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Polka Dot Party Themes

Liven Up the Celebration with Party Decorations Featuring Polka Dots!

Create the perfect atmosphere for your special gathering when you include polka dots party decorations. The versatile dot pattern is a great design element for any party theme: a bridal or wedding shower, baby showers or for general birthday celebrations. Dots convey distinctive styles of energy. Brightly colored dots, in a random or casual pattern, might express playful energy or vitality. Ordered dots give a feel of symmetry and pastel or muted colored dots evoke serene or calm feelings. Look through the wonderful choices of polka dot party supplies and think about the emotions of the special day. Each polka dot party theme offers a variety of plates, napkins and tableware to coordinate with tablecovers and other special party decorations. Mix and match your party theme with solid colored party supplies or polka dot party favors to accessorize and accent your supplies. There are so many wonderful ways to incorporate polka dots into your celebration. Use your imagination and our party tips and the festivity will be a huge success!

Party planning tips incorporating Polka Dot party supplies

Fabulous Polka Dots Inspire Fabulous Party Ideas!

Polka dots are another timeless design element that is affected by color, size, density and texture. Let the qualities of these polka dots party supplies motivate how you ultimately decorate and manage your celebration. As you look at the featured polka dot themes think about the type of celebration you are hosting and the emotions you want to convey. Choose color and design elements using dots that mirror or accent the theme of the party: bright, bold colored dots for an exciting birthday picnic or dots in natural tones for a relaxed garden party. Whether you are decorating for a traditional wedding shower or a festive baby shower gathering the tips below will help in the planning process but your imagination will add the fabulous personal touches.

Delightful Decorating Tips using Polka Dot Party Decorations

Take a close look at the colors and the arrangements of the polka dots on your party supplies. Are colors bold and lively or muted and serene? Is the arrangement of dots ordered or unevenly distributed? Are there different sized dots or other patterns on your polka dot party decorations? Keep all this in mind when purchasing accessories and party favors.
  • Mix and match with solid colors to accent the colors of the polka dot party supplies. Only use one or two coordinating solid colors to avoid causing the party décor to look too busy. Check out our solid colored tableware supplies and decorations which include paper fans, balloons, streamers and paper lanterns to hang and add vertical dimension to the celebration.
  • If your pattern has stripes as well as dots use solid colors as accents-it may be too difficult to match two patterns at once and the solid colors will complement all parts of the design.
  • Look at fabrics as accents for your polka dot party supplies. Some textured materials have raised dots or embroidery, while others may feel smooth and silky. Use fabric material as tablecloths, chair back covers or to wrap gifts for the guest of honor and party attendees.
  • Pick items from nature to use as accents to the polka dot party decorations. The natural grain of wood contrasts with circular dot patterns. Pick greenery that matches the polka dot theme and use the plants to accent table decorations or flowers arrangements.

Imaginative Foods and Beverages to Complement Polka Dot Party Decorations

Look closely at the polka dot supplies that you have chosen and have fun brainstorming food and drink ideas to mix and match. Parties are about celebrating, so enjoy planning for ultimate entertainment! Try these polka dot friendly food ideas for memorable entertaining!
  1. Fill a watermelon bowl or decorative container with delicious fruits, some cut with a melon baller. For bright colors choose pineapple, watermelon, kiwi, blueberries or strawberries. For quieter colors mix cantaloupe, honeydew, green grapes, pink grapefruit or apricots.
  2. Contrast the polka dot party supplies with straight, rectangular foods. Try pretzel sticks, carrot and red pepper sticks, cheese cut in strips, skinny rolls of deli meat, brownies or pizza cut in rectangle pieces.
  3. Any round candy makes a yummy snack or sweet item to add to a treat sack. Go the extra yard and personalize round chocolate candies or decorate round sugar cookies.
Dress up those delicious drinks, too!
  1. Pick up the circular dot pattern of the polka dot party decorations by adding pieces of round fruit to party drinks or punches. For non-alcoholic drinks spear a grape, strawberry or some other round fruit. For alcoholic drinks you could use olives or cocktail onions as round accents.
  2. Put out a large round crystal punch bowl, fill with your favorite fruit punch concoction and float round ice cubes. Use rounded pieces of fruit like grapes, melon balls or blueberries as accents in the punch.
  3. Purchase round, stemless wine glasses to serve up alcoholic and non–alcoholic beverages. The shape of the glass mirrors the polka dot party decorations.

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