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Under Construction square plate featuring a construction vehicles in bright red, green and yellow.
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Under Construction Party Decorations

Get the construction underway on his big day!

Turn your party into a construction zone for his birthday. Our Under Construction party supplies feature cool construction vehicles and signs in bright red, green and yellow. Our complete selection includes coordinating tableware, decorations and favors.

Be sure to check out the super cute yellow kid sized hard hats and make everyone a part of the crew! And in case there is a “traffic jam” pull out the Under Construction Pin Game – a fun and easy twist on the traditional pin the tail on the donkey, or pass out loot bags full of fun games and goodies for the crew to trade. Whatever you choose, we have the supplies ready for you to create the perfect party work site!
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Under Construction Birthday Party Decorations, Supplies, and Party Ideas

All kids love construction vehicles - they are big, noisy, brightly colored and move a lot of dirt! And dirt is an important part of this party, whether it’s a sand box to play in or fake “dirt” on the cake. See below for some great ideas to keep the construction crew on track and finish the job under budget.

Construction Birthday Party Food and Decorating Ideas:

  • Make the cake yourself and add a small dump truck to the top of the cake. Place small colored candies in the bed of the dump truck to represent the “haul.”
  • Run the dump truck across the top of the cake to make tire impressions in the frosting and sprinkle crushed cookies in and around the tracks to make it look like sand or dirt.
  • Use the cardboard barriers in the Under Construction centerpiece for the top of the cake and pile cookie dough “rocks” or other malleable sticky candy around them. Or if you are baking a large sheet cake, one of the Under Construction trucks centerpieces can sit right on top.
  • Find some geometric cookie cutters (available online and in specialty stores) and make sign shaped cookies and decorate them with yellow or red icing and “YIELD” or “STOP”. Enjoy them at the party, but also pack some up in favor bags to send home with your little construction crew!
  • Wrap plastic tools (spoon, fork & knife) together with a napkin and a piece of twine with a label that reads “tools.”
  • If you have a few old large lunch “industrial” lunch boxes put them on the table with the lid open and fill them with typical construction worker lunch food like sandwiches (PB & J) and small bags of chips. The crew can grab a sandwich when they get hungry!
  • Display the cake on a table before it’s cake time and barricade the area with warning tape that reads “Birthday Zone!” from the Under Construction supplies. Or use the warning tape to decorate the outside of the house, or the mailbox so guests know where the job site is!
  • Set up your computer or TV to play videos of construction sites in action, especially ones featuring tractors, dump trucks, cranes, bulldozers, and other construction trucks. There are many videos that fit the bill on YouTube. Play this in a loop with the volume loud enough to create an atmosphere but not too loud to confuse and distract. Playing old episodes of Bob the Builder could also be fun for little kids!

Games keep the party on track and everyone focused. To prevent tears, make sure everyone wins something. Here are some ideas that tie in with the dump trucks and other construction trucks theme:

Go to the local hardware store and buy enough canvas tool belts for the whole crew (including the adults) Home Depot sells them for under $1.00. Personalize with a permanent marker and give one out to each guest as they arrive. During the party each crew member can visit various skill stations around the job site. When a crew member completes the task, they’ve earned a plastic tool for his/her belt. The object is to fill your tool belt for a prize. Tip – make sure everyone fills their tool belt. Station ideas:
  • Use a plastic or wooden hammer to hammer golf tee into Styrofoam or other type of foam.
  • Have a block or Lego station where the visitor must build the foundation for a house.
  • Measuring station where a construction worker has to measure a block with a tape measure and report the measurement to the attendant.
  • How about toy wheelbarrow relay races? Set up some cones and divide the crew into teams. Each team member has to zig zag between cones and return to give the wheelbarrow to the next member of the team. The team that finishes first adds another tool to his/her belt. You could do this activity without wheelbarrows and have just a running relay race.
  • Screwdriver Skills – use a big plastic screw and a screw driver to set this station up.
  • Safety Station – each construction worker puts on eye protection, a hard hat and closed toes shoes and poses for a photo. Include photos of the child in the Under Construction thank you notes!
By the way – the adults can stuff their tool belt with “emergency” items such as extra treats or toy favors, napkins, bandages and cell phone. You can’t be too prepared for a party of budding construction workers!

Other game & activity ideas:

  • Pass the dump truck or construction helmet – find a truck that can hold some wrapped candy, or an adult sized construction helmet. Have the crew sit in a circle and play a musical chair type game – pass the dump truck to music, when the music stops the person left holding the truck gets a piece of candy and leaves the circle. Continue until everyone has a piece of candy. This is a great game because everyone is guaranteed to win!
  • Put candy or other surprises in sealed zipper bags and bury them in the sandbox. Make the sandbox part of the party and put various digging construction machines and shovel in the box. Children will be delighted when they dig up something special, and they can take these bags home as favors to remind them of your little ones birthday party!
Whatever you choose to make the party special, be sure to have a camera and use it liberally. You and your little construction worker will love reviewing the events over and over again.

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