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Lil' Lady Bug Birthday Decorations

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Looking for a fun and whimsical theme with which to celebrate your child’s birthday? Our Lil' Lady Bug decorations feature a smiling ladybug surrounded by adorable daisies. The bright colors of pink, purple, and blue make it perfect for your special little girl! These party supplies are offered with a variety of decorating options and party favors, making it easy for you to meet all of your birthday or baby shower needs!
Lil Ladybug Invitations
Lil Ladybug 9 oz Cups
Lil Ladybug Dessert Plate
Lil Ladybug Dinner Plate
Lil Ladybug Drink Napkin
Lil Lady Luncheon Napkin Happy Birthday
Lil Ladybug Lunch Napkin
Lil Ladybug Centerpiece
Lil Lady Foil Balloon
Lil Ladybug Molded Candle Set
Lil Ladybug Party Hats
Garden Girl Deluxe Hat
Lil Lady Foam Letter Banner
Lil Ladybug Loot Bag
Lil Ladybug Pin Game
Lil Ladybug Coloring Books
Lil Ladybug Mini Pinwheels
Lil Ladybug Blowouts
Garden Girl Hair Accessories
Snuggle Smiles "Busy Bug" Plush Photo Album
Snuggles Collection "Busy Bug" Embroidered Bib
Mimosa Yellow Dessert Plates - 24 ct
Mimosa Yellow Dinner Plates - 24 ct
Mimosa Yellow Beverage Napkins - 50 ct
Mimosa Yellow Luncheon Napkins - 50 ct
Mimosa Yellow 9 oz Cups - 24 ct
Mimosa Yellow Decorative Tablecover
Light Yellow Curl Ribbon - 75 ft
Mimosa Yellow Assorted Cutlery - 24 pcs
Mimosa Yellow Crepe Streamer - 81 ft
Favor Boxes Yellow
Pearl Yellow Balloons - 8 ct
Yellow Party Favor Pail
Yellow 8" Honeycomb Tissue Ball
Yellow 10" Honeycomb Tissue Fan
Hot Magenta 7" Plates - 24 ct
Hot Magenta 9" Plates - 24 ct
Hot Magenta 9 oz Cups - 24 ct
Hot Magenta Curl Ribbon - 75 ft
Hot Magenta Cutlery - 24 pcs
Hot Magenta Drink Napkins - 50 ct
Hot Magenta Lunch Napkins - 50 ct
Hot Magenta Crepe Streamer - 81 ft
Hot Magenta Decorative Tablecover
Satin Raspberry Latex Balloon
Bright Pink 8" Honeycomb Tissue Ball
Hot Magenta Loot Bags
Hot Magenta Party Blowouts
Purple 7" Plates - 24 ct
Purple 9 oz Cups - 24 ct
Purple 9" Plates - 24 ct
Purple Curl Ribbon - 75 ft
Purple Cutlery - 24 pcs
Purple Drink Napkins - 50 ct
Purple Lunch Napkins - 50 ct
Purple Crepe Streamer - 81 ft
Purple Decorative Tablecover
Satin Purple Balloons - 10 ct
Purple Party Favor Pail
Lil Ladybug Thank You Cards
Lil Lady Hanging Cutouts
Lil Ladybug Stickers
Shop our Little Ladybug birthday and baby shower party supplies, and you're assured a fantastic party!

Lil' Ladybug Baby Shower and Birthday Party Decorations and Ideas

One question that often comes up when discussing the history of Ladybugs, is how they got their name. Well, in the middle ages farmers were having great difficulty controlling the pests that kept plaguing their crops, mainly aphids and other such plant-chewing critters. In an attempt to fix this problem, they resorted to praying to the virgin mother Mary to help them with this terrible problem. Miraculously, shortly thereafter, their prayers were seemingly answered with the arrival of these new little beetles. From then on, these bugs became known as "Beetles of Our Lady". Over time, this name has morphed into Lady Beetle, Ladybug Beetle, and finally "Ladybug". So as you can see, throughout history, Ladybugs have been viewed as a gift from above! So why not have a Lil Lady Bug themed party in celebration of your little gift from above?

Our Lil Lady party supplies are a great choice for girls of all ages, whether it's a birthday you're celebrating, or the party of the day is a baby shower for an expectant Mother-to-be. Featuring fun colors of pink, purple, and yellow that coordinate perfectly with our solid color party supplies, it’s easy to customize your decorations for a truly professional look. Choose from streamers, balloons, cutlery, and more!

Some fun party ideas include purchasing inexpensive red flip-flops, then having the children in attendance decorate them with black dots and silk flowers. These make a great take-home party favor! Our loot bags filled with stickers, pinwheels, blowouts, candies, and more make goodies especially easy to give. Our Lil Lady Pin Game is a really fun way to pass the time and entertain your party guests. Finally, the coloring books are also a great activity, and because they're so small, the children can take them home as well.

Another great party idea...make Ladybug cupcakes! Frost them red, pipe black icing on for the head and stripe, then use mini chocolate chips for the spots and black shoestring licorice for antennae! These are so much fun to eat and you can make extra for guests to take home. Finally, serve a garden salad and peanut butter stuffed celery with mini chocolate chips as the "bugs". What fun!

With everything from invitations to flag banners, centerpieces, and more, you’re sure to find everything you need to host the perfect Little Ladybug Party!

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