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Kids Party Mylar Balloons

Kids Mylar Balloons Make A Celebration Exciting!

It wouldn’t be a party without fantastic children’s foil balloons decorating the venue. Adding balance and a 3D accent to any occasion, kids metallic balloons are perfect as centerpieces, tied to the guest of honor's chair, or as focal points around the room. A decorative children’s mylar balloon can coordinate with theme decorations and provide an impact in awesome bouquets. Our kids mylar balloon selection includes fun shapes and sizes to add an extra pop of color to any venue. Products are shipped flat, easy to fill with helium (not included) and guaranteed to bring out the smiles.
Hot Air Balloon Mylar Balloon
Block Party Mylar Balloon
Power Rangers Balloon Bouquet
Power Rangers Gliding Balloon
Pokemon Balloon Bouquet
Skylanders Balloon Bouquet
Paw Patrol Balloon Bouquet
Jurassic World Mylar Balloon
Jurassic World Giant Mylar Balloon
Smiley Face Mylar Balloon
Butterfly Balloon Bouquet
Batman Mylar Balloon
Batman Shaped Mylar Balloon
Batman Balloon Bouquet
Bubble Guppies Mylar Balloon
Cars Mylar Balloon
Cars Mater Shaped Mylar Balloon
Cars McQueen Shaped Mylar Balloon
Doc McStuffins Mylar Balloon
Cinderella Shaped Mylar Balloon
Disney Princess Shaped Mylar Balloon
Disney Princess Balloon Bouquet
Disney Frozen Mylar Balloon
Jake and the Neverland Pirates Mylar Balloon
Jake and the Neverland Pirates Shaped Mylar Balloon
Jake and the Neverland Pirates Balloon Bouquet
Avengers Mylar Balloon
Avengers Balloon Bouquet
Spiderman Mylar Balloon
Spiderman Shaped Mylar Balloon
Spiderman Balloon Bouquet
Mickey Mouse Mylar Balloon
Minnie Mouse Mylar Balloon
Mickey Mouse Shaped Mylar Balloon
Minnie Mouse Shaped Mylar Balloon
Mickey Mouse 1st Birthday Mylar Balloon
Minnie Mouse 1st Birthday Mylar Balloon
Mickey Mouse 1st Birthday Shaped Mylar Balloon
Minnie Mouse 1st Birthday Shaped Mylar Balloon
Mickey Mouse Balloon Bouquet
Minnie Mouse Balloon Bouquet
Mickey Mouse Airwalker Balloon
Minnie Mouse Airwalker Balloon
My Little Pony Mylar Balloon
My Little Pony Airwalker Balloon
My Little Pony Balloon Bouquet
Sesame Street 1st Birthday Mylar Balloon
Sesame Street 1st Birthday Balloon Bouquet
SpongeBob Mylar Balloon
Spongebob Shaped Mylar Balloon
Spongebob Balloon Bouquet
Sofia the First Mylar Balloon
Sofia the First Shaped Mylar Balloon
Sofia the First Balloon Bouquet
Thomas the Tank Mylar Balloon
Thomas the Tank Shaped Mylar Balloon
Thomas the Tank Balloon Bouquet
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mylar Balloon
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Balloon Bouquet
Lollipop Shaped Mylar Balloon
Cookie Monster Shaped Mylar Balloon
Elmo Mylar Balloon
Elmo Shaped Mylar Balloon
Elmo Airwalker Balloon
Construction Shaped Mylar Balloon
Monkey Shaped Mylar Balloon
Pink Zebra Mylar Balloon
Star Birthday Balloon Bouquet
Fairy Mylar Balloon
Pirate Mylar Balloon
Fox Square Mylar Balloon
Unicor Shaped Mylar Balloon
Unicorn Mylar Balloon
Bug Party Mylar Balloon
Bug Balloon Bouquet
Paris Party Mylar Balloon
Shaped Olaf Frozen Mylar Balloon
Olaf Frozen Mylar Balloon
Olaf Frozen Balloon Bouquet
Elsa Frozen Gliding Balloon
Woodland Creatures Boy Mylar Balloon
Woodland Creatures Boy Balloon Bouquet
Woodland Creatures Girl Mylar Balloon
Woodland Creatures Girl Balloon Bouquet
Tea Party Mylar Balloon
Tea Party Balloon Bouquet
Zou Mylar Balloon
Zou Balloon Bouquet
Alien Fun Mylar Balloon
Angry Birds Balloon Bouquet
Angry Birds Balloon
Batman Balloons
Batman Giant Gliding Balloon
Funky Zebra Stripe Birthday Cake Mylar Balloon
Birthday Monkey Shaped Mylar Balloon
Bumble Bee Mylar Balloon
Butterfly Sparkle Mylar Balloon
Curious George Giant Mylar Balloon
Curious George Happy Birthday Balloon
Curious George Mylar Balloon
Dancing Music Notes Mylar Balloon
Despicable Me Giant Mylar Balloon
Despicable Me Mylar Balloon
Dino Blast Mylar Balloon
Disney Frozen Balloons
Disney Frozen SuperShape Mylar Balloon
Doc McStuffins Supershape Mylar Balloon
Dora and Friends Giant Balloon
Farmhouse Fun Mylar Balloon
Farmhouse Fun Balloon Bouquet
Fin Friends Mylar Balloon
Firefighter Mylar Balloon
Heart My Horse Balloon Bouquet
Heart My Horse Happy Birthday Mylar Balloon
Inflatable Monkey
Ladybug Fancy Mylar Balloon
Little Dino Mylar Balloon
Little Dino Party Balloon Bouquet
Monkeyin Around Mylar Balloon
Mudslinger Mylar Balloon
Mustache Madness Mylar Balloon
Ocean Party Mylar Balloon
Ocean Preppy Boy Mylar Balloon Plain
Onederful Birthday Boy Mylar Balloon
On the Go Mylar Balloon
Operation Camo Mylar Balloon
Operation Camo Balloon Bouquet
Owl Pal Birthday MeMylartallic Balloon
Paw-ty Time! Mylar Balloon
Pig Super Shape Mylar Balloon
Pink Zebra Boutique Mylar Balloon
Pirate Parrty Mylar Balloons
Princess Party Balloon
Princess Party Balloon Bouquet
Rainbow Majesty by Lisa Frank Mylar Balloon
Safari Adventure Mylar Balloon
Safari Adventure Balloon Bouquet
Sesame Street Balloon Bouquet
Shark Splash Happy Birthday Mylar Balloon
Shark Splash Mylar Balloon
Space Blast Mylar Balloon
Space Blast Balloon Bouquet
Spiderman Giant Gliding Balloon
Sugar Buzz Mylar Balloon
Sweet Treats Mylar Balloon
Tie Dye Fun Mylar Balloon - Happy Birthday
Ballerina Mylar Balloon
Under Construction Mylar Balloon
Wild Horses Mylar Balloon
Jungle Animals Supershape Mylar Balloon
Zebra Animal Print Blue and White Mylar Balloon
Birthday Sweets Mylar Balloon
Pirate Fun Mylar Balloon
Construction Birthday Zone Mylar Balloon
Construction Birthday Zone Balloon Bouquet
Fire Watch Balloon Bouquet
Fire Watch Mylar Balloon
Jake and the Neverland Pirates Mylar Balloon
Jake and the Neverland Pirates Giant Gliding Balloon
Sofia the First Mylar Balloon
Soccer Mylar Balloon
Football Mylar Balloon
Basketball Mylar Balloon
Shark Shaped Mylar Balloon
Monkey Love Shaped Mylar Balloon
Monkey Love Balloon Bouquet
Beach Ball Mylar Balloon
Bumble Bee Mylar Balloon
Bumble Bee Shaped Mylar Balloon
Ladybug Shaped Mylar Balloon
Circus Elephant Shaped Mylar Balloon
Horse Shaped Mylar Balloon
Soccer Balloon Bouquet
Referee Shaped Mylar Balloon
Football Balloon Bouquet
Basketball Balloon Bouquet
Chalk Mylar Balloon
Birthday Craft Mylar Balloon
Rainbow Mylar Balloon
Party planning tips and tricks using kids mylar balloons

