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Green, blue and brown Buried Treasure Party Supplies featuring a ship, treasure map, and treasure chest.
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Buried Treasure Party Decorations

Land ho! Buried Treasure awaits ye little treasure hunters!

A vessel sails on Mermaid Sea, past Bone Yard Hill and No Man's Land, its Jolly Roger flying in the blustery weather. A sunken ship lies in a watery grave at Shipwreck Reef. A buried treasure chest awaits, right past the point of Rebel's Roost! "X" marks the spot on Buried Treasure! All ye lads will shout "Aargh!" when they see the lost treasure in the Buried Treasure party theme! "Heave ho!" with the loot of table supplies, like 3 styles of plates and napkins, coordinating paper cups, tablecovers, centerpieces, cutouts, banners and balloons. Little treasure hunters are sure to love the bounty of party favors such as stickers, blowouts, finger puppets, eye patches, vests and hats!
Party planning tips incorporating the Buried Treasure Theme

A treasure chest of ideas for a party full of hidden treasures!

Weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen (that’s buccaneer speak for pull up the anchor and sail and let’s get going!). One of the most popular party themes for a young boy is a treasure hunt birthday party. The Buried Treasure party theme captures the magic of a matey’s world, with large sailing ships, skulls and crossbones and treasure chests filled with piles of hidden jewels! Use some of the ideas our party planners have suggested to get all hands on deck for a Buried Treasure treasure hunt birthday party blowout!

  • Set out a treasure chest full of swashbuckling attire! For a quick and inexpensive treasure chest, paint a Styrofoam cooler brown using either latex house pain or acrylic art paints, or you can decoupage it using water, glue and brown tissue paper. Place your treasure hunter kits inside the treasure chest and have each treasure seeker take one upon arrival to the party! Each treasure hunter kit should include:
    1. A Buried Treasure eye patch
    2. A Buried Treasure buccaneer hat
    3. A Buried Treasure buccaneer vest
    4. Choppers – ugly fake teeth found at party supply and dollar stores
    5. Press on mustache (or have a grown up draw on a moustache and beard with a brown eyebrow pencil)
    6. Bandana
    7. Toy sword
    8. Clip-on plastic gold hoop earring
    9. Hidden treasure chest jewels, like plastic beads, and candy Ring Pops!
    10. Secret treasure map to show where the hidden jewels are!
  • At your Buried Treasure birthday, decorate your party table with a Buried Treasure tablecover and add accessory pieces like fish nets for table runners and empty wine bottles. Include clear glass bottles filled with sand and rolled up treasure maps placed inside. Sprinkle gold coins over the tables and set out Buried Treasure buccaneer figurines!
  • The hungry treasure seekers want lots of booty! Set out fun containers on your decorated table filled with yummy treats that have been labeled with Buried Treasure themed names:
    1. Hershey Kisses are “Mermaid Kisses”
    2. Snack sizes of Twix or Kit Kat bars are “Buccaneer Planks”
    3. Twizzlers or Red Vines become “Ship’s Rope”
    4. Whoppers are “Cannon Balls”
    5. Gold wrapped chocolate coins are “Coins of 8” and “Doubloons”
    6. Hershey Nuggets are “Gold Nuggets”
    7. Goldfish crackers are “Shark Bait”
    8. Ring Pops are “Hidden Jewels”
    9. Mix up pitchers of Shark’s Blood Punch! Simply mix up 1 2-litre bottle 7-Up and 1 one bottle Hawaiian Punch.
  • For a unique Buried Treasure table centerpiece, make your own Black Pearl (ship) out of a watermelon! Directions can be found on the internet. Fly Jolly Rogers from the mast!

    Buried Treasure games and activities

    1. Walk the Plank: Tie a 10 foot long 4x4 post to two cinder blocks. Have ye little lads walk the plank four different ways: across regular, then backwards, next blindfolded, and lastly carrying a golf ball or ping pong ball in a small plastic shovel or on a spoon. If he falls off, everyone yells "Shark bait!" Lay a blue tarp under the plank to serve as the sea.
    2. Peg-Leg Pete: Ye little lassies must stand on one leg for as long as they can; see who can do it the longest! Switch legs. To make it harder, have everyone hop in a circle!
    3. Swab the Deck: Fill up solid colored latex balloons in the Buried Treasure colors, or you can also use beach balls. Give each child a broom or mop to “swab the deck” by having them move their balloons from one end of the room to the other; you can incorporate obstacles to make it harder! See who can swab the deck the fastest!
    4. Cannonball Catastrophe: Tie a cannonball (an inflated black balloon) to each little child’s ankle, leaving about 12-24 inches slack in the ribbon. They have to try to "explode" the other mateys' cannonballs without having their own popped by chasing each other and using their feet to pop the balloons. Have extra balloons blown up and ready to go for balloons that pop before the game starts. (This game is so popular you might want to have enough balloons blown up for another round!)
    5. Time for a Treasure Hunt: No Buried Treasure birthday party is complete without an activity where the treasure hunters can search for buried treasure, like hidden jewels! Give each child a printed treasure map that you’ve created so they can locate where the buried treasure is! Set out a large metal circular tub or kiddie pool and fill with sand. Bury lost treasures in the sand. Make a big sign that reads, “Here be ye buried treasure!” with a big “X” marks the spot and place it in the sand. Set out plastic shovels for digging and pails to collect buried treasures. The hidden treasures might include:
      1. Buried Treasure gold coins
      2. Buried Treasure Buccaneer figurines
      3. Lost Jewels (plastic beads, packaged Ring Pops and packaged candy necklaces)
      4. Bottles of bubbles
      5. Small plastic toys
      6. Seashells

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