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Sweet sixteen decorations including tableware, favors, and party supplies.
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Sweet 16 Decorations & Party Supplies

We've got great ideas for a Sweet Sixteen Party

PartyPail's product team has put together the best selection of stylish, sassy, and trend forward designs for you to create a perfect Sweet 16 celebration. We've organized our sweet 16 party ideas into three major categories to simplify your shopping - browse our themes and build a party around a specific look. If you are just looking for a specific item, you can shop by product category where everything is organized by product type. Of course, you have to thank your guests for making it a great event, and what better way is there to that than to give them each a memorable favor.

If you are looking for ideas to help you planning a Sweet 16 party, we've got two ways to help you out. Call us and chat with one of our professional party planners for some help, or check out the planning tips we have at the bottom of the page.
Sweet 16 Sixteenth Birthday Party Themes, Decorations and Birthday Party Supplies

Planning the Perfect Sweet 16 Birthday Party

Sweet 16 Birthday Party for Girls

For a sweet 16th birthday party thatís just for the girls, weíve stocked up on three great sweet 16 party themes, and put together some fun ideas that coordinate with them to help you plan the perfect party.

Zebra-Print Sweet 16 Theme for a Chic Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party:

  • This is a great theme when it comes to decorating because there is so much to work with. Hot pink, light pink, polka dots and zebra print accents mean that you can use this 16th birthday party theme in a variety of ways.
  • Use your own zebra print accessories (like area rugs, bean bag chairs, or even bedding that you might have that has a zebra stripe) to set the stage for a girls'-night-in spa party, for a movie night, or for a place to crash after your daughter and her friends go out for dinner and a concert or play.
  • To get the most from your decorating dollars, or to help you decorate a large space like a community center or social hall, mix and match solid color party supplies and solid color party decorations like crepe paper streamers, table coverings, cutlery, napkins and plates along with your themed sweet 16 party decorations in hot or pastel pink, black or white.
  • Stylish Sweet Sixteen Party Favor Idea: Place tufts of pink cotton candy atop cupcakes or in clear martini glasses beside place settings for a chic and stylish garnish for table settings. Or place them in a row down the center of a table to create a sweet 16 table runner, or in a grouping for guests to take home as favors.

Modern Pink and Brown Sweet 16 Supplies for Music Lovers:

  • This new theme is perfect for your rock and roll princess! Center your Sweet 16 Birthday Party around music with this warm pink, mocha brown and ivory theme.
  • This theme is the perfect choice if you are planning to take guests to their first professional music concert, dancing or for karaoke. Chic and modern, this is the right theme for your princess!
  • Treat all guests like princesses and make sure that they sport Sweet 16 Rhinestone Birthday Party Tiaras during the party.

A Garden and Spring Inspired Sweet 16 Theme for the Girly Girl:

  • This is a great choice for any girlís Sweet Sixteen birthday party, especially for a more traditional event or a party that includes family as well as friends.
  • This mod floral birthday party theme boasts a great palette with brown, green, orange, lavender, pink and turquoise blue so that you can mix and match with many different solid color party decorations and tableware options.
  • Decorate tables with single flowers in coordinating colors or create stunning centerpieces or floral table runners atop solid white, brown, or green table coverings. You could also place bud vases beside each place setting with a coordinating flower to garnish table settings and to send home with guests as favors.
  • Purchase lip glosses and nail polishes to send home with your daughterís guests in coordinating colors as party favors.

Sweet Sixteenth Birthday Party Ideas Just for Boys

  • If you are having a 16th birthday party for a boy that will be just for the boys, use our Cake Celebration or Birthday Stripes 16 themes which have bright primary colors and festive fonts.
  • For an all boys 16th birthday party, you might be taking your son and his guests to a professional sports event. Set up some decorations and a refreshments table at home first, so that the guest of honor and his friends can enjoy the game on a full stomach!

Sweet 16th Birthday Party Ideas for Co-Ed Parties

Itís not uncommon for a sweet 16 birthday party to be one of the first birthday parties officially held as a co-ed event. Even though itís a co-ed party, if you are holding the 16th birthday party for your daughter, you can still choose sweet 16 birthday party decorations and supplies in a "girly" theme (after all, itís the princess that youíre celebrating!) or you can choose one of the more gender-neutral themes. Either way, for your child, itís all about the memories they will make that will last a lifetime:

  • Be sure that you set up an area for photos to be taken as guests arrive. One popular idea is to set up a special party backdrop or canopy so that guests feel like Hollywood VIPs upon arrival.
  • Make this a unique and special event by including a ďfirstĒ in your activities, such as the first time your sweet 16 girl or boy will attend a professional music concert, comedy show or another performance.
  • Center the sweet sixteen party around your childís interests such as attending a favorite sports team event or having dancing or karaoke for music lovers.
  • Make sure youíll have lasting memories of your sweet sixteen birthday party by asking guests to each bring one item to be placed in a time capsule which your son or daughter will wait another 16 years to open. Before you seal the capsule, place pictures from the sweet 16 birthday party and their guests inside as well.

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