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Pink, periwinkle, and leaf green Minnie Mouse Bow-tique Clubhouse party decorations for your little girls birthday party.
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Minnie Mouse's Bow-tique Party Decorations

Make it a Minnie Bows Birthday party!

The Disney character, Minerva Mouse, aka “Minnie” was first created by Ub Iwerks and Walt Disney to co-star with the ever-popular Mickey Mouse on the big screen in 1928. Originally designed as a “flapper” girl in the late 20’s, Minnie was re-designed with a new look in the 40’s which added a large bow to her hat and matching bows to her clip-clop oversized high heels. To this day, Minnie still sports her festive bows that truly make her the diva of all the Disney characters, which is why the Minnie Bows Birthday Party Theme is perfect for celebrating your own little diva’s birthday event!

Our new Minnie Bows birthday theme features girly-girl colors in candy pinks, key lime greens, and splashes of robin egg blue. With Minnie’s contagious smile and big pink party bows on all of the products, the Minnie Bows party theme will be the perfect way to celebrate any little girl’s birthday. From tableware supplies to room décor, games and party favors, this fun-loving girly-girl mouse created by Disney is featured on all of the products. And the full line of Minnie party supplies has everything you need to make your little birthday diva’s event a dream come true!
Girl Mouse Custom Birthday Invitation
Girl Mouse Custom Birthday Thank You Note
Girl Mouse Custom Birthday Address Labels
Minnie Mouse Invite
Minnie Mouse Postcard Thank You
Minnie Mouse Dessert Plates
Minnie Mouse Dinner Plates
Minnie Mouse Beverage Napkins
Minnie Mouse Luncheon Napkins
Minnie Mouse 9 Oz Cups
Minnie Mouse 16 ounce Favor Cup
Minnie Mouse 44 ounce Favor Cup
Minnie Mouse Tablecover
Minnie Mouse Table Decorations Kit
Minnie Mouse Bow-tique Decorative Confetti
Minnie Mouse Bow-tique Wall Mural
Minnie Mouse Pinata
Girl Mouse Custom Birthday Banner
Minnie Mouse Bow-tique Birthday Party Banner
Minnie Mouse Swirl Decorations Value Pack
Minnie Mouse Scene Setter
Minnie Mouse Bow-tique Birthday Danglers
Minnie Mouse Assorted Latex Balloons
White Round 12 Inch Paper Lantern
Minnie Mouse Blowouts
Minnie Mouse Bow-tique Party Game
Minnie Mouse Party Game
Minnie Mouse Headband
Minnie Mouse Favor Container
Minnie Mouse Folded Lootbag
Minnie Mouse Metal Box
Minnie Mouse 48 piece Favor Pack
Girl Mouse Custom Birthday Favor Bags
Girl Mouse Custom Stickers
Girl Mouse Custom Birthday Lollipops
Girl Mouse Custom Birthday Candy Tubes
Girl Mouse Custom Birthday Button
Girl Mouse Custom Birthday Bubbles
Girl Mouse Custom Birthday Magnet
Girl Mouse Custom Birthday Zipper Pull
Girl Mouse Custom Birthday Activity Placemats
Minnie Mouse Glitter Heart Glasses
Minnie Mouse Glasses
Minnie Mouse Hair Accessories
Minnie Mouse Body Jewelry
Minnie Mouse Body Sticker
Minnie Mouse Beaded Bracelet
Minnie Mouse Bubble Necklace
Minnie Mouse Cuff Band
Minnie Mouse Lanyard
Minnie Mouse Necklace
Minnie Mouse Rubber Bracelet
Minnie Mouse Bubble Wand
Minnie Mouse Mini Bubbles
Minnie Mouse Jump Rope
Minnie Mouse Kaleidoscope
Minnie Mouse Keychain
Minnie Mouse Paddle Ball
Minnie Mouse Puzzle Cube
1 Inch Minnie Mouse Puzzle Cube
Minnie Mouse Party Kazoo
Minnie Mouse Kazoos
Minnie Mouse Roller Stamp
Minnie Mouse Self Inking Stamp
Minnie Mouse Stationery Set
Minnie Mouse Stamper Set
Minnie Mouse Dry Erase Board
Minnie Mouse Notepad
40 Sheet Minnie Mouse Notepad
Minnie Mouse Coloring Book
Minnie Mouse Pencil Favor
Minnie Mouse Erasers
Minnie Mouse Pencil Sharpener
Minnie Mouse Crayons
Minnie Mouse Party Crayon Favor
Minnie Mouse Mini Crayons
Minnie Mouse Marker Set
Minnie Mouse Grow Towel
Birthday Foil Centerpiece
Pink Candy Buffet
Lime Green Candy Buffet
Candy Pink Assorted Plastic Cutlery 24 Count
Pistachio Assorted Plastic Cutlery 24 Count
Candy Pink Party Tableware
Pistachio Party Tableware
Candy Pink Crepe Streamer
Paper Straws

Birthday party planning tips and ideas for a Minnie Bows birthday party:

Perfect for a little girl who loves Minnie Mouse, our Minnie Bows party line has everything you need to create a delightful and special birthday for your little girl! We have it all; table ware, decorations, and fun games and favors! Our party consultants had fun putting together ideas for a Minnie Bows birthday party!

