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Hot magenta, teal and pink along with images of beauty items make the Pink Zebra Boutique Party Supplies a great choice for any spa party or sleepover birthday!
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Pink Zebra Boutique Decorations

Girls Will Be Girls With This Spa and Sleepover Birthday Party!

These decorations capture all the things girls love: shopping, spas and sleepovers! Magenta pink, teal green, candy pink, black and white combine to create a cool mix of colors and patterns. Add in some fun graphics like fingernail polish, lipstick, perfume bottles, high heels, purses, cell phones and bunny rabbit slippers, and you've got all things girly! These spa party supplies provide a complete collection of tableware along with decorations including banners, centerpieces, tissue fans, and more!

Don't forget stylish party favors including tiaras, glasses, blowouts, and 4 styles of swankie hankies that can be presented in 3 types of favor bags and boxes!
Pink Zebra Boutique Diecut Postcard Invitations
Pink Zebra Boutique Born to Shop Invitations
Pink Zebra Boutique Sleepover Popup Invitations
Pink Zebra Boutique Spa Party Invitations
Pink Zebra Boutique Foldover Thank You Notes
Pink Zebra Boutique 12 oz Cup
Pink Zebra Boutique Dessert Plates
Pink Zebra Boutique Icons Dinner Plates
Pink Zebra Boutique Dinner Plates
Pink Zebra Boutique Large Round Paper Bowl
Pink Zebra Boutique Beverage Napkins
Pink Zebra Boutique Happy Birthday Luncheon Napkins
Pink Zebra Boutique Sleepover Luncheon Napkins
Pink Zebra Boutique Born to Shop Luncheon Napkins
Pink Zebra Boutique Spa Party Luncheon Napkins
Pink Zebra Boutique Tablecover
Pink Zebra Boutique Mini Cascade Centerpiece
Magenta Assorted Plastic Cutlery 24 Count
Black Assorted Plastic Cutlery 24 Count
Hot Magenta Party Tableware
Black Velvet Party Tableware
Paper Straws
Pink Zebra Boutique Table Scatter
Pink Zebra Boutique Metallic Balloon
Pink Zebra Boutique Tissue Fans
Pink Zebra Boutique 12 inch Lantern
Pink Zebra Boutique Assorted Dizzy Danglers
Pink Zebra Boutique Circle Ribbon Banner with Stickers
Pink Zebra Boutique Happy Birthday Paper Flag Banner
Pink Zebra Boutique Cake Banner Kit
Pink Zebra Boutique Cupcake Wrappers with Picks
Pink Zebra Boutique Bottle Labels
Pink Zebra Boutique Loot Bags
Pink Zebra Boutique Assorted Shoe and Purse Shaped Treat Boxes
Pink Zebra Boutique Stickers
Pink Zebra Boutique Straws with Attachments
Pink Zebra Boutique Blowouts
Pink Zebra Boutique Paper Glasses Favors
Pink Zebra Boutique Paper Tiara
Pink Zebra Boutique Child Size Party Hats
Pink Zebra Boutique Pink Zebra Swankie
Pink Zebra Boutique Born to Shop Swankie
Pink Zebra Boutique Sleepover Swankie
Pink Zebra Boutique Spa Party Swankie
Zebra Animal Print 18" Foil Balloon Black and White
Zebra Animal Print 18" Foil Balloon Pink and White
Zebra Animal Print 18" Foil Balloon Blue and White
Zebra Stripe Black & White Latex Balloons 8 ct.
Zebra Stripe Black & Pink Latex Balloons 8 ct.
Satin Raspberry Latex Balloon
Pitch Black Latex Balloons - 15 ct
Funky Zebra Stripe Birthday Cake 41" Foil Balloon
Zebra Party Confetti Mega Value Pack
Zebra Animal Print Round 12" Paper Lantern
Black Zebra Stripe Curl Ribbon
Zebra Print Crepe Streamer
Black Crepe Streamer
Magenta Crepe Streamer
Zebra Party Customizable Giant Party Banner
Zebra Party Customizable Printed Letter Banner
Zebra Party Customizable Room Decorating Kit
Zebra Party Customizable Dangling Cutouts
Zebra Party Customizable Door Decorating Kit
Zebra Party Hanging Sign-In Scroll
Zebra Animal Print Favor Box with Carry Handle
Zebra Animal Print Swankie Hankies Novelty Tissues
Another Year of Fabulous Light-Up Tiara
Another Year of Fabulous Customizable Tiara
Zebra Party Customizable Party Favor Bags
Another Year of Fabulous Cello Party Bags
Party planning tips incorporating Pink Zebra Boutique Party Supplies

A Sensational Party Theme That Celebrates What Girls Love - Spa Parties, Sleepover Parties and Shopping!

