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Sweet 16 Banners & Yard Signs

Announce A Milestone Event With Sweet 16 Birthday Party Banners

How did your little one grow up so fast! Celebrate a wonderful occasion with awesome Sweet 16 party banners that are sure to impress guests with bright colors and designs that showcase a very special day. Our collection of Sweet Sixteen party decorations includes a variety of products that display the star’s age—jointed, letter, and flag banners, door signs, cutouts, hanging and swirl decorations, products with glitter or fringe, and plenty of customizable options for making a sign suited to the guest of honor. Our choice of colorful and festive Sweet 16 birthday banners will balance the room decor, add cheerful pops of color, and make that someone special smile.
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Party planning tips and suggestions using sweet 16 banners

Ramp Up The Fun With Sweet 16 Birthday Party Banners

There are so many different and wonderful ways to announce this milestone event and our Sweet 16 party banners and accessories are sure to fit the bill. You know your child’s personality best and we can help make your preparations easy and fun!

Use the Sweet Sixteen Birthday Banners To Brighten The Venue

Having focal points around the party location helps to draw the attention of guests and add an element of surprise to the room. Try some of these tips to make decorations stand out and shine.
  • A Sweet 16 banner on the entrance door or an inner door adds a giant splash of color and is the perfect reminder of how old someone is. Some of our sweet sixteen decorations are customizable and are sold with letter and number stickers. Or, visit the scrapbooking store and use the die cutting machine to make your own letters and numerals to create a very personal design. Have the lucky star stand next to the banner and take a photo.
  • The Sweet Sixteen birthday banners often have cutout letters that spell “Happy Birthday” that are fun to hang across the top of a doorway, window or arch. Many hanging cutouts have numerals suspended from foil swirls or strings and are great to hang where guests have to walk under them. Depending on your theme, you can find these hanging supplies in bright pink tones for a girl’s celebration or in multicolored cutouts for the young man.
  • Vary the type of room decorations to help liven up the scene. Hang a Sweet 16 birthday party banner on a window frame and add colorful streamers from the corners of the ceiling to meet over a nearby table. Or, hang the banner in front of a streamer wall, a blank wall that is covered with streamers that have been twisted and hung from ceiling to floor. An archway could feature a glittery Sweet Sixteen banner along the top and drapes of streamers that guests will walk through.
  • Place cakes or desserts on a separate table and hang a Sweet 16 party banner across the table front. Sprinkle the tabletop with coordinating glittery confetti. This is a great area to place matching balloons or to hang honeycomb tissue fans or tissue balls over the cake centerpiece. This table will be the focus of the room!

Save A Little Piece Of The Sweet 16 Party Banner For Nostalgic Reasons

This is an important milestone event and photos and videos are just one way to preserve memories. Cut out the numeral or word sixteen from a decoration and put it into a scrapbook with a guest list, quotes or a few select photos. A foil number 16 can be placed in a frame behind glass with a picture to add some extra dimension. Or, just fold up decorations and place in a memorabilia box for the birthday honoree.

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