A special outfit for the birthday girl!

Birthdays are special, so why not get your little girl a Pink Minnie Mouse costume to wear for her birthday? There are several styles to choose, many that match the Minnie Bows theme colors perfectly, from online retailers. The outfit can later do double duty as a Halloween costume or become a much-used item in her dress-up box!

A 'Minnie-licious' menu

For small children, we suggest a 'treats only' birthday party. Not every party needs to have an elaborate menu and this is especially true for a children's party. When hosting a party for small children, it is perfectly acceptable to offer only cake and ice cream, or in this case, Minnie cupcakes! We think you'll like the special Minnie cupcakes that we found! Super easy to make and so cute!

Minnie cupcakes
Prebake chocolate cupcakes. Once cooled, pipe light pink frosting in a circular pattern around the top of the cupcake so it creates a 'beehive' shape. Insert into the frosting two black fondant circles for ears on each side of the cupcake. Place a bright pink fondant bow in between the ears. (Fondant bows can be purchased online or you can make yourself). Finish by placing silver or white dragees in a random pattern on each cupcake. Arrange the Minnie cupcakes on our Minnie Bows Tiered Cupcake Tray. When it comes time to serve, simply place one cupcake, along with a scoop of ice cream, on the Minnie Bow's dessert plate and fill up each Minnie Bow's cup with ice-cold milk! Yum!


The bright colors in the Minnie's Bow theme will make decorating for your party fun and easy! Our ready-made decorations will add pops of color and Minnie's infectious grin is sure to make all your guests smile!
  • Cover each table with our Minnie Bows Tablecover and sprinkle Minnie Confetti all on the tabletops. Hang our Minnie Bows Danglers from the ceiling over each table.
  • Our Minnie Bows Happy Birthday Banner measures 8 feet long, so it is perfect to hang on a mantel, in a window, at the entryway or on a wall as a backdrop to the gift table! Anchor each end of the banner with a colorful balloon bouquet.
  • Hang multiple rows of our Minnie Bows crepe streamers across the ceiling. Twist together two color-coordinating streamers; drape them around doorways, across windows or around banisters or columns. Hang streamers at the top of door frames and allow them to hang down almost to the ground to form a 'curtain' of streamers.
  • For each place setting, lay out a Minnie Bows dessert plate, along with a 9 oz cup, beverage napkin and a set of solid-colored utensils. On top of each dessert plate, set a Minnie Bows Cone Hat. Place a blowout opposite the utensils. Tether a color-coordinating balloon to each child's chair (which they can later take home with them).

Games and Activities:

Our Minnie Bows theme has all kinds of fun games and activities that are fun and age appropriate!
  • Pin the Bow on Minnie: Our Pin the Bow on Minnie game is so much fun! Each game includes 12 bow stickers and a ready to hang wall mural. Depending on the ages of the guests, you can blindfold and spin the players to make it harder, or, for the little ones, let them simply place their sticker on the mural by themselves.
  • Color creation station: Set out markers, crayons or colored pencils and provide each child with a Color Your Own Puzzle and/or Color Your Own Door Hanger. Or, you could print out Minnie Mouse clip art and make enough copies for each child. Make sure to write each child's name on the back of every item so there are no mix-ups!
  • Tattoos: Kids love tattoos and our Minnie Bows ones are adorable! Let each child pick out one or two tattoos they like and have grown-ups assist with the application.
  • Magic Minnie Wands: Create a template of a Minnie Mouse head. Using sheets of black craft foam, trace and cut one Minnie head for each child. Glue each head onto a ribbon-wrapped or spray-painted wooden dowel rod. Provide children glittery foam stickers, ribbons and glitter glue markers. Have one or two adults on hand to help the kids tie the ribbons onto the wands and to assist with the stickers and glue. The kids will love creating their own special Minnie wands!

Party Favors

Our Minnie Bows Party Favor Pack has everything you need to put together 8 really fun treat sacks that hold all kinds of fun Minnie surprises! Be sure every child leaves for home with a balloon (from the table), their Color Your Own Puzzle and/or Color Your Own Door Hanger and any other special treats, like their Minnie Wands, from the party!

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