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Summer Party Decorations

Summertime Means Party Time!

The warm, fun filled days and cool, starry nights have arrived. This is the season for summertime reunions, vacations, camping and swimming at the beach or pool. Most of all it’s time to party! Plan your ideal summer celebration or barbeque get-together with summer party supplies that will delight your guests and guarantee lasting memories. We have everything you need for perfect table settings. Choose from summer party themes using classic patterns and colors or themes that add a bright, whimsical touch to the party. Or choose summer party decorations featuring a summer garden’s glory! Don’t forget the time-honored barbeque! Our summer party supplies include all the basics you’ll need. Coordinate your decorations with solid colored tableware and accessories. The summertime excitement has just begun!

Fantastic Tips and Ideas Using Summer Party Decorations

Can it be true? Summer is just around the corner and it’s time to start planning vacations, reunions, barbeques and most of all—parties! This is the season for warm days filled with activities and cool nights lingering with friends. Plan the perfect summertime celebration by choosing summer party supplies that meet your needs and tickle your fancy. Gather everyone together, feed them in style and then relax and enjoy the memorable occasion!

Serve Up Barbeque Fun on Summer Party Supplies

Summertime means barbeques in all manners of locations—parks, lakes, beaches, backyards and camp sites. When planning your summer party decorations think about the location and the reason for your party before purchasing items.
  • For a barbeque at the beach buy decorations that are playful and lighthearted. Look for symbols of summertime like beach balls or popsicles. Look for bright, bold splashes of color in the pattern.
  • For a summer bbq, look for party supplies in red, white and blue—patriotic but also a time honored combination. Patterns with stripes or checks make our mouths water in anticipation of yummy foods.
  • For a family reunion and bbq cookout in the park look for summer party themes that showcase foliage and colorful flowers. Signs of summer always revolve around a garden’s glory. We also have more spring & floral garden party supplies here.
  • To welcome someone back from camp or a vacation pick summer party supplies with lots of colors and energy, perfect for a homecoming barbeque!
  • Treat everyone that helped with a summertime service project to a barbeque bonanza. Purchase plenty of summer party tableware to serve all the wonderful volunteers—no one should go hungry!

Coordinate Summertime Lighting With Your Summer Party Supplies

For those wonderful parties that extend into the night be prepared with lighting to fit the mood and the pattern featured on your summer party decorations:
  1. Light Tiki torches for any celebration using tropical summer party supplies. Wrap matching streamers around the Tiki pole. We have tons of tropical luau party supplies here
  2. For summer party decorations that have a western feel make tin can luminaries. For ease in punching out the pattern fill the clean can with water and freeze before your punch out the design using a nail and hammer. Attach a heavy wire handle for hanging the light.
  3. String cool LED lights across trellises or archways for a dreamy effect. Buy paper lanterns that match your summer party theme colors and place the LED lights inside the lantern for a colorful glow.
  4. On the beach arrange paper bags in colors that coordinate with your summer party supplies and fill with sand and a small votive candle for instant lighting.
  5. For a fun and shiny summertime project purchase glass blocks from the crafts store and decorate with paints, tiles or etching that match your summer party decorations and then display on the table with a string of lights packed inside! Decorate with a bow or streamers to hide the cord and voila!—beautiful lighting!

Let Gifts of Nature Complement Your Summer Party Decorations

Try some of these ideas to celebrate nature and incorporate items with the summer party supplies for a superb summertime presentation. Keep your guests busy and feeling appreciated when you have them help with the décor.
  • Create a very affordable centerpiece at the beach barbeque with items gathered from the shore and water. Pick shells, pretty stones, driftwood and beach grasses and build a centerpiece in the sand. Children love this task.
  • For a bbq cookout at a camping site why not pick wildflowers and leafy plants to make a bouquet in metal coffee pot. Pick small twigs longer than a foot and try to weave them into a pretty table trivet or placemat. Set the summer party decorations on the woody mats you create.
  • For a western style barbeque use bales of hay to showcase your summer party supplies and add giddy-up to the table. Cut some green willow branches to toast the marshmallows or hot dogs. Combine golden grasses with black-eyed susan blossoms and use a tall tin can or an old cowboy boot as a vase.
  • If you have chosen a summer party theme that showcases flowers add living plants to the table décor. Fill small terra cotta pots with pansies, sweet alyssum or lobelia and use a summer party theme plate as a trivet. Or match the blooms in your summer party supplies to fill vases or to float blossoms in shallow dishes or clear bowls.
  • To add elegance to any of our summer party themes, especially if the occasion is a bridal shower or wedding, display clusters of beautiful white hydrangeas or snowball bush blossoms for a crisp look with a sweet perfume. Set colored votive candles in small canning jars, fill the bottom with white sand and light for a delicate look.

Use Summer Themed Tableware to Serve Delicious Foods and Beverages

Try these barbeque favorites to make the summer party decorations really stand out! Pile food on the plates, grab the napkins and chow down!
  1. Potato salad: For fun use red and blue potatoes with the white for patriotic flair.
  2. Baked Beans: Try them in a slow cooker to get that old fashioned flavor. Serve in a solid colored bowl to match your summer party theme.
  3. Fruit: Choose summertime fruit that matches your summer party decorations and serve with fancy party picks for extra fun.
  4. Desserts: Pick colors from the summer party supplies and create desserts with those colors. An easy dessert is a Jell-O parfait. Alternate colored Jell-O or fruit with loads of whipped cream. Add a cherry or strawberry to finish the top.
  5. Beverages: Make sure all the summertime drinks you serve are topped off with a pretty cocktail pick that coordinates with your summer party supplies.
  6. Bbq Sauce: Write your recipe on a card for everyone to take home. Better yet, have each guest bring their favorite barbeque sauce recipe to the party!

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