrellas in fruit garnish and pink straws.
  • If serving alcoholic drinks at the shower, use pink sugar on the rims of glasses. (Note: Simply mix white sugar with a bit of red food coloring to create your own pink sugar. Dip glasses in grenadine syrup, then in the pink sugar.)
  • Serve foods that replicate the pink and brown colors of the Great Expectations theme. Suggestions might include chocolate-covered strawberries; chocolate cupcakes with pink frosting and chocolate sprinkles; and chocolate-covered pretzels with raspberry-yogurt dip.
  • Use our Tiny Bundle Honeycomb centerpiece on the buffet table and scatter our Tiny Bundle Sprinkles around the food dishes on the table.
  • Create a place of honor for the new mom at her Great Expectations shower. Use pink and brown helium-filled balloons and pink ribbons to create two balloon bouquets. Curl lots of ribbon ‘tails’ to create interest. Wrap two large boxes with pink ‘baby’ wrapping paper and ‘weight’ them inside. Place wide ribbons around each box and top with pink bows. Tie the balloon bouquets to each wrapped box and place one on either side of the mom’s chair. (This creates a great photo opportunity while she opens her gifts!)
  • Use an upside–down umbrella to collect cards for the new mom. Decorate the umbrella with puff paint, silk flowers and ribbons and place it on the gift table. (Remember to wrap the metal handle with satin ribbon too.)
  • Use an upside-down umbrella to collect small, lightweight gifts for the new mom; OR fill it with stuffed animals. (Note: Ask each guest to bring a small stuffed animal to the shower, then give both the umbrella and stuffed animals to the new mom at the end of the shower! It’ll make a great statement in her nursery and will be a reminder of her fun baby shower!)
  • Give the pretty, decorated umbrellas to guests when the fun ends at the Great Expectations shower!

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