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Chocolate, caramel and butterscotch colored leopard print party supplies
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Leopard Print Party Decorations

Go Wild with Leopard Party Supplies!

One of the wildest patterns among our incredibly popular animal prints selection is our Leopard Animal Print design and it will have guests seeing spots everywhere – leopard spots! This fun, funky and trendy pattern is decorated with shades of chocolate, caramel and butterscotch which combine for a delicious color grouping that is anything but tame! We’ve got all the basic party supplies covered, including invitations to set the tone for your celebration, plus cups, napkins, table covers and three sizes of plates to accommodate your food and dessert selections!

Mix in unique decorations, like our leopard print paper lantern, display yummy chocolates in our leopard print mini muffin cups and send each guest home with a goody filled leopard print treat box!

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Party planning tips incorporating Leopard Party Supplies

Decoration and Party Planning Tips For Leopard Animal Print

  • There really is a difference between leopard, cheetah and jaguar spots but most of your guests will never notice—the party will be too much fun! Leopard spots appear more like a flower or a kiss with a different color in the center. Cheetahs have spots of one color in an all over pattern. Jaguar coats have larger and fewer flower rosettes that sometimes have a spot in the center.

  • The Leopard Animal Print party supplies are perfect for all sorts of celebrations: a baby shower, bridal or wedding shower, a birthday party or just a wild get together. These party supplies will really pop if you coordinate them with solid colors in brown or ivory. A chocolaty tablecover placed under the Leopard Print plates and napkins looks perfect or you might add a round brown colored plate on top of the banquet sized plate for a great stand out decoration. Use brown, tan and white streamers to brighten up the top of the room. Serve any yummy brown and tan treats like chocolate kisses or truffles and caramels.

  • For a really untamed look decorate the tabletop or walls with butcher paper rolled to look like tree branches with plenty of green leaves, a perfect place for a leopard to hide and stalk its prey. Place your Leopard Animal Print party supplies on the table, add some background music of wild animal sounds, lower the lights and the guests will wonder if they ARE dinner. For the younger crowd buy small stuffed leopards to hide in the branches and give them out to the party guests. Finally, let the guests frost their own paw print cutout cookies with chocolate and vanilla frosting, using a plastic knife to swirl the frosting to look like spots. Delicious!

  • For the juvenile birthday celebration place large cutouts of paws along the walkway leading to the party and have the guests enter a doorway hung with leopard prints. Use the treat boxes for the Leopard Animal Print theme and fill with tokens or favors you might find at the dollar store: small plastic wild animals, pencils, whistles or little stuffed animals. Don't forget the games! Hide little plastic leopards, paw prints or a PartyPail favorite, Animal Buttermints, all around the room. Give each child a pair of binoculars for the search and a Leopard Animal Print Cookie Candy Box to fill as they discover their goodies. They won't want to stop having fun!

Plan A Cheetah Baby Shower

  • Need some great ideas for a baby shower? Make the mother-to-be a beautiful and cuddly baby blanket out of fleece material done in a cheetah pattern. Cut 2 pieces of fleece (one could be a coordinating solid color) bigger than your desired size, place together and cut stripes about 6 inches deep and at least two inches wide all around the edges. Tie the strips together and knot to make an adorable keepsake for the mother and baby. A purr-fect shower game would be "Guess the Baby Animal". Give the guests a list of animals, set the timer and the guests must write down what that animal's baby is called: for example, a baby cheetah is a cub.

Leopard Theme Bridal Shower Ideas

  • If you are hosting a wedding or bridal shower use some of the above ideas but consider silky scarves or lingerie done in leopard print as a gift for the bride to be. Decorate the shower cake with a leopard print ribbon around one or all of the tiers and add small plastic wild animals to the top. Or use the Leopard Animal Print mini cupcake holders and fill them with yummy dark and white chocolate truffles. You'll have the guests drooling.

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