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Monkeyin Around Baby Shower Decorations and Supplies
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Monkeyin' Around Baby Shower Party Supplies

Cute monkey themes are wildly popular!

Fun, funky, and oh-so-cool, our Monkeyin' Around Baby Shower Theme will definitely add a touch of whimsy to your event! Not your traditional baby shower theme, this one features great colors of green, teal blue, and yellow in a fun design with bananas and polka dots; sure to make your guests smile!

Monkey themes are also easy to find party favors for. Take a look at our great selection of monkey and jungle-themed gifts! Finally, don’t forget to add solid colored party supplies to your themed tableware; you’ll end up with that professionally-designed look to your decor.
Yellow Balloons
Lime Green Balloons
Inflatable Monkey
15 Count
15 Count
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Jungle Monkey Design Picture Frames / Placecard Holders
Jungle Monkey Design Key Chain Favors
Adorable Jungle Monkey Candle Favor
Jungle Monkey Design Book Mark Favors
2 inches x 2.75 inches
As low as: $1.29
3.75 inches long
As low as: $1.40
1.25 inches by 2 inches
As low as: $1.55
1 inch x 2 inches
As low as: $1.15
Born to be Wild Animal Placecard Holders (Set of 4 Assorted)
"Born to be Wild" Animal Candles (Set of 4 Assorted)
Jungle Critters Placecard Frame
Monkeyin' Around Favor Bags
2.25" wide by 3.25" tall
As low as: $4.69
Sets of 4
As low as: $5.20
4.5 inches wide
As low as: $1.59
8 Count
 Palm Tree Favor Box with Multi-dimensional Detail (Set of 24)
"Born To Be Wild" Animal Favor Boxes Set of 24
Yellow Treat Boxes
Large Yellow Popcorn Boxes
Set of 24 - 5.5 inches x 3.5 inches
As low as: $14.49
2 inches square - 4 designs
As low as: $13.99
12 Count
10 Count
Yellow Craft Bag
Yellow Popcorn Boxes
5 Count

Monkeyin' Around Baby Shower Decorations, Supplies, and Party Ideas

Need some decorating ideas for a monkey baby shower?
  • Try layering solid colored napkins with your themed ones and add streamers in different colors for an inexpensive, yet colorful, presentation.
  • Balloons make a dramatic statement when placed in large bouquets around your party venue.
  • Add tropical plants with lots of greenery for a jungle feel.
  • Banana leaves placed down the center of your table make a great table runner, and are inexpensive too! These are perfect for a monkey-themed baby shower!
How about some shower activity and game ideas? Try these!
  • For new Moms, pregnancy can sometimes feel like it takes forever! But in the animal kingdom some animals are pregnant a whole lot longer than nine months. List animals down one side of a piece of paper; then on the other side, write how many days those animals are typically pregnant. The guests must then match the animals to the correct amount of time they are pregnant. Everyone will feel sorry for the poor things that are pregnant for longer than a year!
  • Test your monkey skills! Choose a few people to sit in the middle of the room on chairs. Explain that this game is going to test their monkey agility and balance. If any monkey can perform a basic task, a new mother should be able to! Place an empty bowl in each of the contestant's laps, blind fold them. Then put a bowl of cotton balls on top of their heads. The object of the game is to get the most cotton balls from the bowl on their head to the bowl in their lap. Here's the catch...hand them each a spoon and tell them it's the only tool they can use! This is a really funny game to watch because the cotton balls are so light that the contestants won't know if they are on the spoon! The person who transfers the most cotton balls from their head to the bowl in their lap either before time expires or the bowl on their head falls, wins a prize.
Finally, some more party planning tips from our professionals...
Try decorating your food table to look like a jungle! You can arrange it like a treasure map and label all the food items with creative and exotic names. Serve banana cake, animal crackers, “tiger” shrimp, and whatever else you can come up with, but stick to the jungle theme and your guests will have a great time!
  • Our wonderful Jungle Critters line of favors, including place card frames, place card holders, and votive candle holders, make for fun and entirely appropriate favors that go perfectly with this theme, and are gifts that your party attendees are sure to treasure! Peruse the whole selection within our Most Popular Baby Shower Favors section.

    Check out the rest of our baby shower supplies!

    Like bananas, we have bunches of Monkey Baby Shower Themes

    Bananas are famous for being a monkey’s favorite food – they are a perfect jumping off point for monkey themed baby shower. Our Monkeyin’ Around theme is only one of 6 different baby shower decorating ensembles that feature these adorable little primates – on the right column for this page, you can see a variety of other options including Monkey Love, Fisher Price, and others. Some of the themes put the monkey front and center, while others have the monkey as part of jungle safari theme baby shower designs. Our product team has included a great set of coordinating accessories and favors on each of these pages to help you create the most amazing celebration possible!

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