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Host A celebration with Soccer Party Supplies featuring soccer balls, a striped jersey and a field worthy of the World Cup!
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Soccer Party Decorations

Dribble, Pass, Kick, Score With Soccer Party Supplies!

Our Soccer party decorations and supplies will have all the soccer sports fans cheering, celebrating and ready to party! This awesome assortment of tableware, party favors and accessories features the characteristic symbols of this World Cup sport from the black and white soccer ball and the green grassy playfield to the player's striped jersey. Whether it is an end of season soccer party, a soccer awards banquet or a birthday celebration for the soccer aficionado, the Soccer ensemble has what you need—check out the soccer ball cutouts, the photo insert centerpiece or the soccer ball shaped candles. Let the young soccer players take the field because it’s time to kick start the party!

Party planning tips incorporating the Soccer Party Theme

Soccer Party Supplies, Decorations and Ideas

  • The game of soccer is rich in historical facts and even more of a blast to play. Score the winning goal with the Soccer party supplies and decorations to help keep the ball rolling and the energy level high. Check out the great ideas below that are guaranteed to keep the energetic soccer fans occupied and ready to stay in the game.

Decorations and Party Ideas using the Soccer Ball

  • A sporty soccer celebration means a big entrance—decorate the path to the party with a large green tarp lined with orange safety cones. Hang a big banner over the door that says, “(team,honoree)’s Stadium” to make the guests of honor feel special. Multiple sized soccer ball cutouts from the Soccer party supplies can be placed on doors, windows or hung from ceilings. Twist and hang streamers of black, white and green to cover the ceiling and hang small plastic soccer balls from the streamers. This décor is a kick!
  • Don’t pass up on the perfect soccer souvenir. Have guests sign a soccer ball for the lucky birthday boy or girl or as a team remembrance. Give the party guests favors of small stuffed soccer balls or water bottles with a soccer ball emblem. Fill Soccer loot bags with treats and soccer novelties for everyone to score!
  • Make or buy a soccer ball piñata! To make your own, blow up a balloon and cover with strips of newspaper dipped in a flour and water paste. Let dry, paint, decorate and fill with goodies! This will be a big hit!
  • Stage the celebration outside or at an indoor soccer arena and play real matches during the party. Lots of physical activity is great for a high energy group!

World Cup Class Foods and Beverages

  • Foods and beverages traditional to sports venues include favorites like pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers and chips. Serve Gatorade or other sports drinks. Cupcakes or cookies decorated to look like soccer balls are always a hit. Insert the Soccer ensemble cupcake picks in the cupcake top for home field advantage!
  • Find out where the next World Cup match will be held. Research foods and drinks from that country and serve them to your guests. Make it a World Cup Celebration.
  • A delicious cake made to look like a soccer ball is perfect. Decorate a rectangular cake with a soccer scene or bake your cake in a round Pyrex bowl (bake a little longer!), turn upside down on a plate and frost with white and black icing (fondant works, too!). A perfect dessert for a birthday, a soccer awards banquet or end of the season soccer party.

Popular Games and Activities for the Soccer Celebration

  • Set up an obstacle course and have players dribble the soccer ball through the course to the end. Time each player to see who is fastest.
  • Try soccer bowling. Kick the ball at safety cones set up in a triangle. See if guests can kick the ball and knock the cones down.
  • Two teams in line can try passing the soccer ball without using their hands or letting the ball touch the ground. A great challenge!
  • Pop the soccer ball. Make a pile of inflated black and white balloons. A player from each relay team runs to the balloon pile, takes one balloon and sits on it until it pops and then runs back and tags the next person in line. This game is full of laughs!

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