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Mens Birthday Party Themes

Celebrate Your Man’s Birthday In Style!

Do you draw a blank when trying to plan a man’s birthday party? Whether your guy is turning 30, 40, 50 or more, planning a guy’s birthday party is easily accomplished when you choose a theme that suits his individual style. Birthday parties for men are usually centered around their favorite activity or hobby and definitely should include his sense of humor! We have selected an array of men’s party themes along with men’s party decorations and supplies that will allow you to plan your special guy’s birthday party with ease!

Once you choose one of the men’s birthday party themes that fits the personality of your guest of honor, check out our birthday party ideas for men, manly party decorations and specialty items to build a fun filled event that he and all his special guests will not forget!

Masculine party decorations specifically for a man's birthday celebration!

When planning a man's birthday celebration, think about what kind of activity your birthday guy is into. Since all men don’t fit into one particular category, think about what his individual passion might be. Whether his passion is sporting events, car collecting, outdoor recreation or poker playing, his favorite hobby or pastime should drive the party theme at your man's birthday party.

Typical party decorations usually include candles, carefully coordinated color schemes and beautiful decorative arrangements for centerpieces, all of which may not be fit for a manly man's birthday party! Guys are typically visual, so any men's birthday party decorations should include items that appeal to their individual tastes. We've come up with a few birthday party ideas for men that can be utilized to coordinate with most men's party themes.
  • Choose two masculine colors that coordinate with the decorative men's party theme that was chosen and pick out solid colored items such as tablecloths, streamers and balloons to round out your party décor.
  • Inflate 3-5 solid colored balloons, and tie cascades of coordinating colored curling ribbon to anchor the balloon bouquets down. Choose 1 men's decorative theme related foil balloon to add to each bouquet, keeping in mind that balloon bouquets look best in groups of odd numbers. Tie each bouquet to his favorite 6-pack of pop or beer to hold them down and scatter the balloon bunches around your party room.
  • Make manly party decorations for your guy’s special day! Create a centerpiece out of a bowl, apothecary jar or clear vase filled with decorative stones in coordinating party colors. Polished stones can be purchased from your local craft stores.
  • Get creative when you think of men’s birthday decorations. Use led rope style lighting around doorways, mantels or around the perimeter of the ceiling to illuminate the party room instead of using candles.
  • Play his favorite movie, sports event or televised media selection pre-recorded in the background if it relates to his birthday party theme.

Birthday party ideas for men can include fun party activities that might double as decorations!

  • Create a trivia style game show complete with podium, a game show host and a panel of contestants seated behind a table that are required to answer trivia questions about the birthday boy's life. Give each contestant a bell to ring or flag to wave when they are ready to answer. Ask questions like "Where was Bob born?, What is Bob’s nick name?, What is Bob's favorite food?" etc. The contestant that gathers the most points at the end of the trivia game wins a prize!
  • Create a decorative memory box with memory cards to fill out. Let guests fill out 3x5 note cards by handwriting their special memories of the birthday boy. The memories can be sentimental or hysterical and will provide entertainment to the guest of honor long after his party is over!

Manly party favors that also make great birthday party decorations for men!

  • Paint bricks, ceramic tiles, wood blocks or paint sticks with a birthday slogan and scatter the items around the party room. At the end of the party, guests get to take the favors home for party memorabilia!
  • Make flags using straws or wood sticks and fasten a paper flag or cloth to the top. Give each guest a flag and ask them to wave flags and yell his name whenever the birthday guy walks into the room.
  • Print wallet size photos of the birthday guy with a funny headline or his birthday year, sprinkle on the tables and litter them around the party venue. Let guests take home a picture of the birthday guy as a memento.
  • Place man treats around your party room by customizing individually wrapped beef jerky or pepperoni strips by printing some mailing labels with a special birthday announcement from your home computer, stick it to the wrappers and place in mason jars around the party room. Ask guests to take their manly party treat home!

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