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Blue, red and white Karate Party Supplies for a martial arts birthday celebration, featuring a uniform and a black belt.
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Black Belt Birthday Decorations

Punch, Block and Strike With A Karate Birthday!

Our Black Belt Birthday decorations and party supplies will thrill the young martial arts enthusiasts looking for a chance to celebrate with style. This sensational assortment of tableware, party favors, and accessories done in white, red, and blue colors is exciting and filled with energetic depictions of karate kicks and strikes as well as the popular image of the karate gi and obi, and the martial arts robe and belt. The Black Belt Birthday party ensemble includes everything you need for the martial arts or karate themed celebration, birthday or not, from two sizes of plates, a choice of napkins, treat bags, a centerpiece, banners and favors to shiny balloons and stickers.

The designs featured in the Black Belt Birthday supplies coordinate well with solid color tableware and decorations. The karate party devotees will kick up their feet at the opportunity to join the festivities and show off their exciting form and technique.

Party planning tips incorporating the Black Belt Birthday Theme

Throw a Kickin’ Martial Arts Party with Black Belt Birthday Supplies

  • Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu or Ninjas—wherever you child’s interest lies, the Black Belt Birthday party supplies are a high energy accompaniment for the martial arts themed celebration. Party ideas for this popular theme can be found on the internet, in magazines or books—just use your wonderful imagination to add punch to your party. The children will feel like real karate kids!

Karate Party Planning Ideas and Decorations

  • For an awesome karate party hang a large banner that says, “Welcome to ____’s Karate School” over the entrance. Make each guest chop a styrofoam board as they enter the party to show they are worthy.
  • Have guests arrive in their martial arts uniform or provide one for them—an old white t-shirt (maybe turned inside out), a belt made of black felt and a headband made of colorful material. Help them to feel like a real karate student.
  • Twist and hang solid colored streamers around the room and use solid colored tableware to coordinate with the Black Belt Birthday decorations. Latex or foil balloons in red, blue or black match well with the Black Belt metallic balloon. You might even hang Chinese style lanterns or depictions of Chinese dragons around the room to add more oriental style.

Foods and Beverages for Little Ninjas

  • Shape then decorate a rectangular cake to look like a gi, a martial arts robe. Cut a V from the middle of one end, frost the cake in white and add a chocolate frosting belt, or obi. Use the matching Black Belt Birthday candle for the birthday guest to blow out. Delicious fun!
  • Serve up beverages in the Black Belt Birthday cups but call the drink “Party Punch” or “Karate Tea”. Kids love silly labels for foods and drinks.
  • Serve traditional foods or plan an Asian menu. Buy or cook some Chinese style dishes the kids will enjoy—noodles, egg rolls, sushi, fortune cookies—and provide chopsticks for the adventurous eaters. See who has black belt eating skills!

Black Belt Birthday Activities and Games

  • Consider staging the martial arts party at a dojo, a martial arts studio. Or invite an instructor to attend the party and demonstrate moves, form and technique to the young ninjas. While the sensei is there, play games like Freeze Tag or Simon Says (Sensei Says). Create an obstacle course so the guests can show off their karate or tae kwan do techniques.
  • For a ninja party activity toss throwing stars made of foam at a target. See who has the most accurate technique. Or make samurai swords from balloons for some safe combat fun. What about Pin the Belt on the Ninja? There are loads of fun games with punch and kick.
  • Help each child write or paint their name using Chinese or Japanese characters. This could be done on a headscarf with fabric paint or markers, or on cardboard that could be turned into a place mat. Then each ninja will have a super souvenir from the karate party to take home. All the guests will rave about how this party was a real kick!

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