A birthday party theme that highlights spa parties, sleepovers and shopping – how can you go wrong? Eye catching colors and fun designs make these decorations the perfect choice for a girl's birthday party!

Splendid Spa Party Suggestions!

You can't go wrong incorporating spa party supplies into your birthday celebration and decor! Girls love to be pampered and there are many fun activities that you can plan that will keep the girls entertained for hours! Here are some spa party suggestions:
  • Manicure mania!
    Enlist the help of older sisters, aunts, neighbors and friends to help out with manicures and pedicures. Give each girl a plastic soaking tub filled with warm water and soaking salts (the tubs can be bought inexpensively at dollar stores). Have all your supplies at the ready, including nail files, clippers, polish, fingernail polish remover and plenty of towels! Depending on the size of the group, you can do the mani/pedis all at once, or break the girls into groups.
  • Fantastic facials!
    You can have the girls make their own facial masks – it's inexpensive and easy! One spa party recipe for a simple homemade mask is to mash together ¼ of an avocado and mix it together with 1 Tb plain yogurt. Spread the mixture on the face; wait 15 minutes, then rinse off. Alternately, you can purchase bottled clay mask mixture at any drugstore. Have plenty of facial cleansing wipes or baby wipes and washcloths for the girls to remove their masks.
  • Homemade spa party lip gloss!
    You can make this recipe ahead of time, or have it as a spa party activity. It only requires two ingredients. Just be careful – it can get very hot!
    1. Place 1 cup Vaseline in a microwave safe bowl.
    2. Heat the Vaseline in the microwave in 30 second increments, stirring between each heating. It can take between 5-8 minutes to melt each batch of Vaseline. It will be liquid when it is fully melted and is VERY HOT! Make sure you wear gloves or oven mitts and make sure the girls are being supervised.
    3. Take the bowl out of microwave and wait for the Vaseline to cool until it is almost solid again; the temperature needs to be lukewarm to cool for the Kool Aid to dissolve properly.
    4. Stir in one packet Kool-Aid drink crystals; stir until the crystals are completely dissolved. (If you try and dissolve the Kool Aid in the Vaseline and it is too hot, the crystals will not dissolve)
    5. If the Vaseline starts to solidify, you can heat again for another 30 seconds.
    6. Pour/spoon the mixture into your lip gloss containers and leave to solidify for a few hours.
    7. If desired, print out labels to fit your containers on sticker paper. Place on lip gloss containers.

Sensational Sleepover Party Proposals!

Just the idea of having a sleepover party is cool, but when you try some of our super fun sleepover party ideas, you’ll have a hard time containing their excitement!
  • Sleepover party pillowcases! A fun activity and keepsake all in one that the girls can keep as a memento of their slumber party! You will need:
    1. White pillowcases
    2. Letter stencils
    3. Fabric paint in assorted colors
    4. Stencil brushes
    5. Sharpie markers or fabric pens
    To make:
    1. Allow each girl to stencil their name in the center of their pillowcase. Insert a piece of wax paper or cardboard into the pillowcase to keep the paint from bleeding.
    2. Let the pillowcases dry for a few hours and then have them sign and write a note on each girl's pillowcase with a permanent marker.
    3. Heat set the pillowcases with an iron.
  • Sleepover party beach ball game: Super fun and easy! Inflate a giant plastic beach ball and in permanent marker write questions all over it, like: What is your favorite food? Who is your favorite singer? If you were invisible, what would you do? Who is your secret crush? What was your last dream about? If you could be any animal, what would it be and why? The smaller you write the more questions you can fit onto the ball. Keep the questions relevant to the age of the girls in attendance. Place everyone in a circle and start by throwing the ball to someone. The person who catches the ball must answer the question that their right thumb is touching. After reading and answering the question they then throw the ball to another person. The game continues for as long as there is interest.
  • Always make sure to have lots of sleepover party snacks and midnight munchies on hand like pizza, chips and dip, fruit, cookies and drinks! You would be surprised how hungry slumber parties make you!

And for those girls who were born to shop ….

A fun idea would be to set up shop with a table full of trinkets, goodies and small items like candy, costume jewelry and makeup that are priced to sell! Give each girl play money that they can spend at your store. The girls can "shop" with their money and "buy" what they want!

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