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A Great White swims in a sea of blue on these Shark Splash Party Supplies.
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Shark Splash Party Decorations

Make a Splash With This Shark-Infested Party Theme!

Predators of the deep await! The Shark Splash birthday party theme features a Great White shark lurking in the vast, dark waters of the deep blue sea. Kids of all ages love sharks and a shark theme is sure to be a FINtastic choice for a birthday party! The Shark Splash design has all the party supplies for a JAWsome shark party. Items include tableware to serve up some chum to the hungry little sharks, FINcredible decorations like banners, cutouts, balloons, and centerpieces for a festive party atmosphere , and party favors that are sure to make a splash!

Coordinate solid color party supplies in baby blue, true blue or white to accent this Shark party theme with a splash!
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Shark Pinata
Shark Paddleball Game
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Party planning tips incorporating the Shark Splash Theme

Swimmers Beware! The Jaws of Great White Sharks Lurk Everywhere!

Have a JAWsome time with the Shark Splash party supplies and all the cool shark party ideas that our event planners have found for you!

Shark Party Chum Station!

Those little sharks are bound to get hungry! Set up a Shark Zone Chum Station to complement your shark birthday decorations! Create labels to place near each food item so the little sharks know what they are biting their jaws into!
  • Shark Teeth: using any type of white cheese slices, cut into triangles
  • Chum: Goldfish crackers
  • Tuna Fish: fish shaped sandwiches (use a fish cookie cutter). You could do a variety of types, including peanut butter and "jellyfish", tuna fish, and ham and cheese.
  • Shark Infested Waters: blue Jello cubes in a clear plastic cup with a small plastic shark or gummy shark inside
  • Shark Bait: Swedish fish
  • Shark Teeth: blue and white candy necklaces can be shark teeth
  • Watermelon Shark: Try searching ideas online for creating a shark display out of a carved watermelon, it is sure to look JAWsome!
  • Shark Punch: A thirst-quenching drink that has a surprise "bite" lurking just beneath the surface! A day before the party, make shark ice cubes by freezing bite-sized gummy shark candies or fruit snacks in ice cube trays filled with water. To make the punch, prepare a batch of blue drink mix, like Kool-Aid. Pour into a punch bowl and add one 2-litre bottle of ginger ale, 7-Up or Sprite. When serving, place 2-3 shark cubes in a clear plastic cup and fill with punch.

Shark Birthday Activities

  • Shark Aquarium:
    You can make these shark theme party favors ahead of time, or, if your guests are older and you have some grown-ups around for help, try it as a fun shark birthday party craft!

    1. Small glass jars with lids (baby food, canning or pantry jars)
    2. Small plastic sharks
    3. Blue food coloring
    4. Glitter, if desired
    5. Glycerin or vegetable oil
    6. Silver acrylic paint, if desired
    7. Water

    To make a Shark Splash Aquarium, fill the jar with colored water and place the shark toy inside with a sprinkle of glitter. It works best to make your colored water in a pitcher and then pour the colored water into the jars. If you try and color the water in the jars, it may end up too dark. You can add a few drops of glycerin into the water in the glass jar if so desired. The glycerin is not necessary, but will cause the glitter to move more slowly through the water when shaken. Securely seal the outside edges of the jar using rubber cement or hot glue (with an adultís help if the kids are making).

    If you want to make Shark Splash Wave Jars replace the glycerin with vegetable oil. Fill 3/4 of the jar with colored water and 1/4 vegetable oil.

    If you are using baby food jars, or any lids with printing or writing on them, use the silver acrylic paint on the lids. You can then use a Sharpie marker to label each jar with the childís name.

  • Great White Jaws!
    Get up close and personal to a set of razor sharp teeth of a Great White with this fun party craft! All you need are some standard size white paper plates. A "deep dish" non-crimped/non-fluted Chinet style plate is suggested because it is smooth and sturdy. You could even make a batch of these and string them together for a JAWsome shark garland! To make:
    1. Fold your paper plate in half "backwards" (with the bottom of the plate facing you, and the folded edges coming toward you).
    2. Using small scissors, trim away the outer edges of the plate in a sweeping arched "M" design on the top half and bottom half, which should leave it looking like the hinges on the jaw, and the "M" shaped bottom and top of the mouth.
    3. Cut out a large oval from the middle, and then work from that center to cut out free-form teeth that follow the inside arc of the paper plate on the top and bottom. Shark teeth can be jagged, irregular and not always parallel, so it is ok if they are not perfect!

    Shark Birthday Party Games

    Caution! Beware! Scary sharks swim everywhere! No shark party is complete without scary shark games!
    1. Pin the Tail and Fin on the Shark!
      A spinoff of the classic party game, Pin the Tail on the Donkey. To make, use a blue or gray poster board to make a shark without a tail or fin. Then use the same color poster board to cut a tail and fin for each player. Label each set of tails and fins with a child's name. Add double stick tape on the tail and fin pieces to play the game. Whoever is closest wins!
    2. Watch out for Jaws!
      With a permanent marker draw a basic shark face, with teeth on a white balloon. Have players stand in a circle. Play fun Jaws theme music while the children bop the shark balloon around within the circle. The players will try to keep the balloon away from themselves. After bit of time, turn the music off. Whoever is touching the shark when the music stops is out. The last player is the winner.
    3. Great White Shark Attack!
      In this game the kids are the sharks and fish at the same time! Before the party, inflate two balloons per child and tie a 12-18 inch piece of ribbon to the end of the balloons. Tie the balloons around the ankles of each child. The object of the game is to pop the other player's balloons while still protecting your own. The player with at least one remaining inflated balloon wins. This has proven to be a JAWsome party game; we suggest having an additional set of balloons on hand for each child because they will want to play again! (Plus a few spares for those balloons that pop before the game begins!)
    4. Feed the Hungry, Hungry Shark!
      Cut a sharks mouth from the center of a large box. Don't forget to make jagged edges for the teeth. Paint the box gray. Add eyes and a shark fin on top of the box. Purchase or make bean bags. Have each little party guest take turns trying to "feed" the shark by tossing the bean bags into the mouth from a reasonable distance.
    5. Great White Photo Booth!
      Set up the Shark Splash Photo Op Banner and let the little sharks have their turn sticking their heads into the Great White's mouth! Take a picture of each child and make copies to send with the thank you note. Or, if you have a color copier at home, you can print a picture for them to take home when they leave the party.

    Send The Little Sharks Swimming Home With A Shark Splash Party Favor!

    As a thank you for helping make the Shark Splash party FINtastic, send each little shark home with a shark tooth necklace! You can find them reasonably priced on the internet; either as a costume jewelry item, or even in a candy necklace version!

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