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Paw-ty Time! Dog Birthday Party Supplies featuring red, blue and yellow paw prints and cute puppy images.
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Paw-ty Time! Party Decorations

Let The Dogs Out For A Little Birthday Paw-ty Fun!

Your guests are sure to have a doggone good time when you plan a dog birthday party with these cute pups! The Paw-ty time birthday party collection features an entire array of dog themed party supplies designed with bright primary colors in shades of red, blue, green and yellow that are accented by adorable puppies and multi-colored paw prints.

The cheerful Paw-ty time theme has everything you need to host a pooch perfect, tail wagging event that is fit for anyone, two legged or four legged, who loves to party like an animal! Begin your celebration with paw-printed party invites, then decorate your birthday paw-ty scene with paw print patterned balloons and banners, along with tableware and a red honeycomb shaped fire hydrant centerpiece to add a little humor to your puppy birthday!
Party planning tips incorporating the Paw-ty Time Birthday Theme

Puppy Themed Birthday Party Ideas and Tips

  • Your guests will make their entrance to your dog birthday in style when you decorate the doorway to look like the front of a dog house. Hang primary colored streamers to match the Paw-ty Time color scheme and embellish them with a plaque featuring the guest of honor’s name.
  • Puppy party decorations might include a variety of solid color streamers. Simply twist them together and attach the Paw-ty Time fancy hanging cutouts and hang over the table or around the party area.
  • Throw the Paw-ty Time confetti on the table and blow up a bunch of the red and blue puppy paw print latex balloons to add the perfect finishing touches to your dog birthday party .
  • Let every guest have “dog whistle” blowouts to add music to the birthday celebration.
  • Coordinate the birthday decorations and favors around the Paw-ty Time red honeycomb centerpiece shaped like a fire hydrant. Surround the centerpiece with dog bone shaped treats, small inexpensive plastic puppies or maybe a surprise doggie bag of party favors or treats for each guest to take home at the end of the birthday celebration.
  • Make “dog tags” using a paw print or dog bone cutout, place around the fire hydrant for guest to locate and wear.

Make All The Little Puppies Howl with Excitement with Puppy Party Games and Entertainment

  • Why not use the Paw-ty Time party cutouts to make your own game of Pin-the-Paw on the puppy? Gently blindfold a party guest, turn them around and have them chase their own tail. Then, enjoy the tail wagging fun as they have try to tape one of the brightly colored paw prints on to the puppy dog cutouts.
  • Personalize the green and white puppy party hats with the Paw-ty Time birthday stickers and write their names on the hats. To increase the fun put out felt pieces in browns and whites and the guests can fashion doggie ears that can be stapled or glued to their hat.
  • Pull out your favorite canine movie, tell everyone to “sit”, “stay” and watch the show. Make it a comedy to keep the little pups howling!

Make Your Guests Drool with Some Puppy-licious Treats!

  • Put out the Paw-ty Time plastic doggie bowls and fill them with “Puppy Chow”.
  1. Melt a 12 oz bag of chocolate chips with ½ cup butter and 1 cup peanut butter.
  2. Pour the mixture over rice cereal to coat and then cool.
  3. Shake the cereal mixture in a paper bag with 1 cup powdered sugar and serve up in the dog dishes.
  • Bake up a huge batch of dog bone shaped cookies that the kids can dip in melted chocolate and roll in sprinkles. Have them fill up one of the cute paw print covered loot bags from the Paw-ty Time birthday party decorations and take home their own “doggie bag”.
  • If you choose to bake and decorate a birthday cake for your little pup’s celebration, embellish the edges with puppy paw prints of different colors and top it off with the primary colored Paw-ty Time dog bone shaped candles. Everyone will want to wolf down their dessert!
  • Have the children ice and decorate delicious cupcakes or cookies. Offer vanilla or chocolate frosting for icing then set out other goodies for the details: chocolate or vanilla wafers to break up and use as ears, dark or white chocolate chips for eyes, black jelly beans for noses and licorice strings to make that silly canine grin.

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