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Picnic Basket Party Supplies featuring a wicker basket pattern along with polka dots, stars and red and blue gingham.
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Picnic Basket Party Decorations

A-tisket, A-tasket, We've Got A Picnic Basket … A Picnic Basket Party Theme!

Our Picnic Basket party theme celebrates outdoor picnics, backyard BBQ's and summertime fun! Red and blue gingham patterns mix with red and blue stars and a faux picnic basket weave design. The Picnic Basket party supplies include three sizes of plates, two styles of napkins, sturdy 12 ounce beverage cups and a plastic border print tablecover. Coordinate additional solid colored party supplies, like plastic cutlery, along with solid color party decorations, such as streamers and balloons, in the basic colors of red, white and blue for a picnic basket filled with surprises that is sure to please!

Party planning tips incorporating the Picnic Basket Theme

Enjoy Good Old Fashioned Summertime Fun with Our Picnic Basket Party Theme!

The warm days and long cool nights of summer make it the perfect time to celebrate with friends and family! Our Picnic Basket party theme is ideal for picnics in the park and casual backyard BBQ’s! The simple design of classic red/white and blue/white gingham, combined with red and blue stars, are accentuated by a faux wooden basket weave design.

Picnic Basket Party Supplies For A Summertime Picnic in the Park:

For your next outdoor gathering at the local park, pack up the Picnic Basket party supplies and be picnic-ready!
  • The Picnic Basket plastic tablecover is sized for a long rectangular table. After the picnic is over, simply dispose of tablecover and all your disposable table supplies in the garbage! It is a good idea to bring some tablecloth weights to help keep the tablecover from blowing away in the event there is a breeze.
  • Pair the Picnic Basket banquet or dinner size plates with a wooden wicker plate charger. The combination will highlight the basket design around the outer edges of the plates and will help stabilize the plate once it is filled with delicious picnic food!
  • Serve up a slice of good ‘ol American apple pie on the Picnic Basket 7 inch dessert plates which can easily accommodate any pastries and desserts! Other easy to pack picnic friendly desserts include brownies, freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, and lemon bars.
  • Make a container of ice cold lemonade and serve it up to thirsty picnickers in the Picnic Basket beverage cups. The 12 ounce cups are roomy enough to hold a generous amount of liquid along with a handful of ice.
  • Hands can get dirty quickly, so clean up messy hands with the 3-ply Picnic Basket napkins; the luncheon size is perfect for food service, while the smaller beverage size napkin works well for desserts and as a coaster for ice cold drinks.
  • Besides your picnic supplies, be sure to have on hand anti-bacterial hand wipes or gel for everyone to clean their hands before eating, sunscreen if it is sunny, insect repellant for pesky bugs, camping chairs for people to sit on, and fun picnic toys and games to play!

Picnic Basket Backyard BBQ Party Decorations:

The Picnic Basket party supplies are also perfect for a casual backyard BBQ! Add to the summertime vibe with some of our party decorations suggestions:
  • For the tablecovers, select linens that coordinate with the shades of red and blue in the Picnic Basket theme. Because the theme party supplies are patterned, a solid colored tablecover in classic red or true blue would be a great choice to highlight decorations. If you aren’t able to find the right shade of blue or red, white can also be used as an alternative.
  • A fun Picnic Basket centerpiece idea is to fill a wicker picnic basket with blue and white hydrangeas which are the quintessential summertime bloom.
  • You can never go wrong with solid colored latex balloons as one of your event decorations! For your backyard BBQ, inflate red, blue and white balloons with helium. Tie each with a length of coordinating ribbon and tie each ribbon to a golf tee or small garden stake. Secure the tee or garden stake into the ground and arrange the balloons in fun patterns around the backyard. Alternately, you can inflate the balloons with regular air and suspend them upside down from tree branches, garden arbors and gazebos; an unexpected way to decorate with balloons! To weight the balloons down, drop a marble inside each.
  • Other classic party decorations are crepe streamers. Twist red, blue, and white streamers together and drape them along fences, porch railings, on patio beams, around the food or dessert tables, etc.
  • Other BBQ party decorations can include red, blue, and white paper lanterns, red and blue star garland (either store bought or homemade), and blue, red, and white tissue paper pom poms. Directions and tutorials on how to make the pom poms can be found on the Internet.

Delicious Picnic Basket Summertime Desserts:

Match your dessert to the color palette of the Picnic Basket party supplies! There are so many scrumptious summertime desserts that can be served at a backyard BBQ! Here are some ideas:
  • Strawberry shortcake with whipped cream (red and white)
  • Blueberry cobbler with vanilla ice cream (blue and white)
  • Apple crisp with vanilla ice cream (tan and white)
  • Jell-O parfaits: in a glass parfait glass alternately layer cubes of blue and red Jell-O with whipped cream, ending with a topping of whipped cream. Top each parfait with a maraschino cherry (red, white and blue). Not a fan of Jell-O? Substitute red strawberries or raspberries and blueberries instead!

Picnic Basket Backyard Bubble Blowing Contest!

How fun to host a bubble gum blowing contest! Set out glass apothecary jars filled with red, white, and blue gumballs. Have each participant chew a gumball or two and have a competition among guests to see who can blow the biggest bubble gum bubble! Award a fun prize to the winner!

Picnic Basket Party Favors:

Send guests home packing with a treat from your party favor picnic basket! Fill the basket with all sorts of fun surprises and let guests pick an item on their way home! Ideas can include bottles of your favorite BBQ sauce, Red Vines licorice, boxes of Animal crackers … whatever you think your guests will love!

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