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Blue, red, yellow, and green Mickey Mouse Clubhouse party decorations for your little boys birthday party.
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Mickey Mouse Birthday Decorations

Party with the Mickey's Clubhouse gang!

One of Walt Disney’s famous quotes is “If you can dream it, you can do it!” This statement has never been more true than when planning for a little boy’s birthday party with our Mickey Fun & Friends birthday party supplies. The well-loved and treasured cartoon mouse that first appeared on the big screen in 1928 is featured on every item in this colorful birthday party theme!

With its bright bold colors of blue, red, yellow and green, Mickey’s Fun and Friends party supplies are sure to create one jovial birthday party event! Party decorations such as wall murals, banners, printed streamers, and danglers all feature colorful images of that iconic mouse, along with his two pals Goofy and Donald.

These exciting new decorations and tableware feature modern styled square dinner and dessert plates with images of the joyful Mickey himself. This cheerful birthday theme with its bright primary colors is sure to create a festival of smiles for all of your little party Mouseketeers!
Mouse Custom Birthday Invitation
Mouse Custom Birthday Thank You Note
Mouse Custom Birthday Address Labels
Mickey Fun and Friends Fill-In Invitations
Mickey Invitation
Mickey Invite
Mickey Postcard Thank You
Mickey Mouse Dessert Plates
Mickey Mouse Dinner Plates
Mickey Mouse Beverage Napkins
Mickey Mouse Luncheon Napkins
Mickey Mouse 9 Oz Cups
Mickey 16 ounce Favor Cup
Mickey Mouse 44 ounce Favor Cup
Mickey Mouse Tablecover
Mickey Mouse Table Decorations Kit
Mickey Fun and Friends Decorative Confetti
Mickey Swirl Decorations Value Pack
Mickey Scene Setter
Mickey Mouse Pinata
Mickey Party Game
Mouse Custom Birthday Banner
Mickey Favor Container
Mickey Folded Lootbag
Mickey Metal Box
Mickey Fun and Friends 48-pc Favor Pack
Mickey 48 piece Favor Pack
Mickey Blowouts
Mouse Custom Birthday Favor Bags
Mouse Custom Stickers
Mouse Custom Birthday Lollipops
Mouse Custom Birthday Candy Tubes
Mouse Custom Birthday Button
Mouse Custom Birthday Bubbles
Mouse Custom Birthday Magnet
Mouse Custom Birthday Zipper Pull
Mouse Custom Birthday Activity Placemats
Mickey Hat
Mickey Vacuum Formed Mask
Mickey Mouse Lanyard
Mickey Mouse Necklace
Mickey Mouse Bubble Necklace
Mickey Mouse Wristbands
Mickey Rubber Bracelet
Mickey Mini Bubbles Pack
Mickey Mouse Bubble Wand
Mickey Mouse Mini Bubbles
Mickey Mouse Clicking Camera
Mickey Mouse Kazoos
Mickey Mouse Flutes
Mickey Mouse Keychain
Mickey Mouse Paddle Ball
Mickey Mouse Punch Balloons
Mickey Mouse Skateboard Keychain
2 Inch Mickey Mouse Puzzle Cube
Mickey Mouse Puzzle Cube Bulk
Mickey Mouse Coloring Book
Mickey Mouse Notepad
Giant Mickey Mouse Notepad
Mickey Mouse Stationery Set
Mickey Stamper Set
Mickey Mouse Crayons
Mickey Mini Crayons
Mickey Mouse Marker Set
Mickey Mouse Bulk Pencil Favor
Mickey Mouse Pencil Sharpener
Blue and Red Birthday Table Decorations Kit
Blue and Red Birthday Decoration Kit
Blue and Red Birthday Letter Banner
Blue and Red Birthday Swirl Value Pack
Blue and Red Birthday Tooth Pick Candles
Blue and Red Birthday Metalic Confetti Mix
Blue and Red Birthday Crepe
Blue and Red Birthday Blowouts
Blue and Red Birthday Award Ribbon
Blue and Red Birthday Hat
Red Candy Buffet
Blue Candy Buffet
Red Assorted Plastic Cutlery 24 Count
True Blue Assorted Plastic Cutlery 24 Count
Classic Red Party Tableware
True Blue Party Tableware
Satin Red Latex Balloon
Satin Royal Blue Balloons - 10 ct
Red Crepe Streamer
True Blue Crepe Streamer
Paper Straws

Mickey Fun & Friends party planning tips and ideas for a marvelous Mickey Mouse birthday party!

Walt Disney designed the now world-famous character in 1928 while riding on a train back to L.A. with his wife, Lillian. After completing his sketch, Walt named his character Mortimer Mouse. Lillian did not like that name and suggested Mickey Mouse instead. And so was the birth of Mickey Mouse! Mickey has changed the world with his happy attitude and love for all and that is why he is the perfect character to have host your child's birthday party! Capture the cheerfulness of the character and a little of the Disney magic with decorations, games and activities to keep the kids entertained.

Mickey Fun & Friends decorations galore!