Tips for Kids Mylar Balloons that Make the Birthday Venue Pop!

Everybody loves parties and dispersing children’s mylar balloons around the venue makes the birthday celebration even more exciting. Decorations at different heights also add balance to the room which is visually satisfying and comforting. Below are some fun tips and facts about kids foil balloons to make your celebration successful.

Children’s Metallic Balloon Decorations Really Liven Up the Venue

Our selection of party decorations include more than 100 different and exciting kids mylar balloons from which to choose. The majority of the options are 18 inches round or square, but we also carry fun shaped birthday foil balloons that every child and adult will love! Look through our selection to find the perfect style for your special occasion.
  • Kids metallic balloons look great tied to the back of a chair, secured to a mailbox for directions, or attached to the edge of the dessert or favor table as decorations. Since each of the the mylar balloons are printed with a theme picture or character on both sides, the guest will always see the design as the balloon turns. Combine the kids foil balloons with latex balloon decorations in solid colors for a cool birthday bouquet.
  • When you really want to surprise the guest of honor, consider a shaped children’s mylar balloon, some of which are sold in super size! We offer superheroes, cuddly characters, jungle creatures, farm animals, princesses and more. What child wouldn’t love a giant, shaped balloon almost as big as they are?!
  • Quite a few party themes offer an awesome kids metallic balloon bouquet which is a combination of 5 pieces to coordinate with your party decorations. Blow them up and watch the grins on guests’ faces.

Cool Facts About Kids Foil Balloons

kids foil balloons are fun birthday decorations:
  • Kids mylar balloons won’t pop like rubber ones
  • Kids metallic balloons are durable and rainproof
  • Children’s metallic balloons are non-allergenic
  • Balloons stay inflated with helium for 3 days to a week
  • Kids foil balloons glimmer and shine for party excitement
  • Children’s mylar balloons can be reused or repurposed

Super Ideas for Reusing Children’s Mylar Balloons

In order to stay environmentally concious, we have some great tips on how to reuse children’s metallic balloons. There is no reason to use them once and throw them away.
  • Gently deflate the kids metallic balloon by inserting a plastic drinking straw into the one-way valve and releasing the helium. Press flat, fold, and store away for another occasion. Foil balloons can be refilled and enjoyed again and again.
  • Reuse the children’s mylar balloon as a gift bag. Cut off the top, fill with treats, and tie off with a ribbon. Instant wrapping paper, too!
  • Cut the kids foil balloon into strips with scissors or run through a shredder and use for filling for gift baskets or bags.
  • How about making some shiny confetti? Use a hole punch or just cut the material into tiny squares and you have sparkly birthday decorations.

What About the Cost of Helium for Kids Metallic Balloons?

The savvy party host always does their research if cost and budgets are an issue. Check local party stores to see what the cost of filling a children’s foil balloon is, keeping in mind it will be more expensive to fill super shaped sizes. Helium tanks may be better for filling larger quantities of kids party balloons and can be rented or purchased; this might be an option if you throw lots of parties. If you have products inflated at a store and have to transport them, consider floating them inside a large garbage bag so they do not travel around the inside of a vehicle. Keep in mind that even one or two children’s metallic balloons can add that extra excitement and color to the party decorations without going overboard.

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