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Mr. and Mrs. To Be Bridal Shower Decorations

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Announcing "Mr. and Mrs. To-Be” theme wedding shower party supplies! These fun and elegant tableware items and party decorations feature a pastel blue background, with brown trim, and brown and ivory lettering. Using solids of the same color palette you can create the perfect table for a modern bridal shower. The Mr. and Mrs. To-Be artwork offers a very simple and contemporary feel for your bride-to-be. A perfect theme if the groom wants to be included too!
Ideas & hint for a perfect couples bridal shower themed event - Mister & Misses.

"Mr. & Mrs." Bridal Shower Planning Ideas

When the groom wants to be included in the shower, plan a couple’s shower with our “Mr. and Mrs. To be” party supplies. Couples showers are increasingly common these days, and the modern colors of Chocolate Brown and Pastel Blue with Ivory accents are so popular right now. Layer the square plates on top of solid chocolate table covers and they’ll really pop. Add balloons and streamers in solid colors for an inexpensive splash of color. Great favor choices to match this theme are our Brown and Blue gift box candle favors placed at each place setting they provide the perfect little present for your guests.

Ideas For A Perfect Couples Shower Theme

Couples showers are a fun way to get then entire wedding party together. Have the best man help out with the planning so that the grooms taste can be represented. Games for a couples shower can be fun too, A Very simple game for a couples shower. Buy large nametags and on each one write the name of an item that could be used to complete a "honey do" list. (See list below) When the guests arrive at the party give them each a nametag and tell them that from now on they will be known by that name. They must respond to that name and only call others by their nametag name. Each time they mess up and call someone by the wrong name they must place a coin (penny, nickel, dime or quarter) in a cute bank located in the center of the room for the bride and groom's "honey do" projects.

Consider an outdoor theme and have everyone bring camping equipment, lawn furniture, BBQ accessories, etc. as gifts. Another idea is a household tool party. Every new home needs tools like fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, shovels, rakes, screwdrivers, hammers, etc. "If you make it a byog party (bring your own glass), and everyone brings the same wine glasses, they can be used at the party and then given to the couple as a gift. Make sure someone brings the wine and a couple of extra glasses for the honored guests. A food basket is always a welcome gift. How about a picnic basket full of goodies?

Create a "Jack and Jill Bridal Shower" using the Mr. & Mrs. To Be theme

Couples showers, otherwise known as ‘Jack & Jill’ showers are increasingly popular today. The contemporary Mr. and Mrs. To Be bridal shower theme is perfect for coed showers!

  • Involve the women and the men by playing games that all guests will enjoy. Create a homemade version of Bridal Pictionary using 3x5 index cards. Write the names of various bridal items such as garter, church, aisle, bouquet, bowtie, etc., one item per card. As players draw a card, one person on each team will draw the picture for his or her teammate. The first team to correctly guess the item will receive a point. If it's a co-ed event, make it a Mr. vs. Mrs. teams or pair up the couples for a Mr. & Mrs. team.
  • Another great couples’ game is “How Well Do You Know Your Mate?” Couples will try to guess the answers that their mate or spouse has already answered to questions. Have one member of each team leave the room completely. Give each remaining team member a large pad of paper and permanent marker. Be prepared with a list of questions that will be read aloud, one at a time, to the remaining team members. Questions might include: Where did your first kiss take place? Who taught your spouse/mate to drive a stick-shift? Would your spouse/mate rather eat fondue, sushi or barbeque? What song describes your first date? Each person writes his answers on a sheet of paper, one answer per page. Bring in the other teammates and seat them next to their spouse/mate. Ask the same questions and see which team knows their mates best!
  • Reiterate the colors in our Mr. and Mrs. To Be motif by decorating with light blues and browns. In keeping with the contemporary feel of this collection, use brown bamboo stalks in centerpieces with light blue and ivory flowers.
  • Newly married couples seldom are prepared for their first ‘married’ Christmas. Ask each guest to bring blue, brown and ivory colored Christmas ornaments for the couple. Have a large basket or tub on-hand to collect the ornaments when guests arrive. The bride and groom will remember their Mr. and Mrs. Shower for years to come when they decorate their Christmas tree each year!
  • Serve blue and brown cocktails that repeat the Mr. and Mrs. color theme! Mix a BLUE ORCHID with ½-ounce blue Curacao liqueur, 1-ounce vodka and 5-ounces cranberry juice. For a delightful and flavorful brown-colored cocktail, serve CHOCOLATE MARTINIS by mixing 1.5 shots chocolate liqueur, 1.5 shots crème de cacao, ½-shot vodka, and 2.5 shots half-n-half. Shake well and pour over crushed ice.

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