Children love bright colorful designs with lovable characters and Mickey Fun & Friends sure fits the bill! Fire engine red, royal blue and sunshine yellow with touches of green emerald are found on every product along with the smiling faces of Mickey and his good pals, Goofy, Pluto and Donald Duck! Creating a festive party room is fun and easy with these tips from our party planning consultants:
  • You'll want lots of color; we see balloons and streamers everywhere! Streamers are a very inexpensive way to add not only color, but a dimensional decorating element as well. Combine our Mickey Fun & Friends printed crepe streamer with one or two color-coordinating solid color streamers. Twist them together and suspend, corner to corner, from your ceilings, around banisters or columns, across mantels or around windows. Another fun idea kids love is to hang them from the top of the doorway, almost to the floor, and let them pass through! Add some of our Mickey Fun & Friends Ceiling Danglers for extra sparkle and fun!
  • Put a balloon bouquet of bright red, yellow, blue and green balloons at the entrance to the party. If you happen to have a Mickey Mouse stuffed animal, a cute idea is to set him by the entrance and have him holding the balloon bouquet.
  • Hang the Happy Birthday banner across the front door.
  • Our Mickey Fun & Friends Wall Mural is perfect for a backdrop decoration; place it on a section of wall; arrange the table that will be used for either gifts or food/cake in front of it, cover the table with our Mickey Fun & Friends tablecloth and tether balloon bouquets to either side.
  • Attach a Mickey Mouse Mylar balloon to the birthday child's chair and balloons in party colors to each guests' chair (each child can take a balloon home at the end of the party). Cover the kid's table with another Mickey table cover and sprinkle with our Mickey confetti.
  • Enlarge a picture of Mickey Mouse, laminate each page, and use them as placemats (and later favors for your guests to take home).
  • Provide a pair of our Mickey Mouse ears to every child as they arrive at the party. No Mickey themed party would be complete without them!
  • Play Mickey Mouse's Clubhouse music in the background. Kids can dance and sing along!
    Use your imagination and creativity to think of other ways to incorporate our Mickey Fun & Friends party decorations into your decoration scheme!

A special guest appearance!

If your budget allows and you have an adult that wants to get in on the fun, rent a Mickey Mouse costume from a local party supply or costume store and have Mickey appear at your child's party! The children will be so excited to meet him! Have each child pose with Mickey and take their picture; you can send the child their own special picture when you mail out your thank you cards.

Food and treats

Keeping with the Mickey theme, you have so many fun options for your menu selections. We suggest keeping it simple and easy and stick with foods kids are sure to love.
  • One menu option is to name each item after a Mickey and Friends character:
    Some ideas:
    Mickey's Mighty Mouse Fingers (chicken tenders)
    Pluto in a Blanket (hot dogs in wrapped in crescent rolls or buns)
    Donald's Cheese and Quackers (cheese slices and crackers)
    Goofy's Garden Veggies (veggie plate with dip)
    Donald's Delicious Fruit Salad & Dippity Do Dip! (Strawberries, pineapple, cantaloupe, honeydew melon and apples. For the dip: beat together 7-oz. jar of marshmallow cream and 8 oz. package of cream cheese.)
    Mickey's Marvelous Mini Mix (Chex party mix in mini-muffin papers)
  • Character-shaped food is also a fun twist on the Mickey theme!
    Using a Mickey Mouse cookie cutter (which you can find online or at even at big box retailers), you can cut Mickey-shaped foods:
    Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
    Grilled cheese sandwiches
    Cheese slices
    Jello Jigglers
    Rice Krispie treats
  • You can even make Mickey Mouse waffles or pancakes in the shape of Mickey Mouse! Purchase a pancake mold or a specially designed waffle maker and serve these up along with some syrup, sliced strawberries, powdered sugar and whipped cream! Yum!
  • Another fun idea is to have a hot dog station; set out hot dogs and buns, along with all the fixins'. Play the hotdog song from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while the kids eat their food.

Games and Activities

We have lots of fun suggestions that you can choose from based on the ages of your little guests:
  • While waiting for other guests to arrive, give early comers Mickey pages to color. Set up a coloring station set up with crayons, markers and colored pencils. Free pages can be downloaded and printed out from the official Mickey Mouse Clubhouse website. This is also a great activity for young guests who have a hard time concentrating on organized games.
  • Mickey's Treasure Hunt: Hide prizes throughout the house and yard that the children will have to find. Give each child a sheet of paper with pictures of each item they have to find. (You may have to do some creative drawing or photocopy product images onto a list for each child.) Our suggestions include: Disney character Pez dispensers, Mickey Fun & Friends blowouts, or any Disney-related fun toys like bouncy balls, bubbles, and stickers. Candy is always a popular treasure to find, too! Make sure to hide one of each item for every child. Provide a big enough bag to hold all their 'treasures!'
  • Play musical chairs to a Mickey Mouse soundtrack.
  • Another fun game that is a spin on musical chairs is our "Pass the Ears" game. Play the "Mickey Mouse Club March" as your guests put on, remove and pass a pair of Mickey ears; whoever is holding the ears when the music stops is out of the game. Repeat the process until one child remains.
  • Other traditional party games can be changed to reflect the party theme. For example, 'duck, duck, goose' can be changed to 'Donald, Donald, Goofy.' Simon Says becomes Mickey Says.
  • Tattoo station: Kids love those temporary tattoos and we've got Mickey ones that are sure to bring a smile to the kid's faces! Have a few extra adults close by to help out with this activity.
A Mickey Fun & Friends birthday party is sure to be a laughing, smiling, joyfully memorable event!

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