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Solid Color Crepe Streamers

Colorful Crepe Streamers for any Occasion

What better way to ramp up the decor at your special celebration than with colorful streamers strewn throughout the venue? These economical yet eye-catching crepe decorations are available in a wide array of shades and can add powerful punches of color to a room quickly and effectively. Let your imagination be your guide and combine a variety of colored streamers to create fun accessories to hang from mantels, walls, windows, doorways, ceilings, and railings. A ceiling canopy or wall backdrop made of crepe paper in colors that coordinate with your chosen theme can be a focal point and great backdrop for great looking keepsake photos. Whether your gathering is a baby shower, bridal shower, or birthday celebration, only your creativity will limit what can be done with simple yet eye-catching crepe streamers.
Our party planners have worked hard to come up with some great way to use crepe streamers in your decorating scheme – here’s their tips!

Streamers! Streamers! Streamers!

We offer a host of colors for you to select from and each color coordinates with several of our themed first birthday party table and room decorations. Our professional party consultants have made color recommendations for each first birthday party design that will enhance that theme’s color scheme. Simply view each theme’s product page to view which colors we’ve selected. We’ve also included some basic suggestions for you to consider for your next party. Use them as a starting point and go from there!

Create a wall of streamers:

Walls make terrific canvases for party decorations. Select a wall that can serve as a backdrop for your streamers, with an area in front of it to place a table (for example, the main food or dessert table). Then choose what color(s) streamers you would like to incorporate into your design and what color pattern you will be using. One fun idea is to select four different colors and use the following pattern: three twisted, one after another in a row, then one straight, three more twisted, then one straight, etc. Attach the streamers evenly at the corner where the ceiling meets the wall and unroll them until they touch the floor. Twist each streamer then attach it to the floor to create a wall of vertical spirals. You can hang special banners or garlands in front of the streamers; add balloons; or any other party decorations, like paper lanterns or wall cutouts. Place your table in front of the streamer wall and set it up accordingly. Having the streamer wall in place behind your table will really make your table décor stand out!

Draw the eye upward with ceiling decorations:

Create large swaths of color from corner to corner in your room. Simply gather several different colored streamers together at one end of the wall near the ceiling. Staple or tape those colors together at the ends and attach them securely to the joint where the ceiling and wall meet (a thumbtack or push pin would work well). Unroll the streamers, allowing them to droop in the middle. Gather the other end and attach it at the opposite corner. This creates a curtain draping effect along the top of the wall. You can also twist the colors together, if desired, before attaching on the other end. Repeat with more streamers until you achieve the desired effect.

Streamers create colorful lighting, too!

Don’t forget: streamers can also be used to decorate lighting fixtures, adding colored light to a room. If the bulbs of the fixture point toward the ceiling, attach the streamers to the outside edge of the fixture, and stretch the streamers up and over the fixture so that they will catch the light (making sure the streamers don’t touch the light bulbs). If a lighting fixture points toward the ground, attach the streamers to hang below the fixture and catch the light that way.

Make your own streamer curtain:

Adding streamers at the entryway to a party can help set the mood, and create a transition from a neutral space to a celebratory one. Simply affix streamers to the top of a door frame, and allow them to hang down, almost to the floor, to create a streamer curtain. Be sure to cut the streamers off a few inches from the ground so that they are not stepped on. Streamer curtains can also be made along window frames and any other entry points that you want lots of color!

Streamers are perfect for outdoors, too!

If your party is being hosted outside, consider adding long pieces of different colored streamers to tree branches. The slightest breeze will have them fluttering in the wind! Or, if your table(s) happens to be set up under trees, hang them down from the branches to create a canopy effect over each table. (Just make sure there is no rain in the forecast – wet streamers are not fun to clean up!)

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