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Ocean Preppy Baby Boy Shower Supplies
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Ocean Preppy Boy Baby Shower Decorations

You'll love our whale themed baby shower!

A beautiful new baby shower theme for little boys, our Ocean Preppy Boy party supplies are here! Featuring friendly blue whale and octopus characters, an argyle pattern, and baby-friendly shades of blue and green, these are going to be very popular decorations!

Besides all of the usual tableware, this pattern features unique decorations like a semi-customizable giant party banner, cupcake wrappers, and cone-shaped favor bags!

The whale at the center of this design is a happy one, spouting water, and playfully lifting his tail (fluke). Some of the plates, the centerpiece, and the banner also feature a friendly octopus, complete with baby blue dimples. Throw a "whale" of a baby shower with these decorations, and create the perfect ocean inspired shower.

Ideas to help you plan an octopus and whale decorated baby shower.

Plan a perfect whale themed Ocean Preppy Boy Baby Shower

The Whale inspired Ocean Preppy Boy baby shower theme is fun, bright, and unique. Throwing a whale themed shower is perfect for a baby boy named Jonah. You can create a whale of a good time with these ideas:

  • Incorporate other ocean themed tie-ins to the decorations. Fish hung from fishing line, tropical luau accents, and maybe even luau decorations could coordinate right in. Take some color inspiration from the Ocean Preppy Boy party decorations.
  • If you are looking for a beach themed candy, consider using salt water taffy. Taffy is a famous ocean treat, and you can get it in blue and green colors to match the Ocean Preppy theme, and you can package them up the Ocean Preppy Boy Favor boxes.
  • Create a Under The Sea Baby Shower by taking the whale and octopus and adding other ocean creatures such as star fish, colorful free fish, and coral decorations. You can get little wind-up fish toys, and put them in a aquarium for some fun.
  • If you are looking for a traditional, or bible story inspired way to modify this theme, take some inspiration from the Jonah and the Whale story.
  • For the future ecologist, or the mom who is committed to saving the planet, consider using these decorations in a Save the Whales event. Suggest donations to your favorite ocean friendly charity.
  • Create your own ocean inspired twist on the traditional ďadvice for the momĒ baby shower activity. Instead of giving everyone a card to write on, give them a sheet of paper that can be rolled up and placed in a bottle (maybe even a baby bottle). The mother-to-be can then play ďMessage in a BottleĒ by opening and reading the messages.
  • Whales arenít fish Ė they are mammals. They make bubbles when they are under the water. You can use this as inspiration to add some bubbles to your own event. Either rent a bubble machine, or give out bottles of bubbles as favors to the guests. The round foil Ocean Preppy Boy balloons can help you create that rising bubble feel.

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